Chastity Story: Candy part 9

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(Be careful with your friends ladies grin)
Moaning as I wake at one in the morning my hand rubbing my caged cock. It feels like the cage is squashing my cock it is trying to erect so hard. My balls aching more than I have ever felt as I recall the dream I was having. Mary and Joan were both in my dream. They were both playing with and licking my hard cock while I just laid there. I cannot get the image out of my head as I hold the cage.

A cold wet rag soon has my cock back to a flaccid state and my thoughts on something other than sex and my hot Candy. I drifted off to sleep again only to wake around four this I am holding my smooth shaven balls dreaming of Candy holding them as she sucked my rock hard cock. It took me nearly an hour to get back to sleep again. Waking the third time at just after eight my hips flex as I wake dreaming of Candy riding my cock.

I walk to the bathroom and sit to pee. Waiting for a few minutes for my attempt at an erection to go down a little before the flow started. I took a warm shower and walked around the apartment naked except the cage. I make myself some breakfast and coffee. Sitting at the kitchen table I look out the front window and see several ladies out on a morning exercise walk. I got up and looked out the living room window as they passed. Their tight pants look as if they were painted on.

My penis felt strange for a second before a string of pre cum oozes out onto the bars of the cage over the head. The clear fluid dangling from the cage attaches to my legs as I walk back into the kitchen. I wipe it off with a napkin and sip my coffee. I slip on a pair my shorts a t-shirt and my tennis shoes and head out to the garage. Cleaning up in the garage was rough task as I neglected it for so long. Looking at the clock I see it is just after twelve.

I head for the shower to quickly wash off. Again I decide to go in shorts that I can swim in if I decide to. Going without underwear felt good so I decide to commando again. With shorts a polo shirt and my tennis shoes on I head out for Joan’s. Parking my car behind a couple others in front of her house I walk to the door. “Hey Jim we are back here. You can come around this way.” I hear Joan yell as looks over a side fence.

I walk toward the fence and see the gate open. Joan holds the gate with her hand on top wearing a bikini that barely covers her well-proportioned intimate parts. Stepping through the gate Joan slaps my buttocks and says, “Wow finally got you out of the office.” Joan introduces me to the rest of the people there. I see Rhonda and she smiles at me as I pass. Her daughter sitting beside her looks older than I thought she would be. My caged cock didn’t take long to begin straining as I looked at all the bikini clad ladies there.

I grab a beer in hopes some alcohol will curb my desire and need for erection. Sitting back in a lounge chair I look out over the pool watching the children splash and swim. Out of the corner of my eye I see several ladies walking toward me. I turn and see Sharon and her daughter both wearing string bikinis. Good thing my shorts are loose as I feel the cage shift in my shorts when my cock pulsates at the sight.

They stop in front of as Sharon introduces her daughter. “Jim this Sandra my daughter she is going to the local college studying business administration. Sandy this is Jim my boss.” She says as I reach out to shake her hand. The kids in the pool splash water up on Sharon and Sandy they both arch their back and turn to the kids yelling. Both of their nearly bare asses right at my feet. I feel pre cum oozing from my cock as their buttocks shake in front of my eyes.

Sharon and Sandy take a seat in chairs beside me as we talk. I drink a few more beers and eat a couple hot dogs as we all mingle chatting about various things. I walk toward the pool to see Joan stepping out of the water her bikini clinging to her body like a second skin. Her dark areolas are very visible through the thin material of her top. Her bottoms pulled tight between her thighs make it very obvious she shaves.

I feel pre cum running down my thigh as she approaches me. “Have any fun today Jim?” She asks drying her hair with a towel. Looking down at her nearly exposed breasts as the towel hides her face I feel the dull ache in my balls get stronger. I reach down and scratch my inner thigh not because it itches but the stop the pre cum from running further down my leg. “Yes I am having a great time, met some new people.” I tell her with a smile. “You ladies are just too lovely.” I go on to say looking down at her body.

Joan smiles at me and slaps my bare chest lightly. “Ah Jim you are too nice.” She says with a big smile as she walks away. I find my shirt and slip it on as I ready myself to head home. Joan walks back to me. “You’re not leaving are you? The party is just beginning.” Joan asks holding her hand on my arm. “Yes I need to call Candy and see how she is doing.” I tell her. Looking around I am surprised when I see Mary walk through the gate.

