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It is early morning Friday again and I decide to send Candy a quick email to see if she would like to play again. Maybe this time we have some real sex. We talked at lunch several times during the week so I think she come over. I rub my half erect cock as I hit the send button.

It was around lunch when she replied. I held my crotch as I opened her email. Wow she really wants to meet, I think to myself reading it. She tells me to shave my pubes and remain naked until she arrives. She writes out what she would like available for toys. My mind really races when she says she has a surprise gift for me.

The rest of the work day took forever, thinking about Candy and her hot body. I arrived home and recalled her email and me shaving. I ran a bath as I used my hair trimmer to remove the long pubes. Sitting in the hot water I rubbed my nearly smooth pubes, the sensation was greatly increased. After some struggling I managed to shave all around my balls and above my penis.

I woke up Saturday morning with a hardon I had to stroke. Thinking of Candy as I stroked, stopping as I recalled her telling me I was not to masturbate. I made some coffee in my robe, laying out the toys I had bought, and watched the news, looking at the clock often wishing nine AM would hurry and arrive.

The clock read eight fifty when I took the robe off and buckled the leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles as she directed. Standing by the door I waited. Stroking my cock now and then, keeping it erect as I waited. I hear people walk by the door and peek out, seeing it was not her. I stand leaning against the stroking my cock slowly as I wait.

I hear a light knock at the door a peek out the peep hole. I smiled and rubbed my cock as I saw Candy outside my door. I opened the door and peeked around the edge inviting her in. She looks back as I close the door with a smile on her face. She placed a small box on the end table and pats it, ‘This is your gift, but we will save it for later.” Candy says sitting on the sofa.

“Come over here let me see how well you did.” She said curling her finger at me. Standing in front of her as she holds my hard cock and shifts it about, running her fingers all over my newly shaven skin. My balls tingle as she rubs her warm fingers across the smooth skin. “Well done Jim. Let’s have some fun. Lay down on the table like last time so we can get started.

Candy attaches the leather cuff rings to the eyebolts I had put in the table. Restrained much like I was last weekend. Candy smiles and runs her finger up and down my cock, “Did you cum this week Jim?” Candy asks as she watches my cock twitch under her finger. “No Ma’am, I did just as you told me. Made it hard and close several times a day, but no orgasm.” I replied with a smile.

Candy crossed her legs and continued rubbing the underside of my cock for a long time. I a pool of my pre cum under my cock from her slow teasing. “I need a drink Jim, have anything good?” she says standing up. “There is soda or sweet tea in the fridge.” I tell her. Candy opens her purse and pulls out a blindfold. I am soon laying there in the dark, hearing her walk about my apartment.

It seems an hour has passed before I hear her sit back down, my cock has gone limp and lies softly over my large balls. I hear her opening the cardboard box she had brought. “Time for your gift Jim.” Candy says with a cheerful voice. I feel her wrap a cold metal bar or ring around the base of my cock and balls. ‘She likes cock rings’ I think to myself.

I then feel a cold ring or bar on the head of my cock, the coldness slides down the full length of my soft cock. I feel Candy moving it around then bright light floods my eyes as she removes the blindfold. As I try to adjust my eyes I feel her unhooking my restraints. “There you are mine now.” I hear her say with a giggle.

I sit up and look down the see my soft cock in a metal cage, the cage is a little shorter than my fully soft cock. “It is a chastity cage, for which I have the only key. This will ensure you are true to me. If you want it off now I can take it off and leave, never to see you again. Keep it on and you will have the ride and relationship of your life.” She says stepping in front of me.

My eyes widen as she is completely nude, her pert breasts right before my eyes. My eyes drift down to her smooth pubic mound and her shapely thighs. I hold the metal cage as my cock starts to erect, it’s swelling quickly cut off by the metal around it growing tighter and tighter. Candy sits on the edge of the sofa and leans back, her knees spread wide apart.

“If you choose to stay with me, crawl over here and lick my temple until I want you to stop. If you want me to leave then say so.” She as she rubbed the sides of her breasts, looking me straight in the eyes. Looking at her naked body, I couldn’t resist. I knelt down and crawled between her spread thighs. My tongue licking up her outer pussy lips, sending chills down my spine as she moans.

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