Mary walks toward me with her cell phone to her ear with a big grin on her face. “Hold on. Hi Jim Candy is on the phone, she wants to talk to you.” Mary says handing me her phone. “Hello.” I say a little puzzled. “Hi Jim I hope you are enjoying the BBQ. We had to take mom to the hospital today. We are still waiting on a diagnosis.” Candy says quietly. “I am sorry to hear that Sweetie, would you like me to come join you there?” I ask.

“No I think there are enough of us here right now. You enjoy the BBQ and have some fun. OH Mary told me about your visit to her house I am pleased at how you handled yourself.” I hear her say. “What do you mean Sweetie?” I ask quickly. “Mary told me what she wore and tried to get you worked up. She feels like she has lost her touch. I told her you were a strong man and it would take more than that to get you worked up.” Candy goes on to say.

“Anyway, you know Jim.” She starts to say but pauses. “To me oral sex is the best for most women. Besides you are saving your cum for me aren’t you?” Candy asks or exclaims. “Really what is the big deal about other people knowing I have you in chastity? It is a totally normal thing Jim. I am sure the ladies understand you are my man and respect that.” I hear her say not understanding why she told me that. “OK I think I understand.” I reply as Candy starts talking. “I have to go here comes the Doctor. Love you Jim.” The line goes dead.

I look around for Mary and see her talking to Sharon. I head over to hand her the phone. Just as I approach them the ladies step apart all of them looking at me. Sandra is lowering her eyes to my crotch every few seconds as I hand Mary her phone. “Mary and I used to work together Jim. We have been good friend for many years now.” Sharon says. Mary and Sharon move closer together and hug as they look at me.

“Thanks for letting me use your phone Candy says she is fine but her mom is in the hospital.” I tell her. “I think I am going to go home and relax.” I go on to say. I tell Joan goodbye and give her a hug. Sharon smiles as I hug her then step back watching as she rubs her inner thigh softly. Mary speaks up. “I will stop by later and check on you Jim.”

Closing the gate I wonder what Mary meant by stop by and check on me. I drive home after stopping at the liquor store for some rum and coke. The sun was just hitting the horizon as I opened my door pausing to look at the red and pink clouds. I pour myself a drink and sit down on the sofa to watch some TV. I feel the sticky pre cum on my inner thigh and shorts as I scratch my leg. Stripping off my shorts I head for the shower. I twist and turn the cage rinsing out all the sticky pre cum.

I slip on a lose pair of boxers and sit back on the sofa to relax placing my feet up on the coffee table. I sip at the drink until it is gone. Standing in the kitchen as I pour the coke over the rum and ice I hear my doorbell. I stand behind the door and open it slightly to see Mary smiling in at me. “Hi Jim may I come in? It is getting windy and chilly out here.” She asks. “Hold on I need to put something on.” I say with a smile.

Mary pushes the door which makes me step back. “Nothing I haven’t seen before.” Mary says with a giggle as she steps by me. I close the door and turn to ask why she is there but she speaks before I can. “What are your plans tonight Jim? You hear about the bad storm moving in?” Mary questions me. “No I haven’t heard I have been watching a movie.” I tell her as I hold my drink. “Hey you want a rum and coke?” I ask holding up my glass.

“Sure that sounds good.” She says as she takes her sweater off. Standing in the kitchen I look back at Mary’s heels and dress. The hem stops just above her knees the material thin and shiny. The strings run up from her lower back over her shoulder to the front. Her whole back is exposed barely covering the top of her panties. Handing her the drink I look down her body. The top of her dress appears it could bust off at any second her breasts tightly confined in the thin material.

Mary walks around the room slowly holding her drink as she is in deep thought. “Something wrong Mary?” I enquire. “No I was just wondering where you kept those cuffs.” She says with a smile. “I guess I can call Candy and ask her I know she will tell me.” Mary says as she pulls her phone out. “Oh no need to call Candy she is busy with her family. I am not sure she would want you to know though.” I quickly reply. “She told me to check on you and take of you while she is gone. So here I am to take care of you.” Mary remarks with a smile.

“Be a dear and get the cuffs at least two of them.” She says as she holds the glass to her lips. I hesitate as I think what Candy would say then head for the bedroom. I return and hold out the cuffs to Mary. “I don’t want them. Put them on your wrists.” She says with one hand on her hip. I buckle to cuffs on my wrist as Mary walks into the bedroom. ‘Oh nice’ ‘wow’ ‘this is awesome’ I hear Mary saying as she moves things around in the drawer. I walk in to see her pull out a short chain.

“Turn around and put your hands behind your back.” Mary says with the eight inch chain in her hand. Turning around I hear things shuffled in the drawer again before I feel her grasp one of the cuffs. I hear a light click on one side then on the other. “There that should do it.” Mary says with a smile placing a key up on the dresser. I pull my hands to one side to see she has locked the ends of the chain to my wrist cuffs.

Mary places her hand under my arm as she pulls me to the living room. Turning a she sits on the sofa with me right in front of her. My face reddens as she swiftly pulls my boxers to my feet. I watch as she places one of her heels on my boxers and taps my legs. Lifting my foot it slips from the boxers. I am soon naked except for the cage and cuffed standing before her. Mary reaches out and lifts the end of the cage turning one way then the other as she looks at it closely.

“This is really an awesome thing I wonder who ever thought of this.” She says running her fingernails over my exposed balls. “You sure it doesn’t hurt when you try to, you know, get an erection.” Mary asks as she continues to run her nails over my balls. Chills go up my back as my balls tingle under her assault. “No it doesn’t hurt at all it aches sometimes from lack of full erection and no release. But no real pain no.” I tell her watching as she smiles and reaches under her dress.

Her fingernails lightly scratch my balls as she rubs herself under her dress my cock swelling quickly. “Oh look he is trying to get hard. Do I excite you Jim?” She asks rubbing her breast as she looks up at my batting her eyes. “It has been a few days for me as you know.” I tell her softly. “Yes I know.” Mary says as she stands up. I watch as she lifts the hem of her dress exposing her panty covered pussy. My cock twitches as she slides her panties down her legs stepping out of them.

Mary holds her panties on one finger up in front of my face as she rubs her thigh against my caged cock. A big grin appears on her face as she holds her panties to my face. She adjusts them so the wet crotch covers my nose. I close my eyes as I smell the scent of her pussy pre cum oozes from cock. I jump as the doorbell rings making Mary laugh. She places her panties on the arm of the sofa and head for the door.

I am not sure if I should hide or just wait there as I hear Sharon outside the door. My head is spinning and the voices run together as many thoughts run through my head. In slow motion I see Mary open the door wider as Sharon and her daughter walk in. Mary stands behind them as she closes the door smiling at me. The other look on in amazement, Sandra holds her hand over her mouth as she giggles. Sandra moves closer and holding the cage up. “I have seen pictures of these.” She says before releasing it.

“He is leaking.” She says wiping her finger on my hairy chest. “I have read some men can go a long time in one of these things, depending.” She goes on to say. Mary walks around Sharon and asks. “What do you mean depending, depending on what?” Sandra puts one hand on her hip as she explains. “Well from what I have read the more a man is excited the more he will want to have an orgasm. With this on it is difficult to orgasm so he just gets hornier.” She shakes the cage as she talks.

Sandra lifts Mary’s panties with one finger and asks. “These his?” Mary and Sharon laugh before Mary tells her they are hers. Sandra paces the panties back on the sofa and lifts her skirt to remove her panties. “I see you have already started in on him now let’s really get him going.” She says as she presses the crotch of her panties to my nose. Holding the back of my head as she holds my mouth closed. All I can do is breathe in her scent. She then straightens out her panties and slips them over my head adjusting them.

I can smell nothing but her damp panties as she turns to the other two. “I think we should all get naked and really make him horny.” Sandra pulls her dress up over head in one swift motion tossing it on the sofa. She removes her bra and tosses it on her dress before turning to me. Shaking her breasts as she pulls her panties off my head my cock oozes more and pulsates in the cage. Sandra pulls my face down between her breasts shaking her chest.

Several minutes pass before she pushes my head away. I catch my balance as I look over to see Rhonda and Mary now nude as well. I pull my knees together as my cock tries to erect more. I feel the cage lift and lower as my cock tries harder to erect. The bare breasts buttocks thighs and smiles all driving me insane. Sandra turns pressing her buttocks against the cage her warm ass against my hips. I feel her hands reach behind her to hold my hips as she grinds her naked ass against my encased penis.

I hold my eyes closed as she gyrates her ass pulling and pushing on the cage. I feel a lot of pre cum oozing from my cock before she pulls away looking back at me. Sandra then pulls me over behind Rhonda. “Bend over mom put your hands on to the sofa and spread your feet a little.” She says pushing me down to my knees. I am soon looking right at Rhonda her naked ass spread before me. My balls tingle as Sandra holds my head.

Pushing my head she guides my nose and mouth between Rhonda’s spread buttocks. The cage feels like it is cutting into my cock and my balls really hurt now. “Shake it a little mom have some fun.” I hear Sandra say holding my head. I feel her buttocks shake her anus slides across my nose as slide my tongue out to lick her pussy lips. ‘ohhh’ I hear Rhonda moan as I slide my tongue between her pussy lips. “I need more.” I hear Rhonda say shaking her buttocks against my face.

“Ladies I think we all get a turn, who wants him first?” Mary asks. Rhonda stands up and runs to the sofa sitting down to spread her knees wide. Sandra pulls me over between her thighs and guides my face to Rhonda’s spread wet pussy. My mind is a blur for the next two hours as the three of them switch places several times. My tongue jaw and lips are sore as I see Rhonda and Sandra slipping their dresses back on. I feel the coolness of my pre cum running down both my inner thighs.

Rhonda and Sandra head out the door as the rain begins to pour. I hear some thunder as the darkness is broken by the bright flashes of lightening. Mary smiles as I kneel on the floor as I have been for the past few hours. Her naked body rubs against the back of my head. She helps me to lay on the floor on my back my knees hurting from the position. I bend and straighten my legs stretching them out when I feel Mary straddle my face. Her wet pussy presses down hard on my nose and mouth.

She slides her body up and down on my face a few times before saying. “It looks bad outside I think I will stay here tonight.” With a giggle I fell her thighs widen as she presses harder on my face smothering me with her wet pussy. Her buttocks covering my eyes her whole body weight on my face I think. I struggle a little as I feel the need to breathe. Mary holds my body still as she pushes her ass down harder on my face.

Mary keeps me up most of the night licking her to orgasm after orgasm. I help her shower in the middle of the night and just before she dresses in the morning. I fall asleep after removing the cuffs and taking a shower. I toss and turn as my cock continues to strain in the small cage. “Jim you awake. Honey I am home.” I hear Candy say. Thinking it is a dream I roll over then feel the bed move. I look up to see my Candy standing there.

I jump off the bed and hug her tightly kissing and licking her neck with my sore mouth and tongue. “Someone is feisty.” I hear Candy say as she rubs my back. “I talked with Mary after I got off the plane. She told me she stayed here last night because of the storm. I hope she wasn’t a bother.” Candy says kissing my forehead. “Candy please I need to get this thing off. I need it off bad it is killing me.” I say as I feel a tear run down my cheek.

“I did say I would make it up to you didn’t I?” Candy says. “Get the cuffs and I will make you all better.” She says with a smile. I am soon bound to the bed spread and naked. Candy slowly strips off her clothes while she talks. “It was a three hour flight and a couples hours driving maybe I should shower first?” “No please Candy I need you now. I need the key PLEASE. I have never been so horny in my life.” I beg as another tear rolls down my cheek. Candy slips off her panties with a smile as I watch her naked body. Candy then holds her hand to her mouth as she looks down at my caged cock.

“You didn’t see it. You stayed locked for me the whole time?” She says covering her face with her hands. “What are you talking about Candy?” I ask feeling another tear. “The key, it was right here the whole time.” Candy says walking over to the dresser. I look over as she reaches up to the corner of the mirror and lifts the necklace from the nail where it hung. My heart sinks knowing I never looked there.

Candy sits on the bed and unlocks my cock for first time in five days. Her tongue moves across her lips as she watches the pre cum string between my cock and the cage. I feel like I am in heaven as her soft warm hands massage my freed balls and growing cock. Leaning down Candy kisses the head of my cock then slides her lips down to suck on just the head. With one hand she strokes my cock as she sucks the head of my cock.

My hips lift as she begins to stroke my cock. I think it was thirty second later when my cock erupted in her mouth. I feel tears from both of my eyes from the intense release. Semen shoots six or seven times into Candy’s mouth. The head of my cock now feels like it is being tickled all over as Candy runs her tongue around it inside her mouth. I strain pulling at the bonds as she continues. Her lips never leave my cock as she shifts her body.

I know I am in heaven as I see her bare ass thighs and pussy above my face. Slowly she moves her body lower as she engulfs my entire cock. I moan and close my eyes just before her pussy covers my mouth. The scent of her body is strong and very erotic I feel my growing again. Candy sucks my growing erection as her wet pussy grinds my face. Her body twitches and begins to jerk just as I feel my orgasm coming on again. Her pussy squirts as my semen shoots into her mouth for the second time.

She moans on my cock and grind her body harder on my face. Her juices squirt and run down my cheeks as she grinds. Candy soon begins to slow down both her grinding and sucking. I pull harder on the cuffs and chains as Candy moves my half erect cock around inside her mouth using her tongue. Chills shoot up my spine I feel goose bumps popping up everywhere on my body. I just want her stop sucking it. Candy licks it slowly as her pussy hovers just above my face.

I am still pulling at the chains and cuffs as Candy licks my spent balls. I moan deeper when she licks up the underside of my cock flicking her tongue over the tip. She works my soft cock for five or so minutes before it stands erect again. I inhale her scent to whole time sending more small chills through my body. Candy sucks my hard cock a few times before she quickly turns around and lowers her wet pussy on my cock. It was so fast how she turned and sat in one swift motion.

Leaning forward slightly I feel her tight pussy slide up and down my cock. Her breasts swaying as she pounds her ass down on my thighs. Candy moans her tongue licks around her mouth as she bucks her body on top of mine. Candy has two or three orgasms while bouncing up and down on my cock before my orgasm hit again. I am unsure if she even felt my orgasm she is bucking so wildly. I pull very hard on the bonds as her hot pussy slides up and down my now super sensitive cock.

My whole body feels spent and tense at the same time as she keeps going torturing me with pleasure. Chills go up and down my body as I feel my toes curl. My cock tingles as if small needles are poking it all over as Candy screams out in another orgasm. It feels as if every nerve ending in my body is in my cock and being stimulated. She sits up as her fingers go to her clit massaging it slowly grinding her pussy on my cock.

Candy lays forward on my chest her warm breasts pressing into my chest. I feel her tongue on my ear lobe then hear her ask. “Want to cum again Jim?” I shake my head then say. “No no no not right now my balls hurt the orgasms were so intense.” I say as her lips meet mine. She lifts her hips slowly sliding her tight pussy up the length of my cock until slips from her wetness. I moan in pleasure as she lifts then feel the cool air moving around my wet cock.

Candy slowly slides off the bed as I watch her breasts sway above me. Then watch her shapely ass sway to the bathroom. She returns with a smile and a rag I tense my body as I know it will be cold. To my surprise the rag feels warm as she wipes my cock and balls clean. I am soon being back in the small metal cage. “I hope you never leave me Candy. I love you so much.” I say just as she closes the lock with a loud ‘CLICK’.

Chastity Story: Candy part 5

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I got on the bed after cleaning her ‘toy’ and lay down beside her. Candy moved closer and pressed her naked body against mine. Her arm lay across my chest as she rested her head on my chest. I began thinking of our arrangement or my predicament with the chastity as Candy drifted off to sleep. Adjusting her body now and then as my hand felt the smooth skin of her back.

Images return of the times I spent looking at male chastity on the internet and masturbating to the images and thoughts. It was and still is a huge turn on for me to have a woman control my release. I close my eyes as images of Candy doing the very things I have desired for years. Her leg slid across my thigh, sending chills up my spin. I moan and try not to move and wake her as her knee meets my exposed balls.

Candy is in a deep sleep with her knee pushed up against my balls, her hot skin against mine from my knees to my chest as we cuddle. My penis trying to break out of the small metal cage constantly as I think and recall the fun we have had thus far. Each little movement she makes as she sleeps causes my cock to twitch in its confines. I lift my head and look down her body.

I first see the side of her breast as lay on her side leaning on my chest. I see my fingers resting on her side just above her hip. The curve of her shapely ass and thigh are clearly visible. The view has my mind going wild with thoughts. Smooth skin on her calf reflects the light from window and her small foot lay atop my knee. Closing my eyes I rest my head in thought.

Pre cum oozes from my body and I feel a tingle in the tip of my cock as it runs down the bottom edge of my cock head. The cage still lying on Candy’s knee as she sleeps. Feeling her hot skin against mine keeps me excited, making me desire her more and difficult to sleep myself. I manage to drift off to sleep as I feel more pre cum ooze out onto the cage.

“Jim, Jim time to wake up.” I hear Candy saying as she rubs my chest. I open my eyes and look over at her as she lifts her head looking down toward the foot of the bed. “Oh look what you have done you got my leg all wet.” Candy says lifting her leg from mine. I look down the see the pre cum stringing from her knee to the cock cage. “That’s okay I still love you.” She says leaning in to kiss me.

“I almost forgot.” Candy says turning to look at the clock. “I told a friend I would go out with her tonight.” She continues as she sits up on the edge of the bed. I lean over and place my hand on her hip, “Where you two going to go?” I ask ribbing her bare hip and side. “We plan to go to the night club with the girls from work, they invited us tonight.” Candy replies as she stands heading for the bathroom.

I look over at the clock and see it is only six PM. Candy starts the shower and I hurry in to help her and have another chance to touch her naked body. “I hope you all have a great evening. Everyone needs time to let lose.” I say as I wash her back and buttocks. “I haven’t been to the club, it will be different.” She says running her hands through her soapy hair. We finish and dry off before heading back to the bedroom.

Candy stands at the closet naked with the towel around her head and asks, “What do you think of this outfit Jim?” I look over and see her holding up a short dress with long shoulder straps. “That would look stunning on you I think.” I tell her. I sit on the bed and watch as she puts on a bra that has no shoulder straps, fitting tightly and pushing her breasts upward.

Admiring her lovely ass as she looks through the drawer, I feel more pre cum ooze from my cock. “These will work.” I hear her exclaim as she turns to me. “Here help me put these on.” She says handing me a very thin material, almost see through thong. I turn them so the material is toward me as she holds my shoulder lifting one leg at a time.

I pull the string thong up her thighs and adjust it best I can. Looking between her thighs I see the material barely covers her pubic area. The tan colored material hardly noticeable on her body, yet I can see the cleavage of her pussy through the material. “Thanks” Candy says leaning down to hold my head and give me a kiss. She turns and walks back to the closet door to get her dress.

Lifting the dress she slips it over her head adjusting it on her body. The thin strap holding the dress just above the bra on her breasts, the gold necklace and silver key very exposed between her bulging breasts. The hem of her dress nearly exposing buttocks as she bends over to pick up her heels. ‘Stunning beauty’ I think to myself as she walks toward me.

“Can you help me with these Jim please?” She remarks handing me her heels. I hold one out as she places her foot between my knees as I sit on the bed. Her toes and the heel brushing against my cock cage as I buckle the strap around her ankle. She lifts her other foot up between my legs. As I slide the heel on I look out to see the thong pulled between pussy lips.

My cock strains in the cage as I hear her walk to the bathroom to dry her hair. Lying back on the bed as I listen to the blow dryer in the bathroom, wondering what I am going to do while she is out. Candy walks back into the room her hair slightly curled and shiny. I can’t help but stare at her beauty, her long bare legs and short look absolutely gorgeous as she stands there in her four inch heels. “How do I look?” She asks.

“Sweetie you look good enough to eat, you look very lovely.” I say sitting as I watch her look through her purse. I grab my wallet and hand her all the money I have, “Here have a good time Sweetie.” I say handing her the money. She kisses me and heads out the door. I grab a beer and sit on the sofa to watch some TV. Several hours go by before I head for the bedroom. I slip on my bedtime boxers before lying down on the bed.

I lay there thinking for a while before drifting off to sleep. “Jim, I am back honey.” I hear candy say as I wake. I look at the clock and I had only been asleep for about an hour. “I had a great time.” She goes on to say. “I want to play a little, get your cuffs on while I change.” Candy says heading for the bathroom. I hear her heels clicking across the floor as I sit up. Buckling the cuffs on my wrists and as I listen the water running in the bathroom, I wait for her to return.

Candy walks out of the bathroom in her black nightie, her breasts swaying and her lower body totally naked. She opens the closet and pulls out several lengths of rope. I am soon bound spread on the bed as she runs her warm hands over my body. “I danced a few dances and laughed with the girls. I had a really good time. Sharon, one of the ladies I work with is going through a rough time though.” Candy says as my cock swells in the cage.

Candy leans over and guides the key to the lock. The cage is slowly removed as I watch her smile at my excitement. She removes the ring as well this time, it is an awesome feeling to free and fully erect. I feel her stroking my rigid cock at a very slow pace as she kisses the tip. I moan deeply as I feel her mouth engulf my penis, it is so intense chills run up my back. Candy sucks on my rock hard cock for a few minutes moving very slowly.

I lift and lower my hips wanting a faster pace as my orgasm approaches. She lifts her head slipping my cock from her lips. “Ahhhh, please!!!” Is all I could say as she moves up the bed. Watching as she straddles my face, her wet spreading pussy inches from my mouth. Candy slowly lowers her body until I am smothered in her wetness. My tongue darts out to penetrate and pleasure her. I hear her moans as my tongue presses deep inside her.

I look up as she pulls her nightie off over her head watching as her breasts sway freely above me. Candy holds her breasts, rolling her nipples between her fingertips as she begins rocking her hips. Reaching out she places one hand on the headboard. She pushes her body down on my face while her hips flex. Just as I close my eyes to concentrate on making her orgasm I hear the doorbell. “Oh crap.” Candy exclaims as jumps off the bed.

Candy slips on her robe tying it as is pulls the bedroom door closed. The door hits the stop and opens back up part way, I am ready to speak out when I hear the front door open. “Oh hi Sharon is everything okay?” I hear Candy ask. “No. I am sorry to both you I just need someone to talk to.” I hear Sharon say. “Well come in let’s talk.” Candy says as she closes the door. I lift my head and look out the crack at the back of the door and see them walk to the sofa.

I try to be quiet so they don’t look this way as I listen. Sharon goes on about her man and the problems they are having. My cock standing straight up as I look out seeing them hug. Sharon is middle aged oriental woman with lovely black hair. I lay head back and hear Sharon ask about Candy’s necklace. “I love your necklace is that a special key?” I look up to see Candy look toward the bedroom door.

“This key Jim gave to me it is the key to his heart as he put it.” Candy says holding the key up. “Ah how sweet. He must have a big heart.” Sharon replies. “I love his heart. He is the sweetest man I know.” Candy tells her. They continue talking for long time before Sharon and Candy say their goodbyes. I hear the door close and the lock snap. Candy is removing her robe as she walks back through the door.

“Boy that woman can talk.” Candy says hopping back on the bed. “Now where were we? Oh yes I remember.” She says leaning down to grip my half erect cock. My whole cock tingles as her hot lips slide the shaft. Candy massages my balls as she lifts and lowers her head. Lifting from my cock just as I am about to cum, she straddles my face again. She guides her wet pussy to my face.

Again I taste her, the scent and taste driving mad with desire. Candy reaches orgasm rather quickly before turning around to face my feet. Her lovely ass hovers over my face. She places her clit between my lips as she begins licking the sides of my cock. Her pussy lips rest on my nose. Candy soon lowers more covering my nose with her wet dripping pussy. I begin to struggle as I need air when Candy places her lips over the head of my cock.

I moan and struggle as she engulfs my entire cock, her nose plunging to meet my balls. I lift my hips and wiggle my head taking in small gasps of air. I concentrate on taking a breath as she works on my cock. My head is spinning, the smell, the taste, the feeling and lack of air. I feel the semen shoot up the length of my cock just a Candy pulls her lips from the tip. My cock is twitching and pulsating as the semen erupts from the tip.

Struggling in the bonds I raise and lower my hips. I hear Candy giggle as her pussy and buttocks cover my whole face. My orgasm soon subsides as I feel the semen running down my hard cock. Juices squirt from her pussy into onto my face and up my nose as her body jerks. I am ready to pass out as she lifts from my face. Gasping for air I feel her lips on my cock again. Candy sucks my cock, lifting and lowering her tightly wrapped lips faster than before.

The sensation is intense as I try to breathe and escape the torment of the awesome feeling in my cock. Candy is holding my thighs as her head bobs up and down. My hips raising and lowering as I struggle. My cock begins to soften as she slows sucking it gently. I look up to see her wide open pussy above my face, her clit still erect and fully exposed. “MMMM” I hear Candy exclaim before slipping off the bed.

She heads for the bathroom as I catch my breath. I soon feel the cold wet rag washing my cock and balls when she returns. I look up to see Candy reaching for the chastity cage, her nipples still erect. I feel her closing the ring then the cage being pushed over my soft penis. The ‘snap’ of the lock brings another smile to Candy’s face. She releases the ropes and climbs on top of me, her lips meeting mine in a passionate kiss.

I hug her hot body, holding her close to me, never wanting her to leave. “That was intense. Why did you stop when I was cumming?” I ask. “I wanted to watch it I have never seen a cock cum on its own like that. It was awesome. I want to do it again next time.” She says kissing me deeply again. “Well you know it didn’t feel the best for me.” I say looking her in the eye.

“Really?” She says in a puzzling voice. “You had an orgasm how can it not be pleasurable?” Candy asks. “Oh it was pleasurable, just not, well.” I said trying to think how to put it. “Well if it was pleasurable then it was good right?” Candy says climbing off the bed. “Let’s take a shower I am getting tired.” She goes on to say before heading to the bathroom.

Chastity story Candy part 2

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It is early morning Friday again and I decide to send Candy a quick email to see if she would like to play again. Maybe this time we have some real sex. We talked at lunch several times during the week so I think she come over. I rub my half erect cock as I hit the send button.

It was around lunch when she replied. I held my crotch as I opened her email. Wow she really wants to meet, I think to myself reading it. She tells me to shave my pubes and remain naked until she arrives. She writes out what she would like available for toys. My mind really races when she says she has a surprise gift for me.

The rest of the work day took forever, thinking about Candy and her hot body. I arrived home and recalled her email and me shaving. I ran a bath as I used my hair trimmer to remove the long pubes. Sitting in the hot water I rubbed my nearly smooth pubes, the sensation was greatly increased. After some struggling I managed to shave all around my balls and above my penis.

I woke up Saturday morning with a hardon I had to stroke. Thinking of Candy as I stroked, stopping as I recalled her telling me I was not to masturbate. I made some coffee in my robe, laying out the toys I had bought, and watched the news, looking at the clock often wishing nine AM would hurry and arrive.

The clock read eight fifty when I took the robe off and buckled the leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles as she directed. Standing by the door I waited. Stroking my cock now and then, keeping it erect as I waited. I hear people walk by the door and peek out, seeing it was not her. I stand leaning against the stroking my cock slowly as I wait.

I hear a light knock at the door a peek out the peep hole. I smiled and rubbed my cock as I saw Candy outside my door. I opened the door and peeked around the edge inviting her in. She looks back as I close the door with a smile on her face. She placed a small box on the end table and pats it, ‘This is your gift, but we will save it for later.” Candy says sitting on the sofa.

“Come over here let me see how well you did.” She said curling her finger at me. Standing in front of her as she holds my hard cock and shifts it about, running her fingers all over my newly shaven skin. My balls tingle as she rubs her warm fingers across the smooth skin. “Well done Jim. Let’s have some fun. Lay down on the table like last time so we can get started.

Candy attaches the leather cuff rings to the eyebolts I had put in the table. Restrained much like I was last weekend. Candy smiles and runs her finger up and down my cock, “Did you cum this week Jim?” Candy asks as she watches my cock twitch under her finger. “No Ma’am, I did just as you told me. Made it hard and close several times a day, but no orgasm.” I replied with a smile.

Candy crossed her legs and continued rubbing the underside of my cock for a long time. I a pool of my pre cum under my cock from her slow teasing. “I need a drink Jim, have anything good?” she says standing up. “There is soda or sweet tea in the fridge.” I tell her. Candy opens her purse and pulls out a blindfold. I am soon laying there in the dark, hearing her walk about my apartment.

It seems an hour has passed before I hear her sit back down, my cock has gone limp and lies softly over my large balls. I hear her opening the cardboard box she had brought. “Time for your gift Jim.” Candy says with a cheerful voice. I feel her wrap a cold metal bar or ring around the base of my cock and balls. ‘She likes cock rings’ I think to myself.

I then feel a cold ring or bar on the head of my cock, the coldness slides down the full length of my soft cock. I feel Candy moving it around then bright light floods my eyes as she removes the blindfold. As I try to adjust my eyes I feel her unhooking my restraints. “There you are mine now.” I hear her say with a giggle.

I sit up and look down the see my soft cock in a metal cage, the cage is a little shorter than my fully soft cock. “It is a chastity cage, for which I have the only key. This will ensure you are true to me. If you want it off now I can take it off and leave, never to see you again. Keep it on and you will have the ride and relationship of your life.” She says stepping in front of me.

My eyes widen as she is completely nude, her pert breasts right before my eyes. My eyes drift down to her smooth pubic mound and her shapely thighs. I hold the metal cage as my cock starts to erect, it’s swelling quickly cut off by the metal around it growing tighter and tighter. Candy sits on the edge of the sofa and leans back, her knees spread wide apart.

“If you choose to stay with me, crawl over here and lick my temple until I want you to stop. If you want me to leave then say so.” She as she rubbed the sides of her breasts, looking me straight in the eyes. Looking at her naked body, I couldn’t resist. I knelt down and crawled between her spread thighs. My tongue licking up her outer pussy lips, sending chills down my spine as she moans.