Chastity Story: Candy part 17

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We sit there on the sofa as the thought of ‘TWO WEEKS’ keeps going through my mind. Candy inches closer to me and rubs her hand across my chest. “It will be fun Jim I will make sure of that don’t you worry.” She says as she holds my caged cock through my pants. “Let’s go in the bedroom and have some fun!” Candy says as she stands up in front of me her bare ass shaking. She takes my hand and pulls me up.

“I have to go to the bathroom. You can put on the cuffs I feel frisky tonight.” She says before walking off toward the bathroom. I can’t resist watching her bare buttocks shake as she walks. I strip off my clothes and begin buckling the ankle cuffs on when Candy returns from the bathroom. I place my foot back on the floor after buckling the second one on I feel her press her body to my back. I feel Candy’s bare breasts resting on my back as she reaches around my body. I moan when she pinches my nipple.

“Hey that hurts you know.” I say as she uses her fingernails to pinch my right nipple. I am buckling the second wrist cuff on when Candy reaches down to fondle the cage and massage my balls. Candy steps away as I finish buckling it snuggly on my wrist. I watch as she opens the drawer and pulls out a short length of chain with a clip on either end. She attaches the chain to my wrist cuffs with the chain running across my buttocks. I reach around my body and scratch my inner thigh before Candy has me lay on the bed.

She attaches the ankle cuffs with clips to the eyebolts in the bed frame. My legs bound wide apart as I watch Candy open the drawer again. She returns with a smile holding a small circle of black leather with a shiny ring on it. The cock cage is swiftly removed as is the back ring. Candy bulls at the skin covering my balls, stretching it out. She undoes the small buckle on the leather circle and wraps it around my sack which forces my balls outward. Candy tugs at the small strap bucking the leather band tightly around the base of my balls.

I see her pick up a small metal clip that has spring loaded openings on both ends. I feel her clipping it to the leather band around my balls and tug it a few times. Candy then pulls the chain from the center between my legs which pulls my hands tightly to my sides and clips the other end of the small clip to the chain. I pull outward on my hand as it nearly under my ass and feel the tension on my balls. Candy’s nipples are standing out erect as she pats my exposed balls.

I moan and try to pull my legs together as she giggles at my bouncing cock. Candy leans down as she grips the base of my cock sliding her lips down the full length of my cock. I moan and lift my hips as her hot lips slide slowly back up my cock. The leather strap around my balls quickly tugs at my balls as I try to lift my hips. If I lift my or rock my hips the strap pulls harder which makes my balls ache. I feel her hair brushing up and down on my stomach and inner thighs as she lifts and lowers her head. My cock feels so hard almost like it is going to explode.

The dull ache in my balls becomes stronger as I feel the urge to orgasm coming on quickly. I tense and pull at the chain as Candy lifts up removing her lips from my cock. The cool air rushes in as I moan. Candy sits up between my legs with a smile as she runs the tip of her finger up and down the underside of my cock. The tingling strengthens each time her fingertip rubs the underside of the head. My cock twitches against her finger and I feel pre cum ooze from the tip.

“MMM that tastes so good but I better stop for now.” Candy says as she slips over my leg turning her body around. I watch as her leg lifts and crosses over my chest her bare pussy and ass so exposed above me. She adjusts her knees as they press against my arms at my sides until her pussy is right over my face. I moan as she rubs her finger up and down the underside of cock over and over as I stare at her wet spread pussy and anus.

I open my eyes when her finger stops rubbing my cock to see her fingers now spreading her pussy lips apart. The wet light pink skin inside comes into view as she lowers her body to my face. Her anus is right between my eyes as she spreads her pussy lips across my nose and presses her clit to my lips. I feel her buttocks tighten and loosen as I lick across her clit. Candy moans softly as my tongue works around her clit, licking up and down then side to side.

Her body presses down tighter on my face as I close my lips around her clit. I look up to see her buttocks quiver when I flick my tongue across her clit as I suck it. ‘There is no better view in the world’ I think to myself. Candy is soon moaning louder and sliding her wet pussy across my nose as her juices run down my cheek. She is so close to orgasm as she really presses down on my face with her body. Her pussy and buttocks now completely cover my mouth and nose. I catch a quick gasp of air each time she slides back before her buttocks tense on the sides of my face.

Her hangs down brushing across the head of my cock when she moves. The tiny strands of hair send a tingling sensation down my cock to my aching balls. Candy tenses really hard just before her juices squirt out into my mouth and nose. Over and over her body jerks as my nose rubs across her anus and back between her pussy lips. I try to lick her clit as she moves back and forth with her body twitching and jerking. Several times I feel her hard clit slide across the tip of my nose.

Candy slows as her orgasm subsides it feels as though her whole body weight is on my face. Her swollen pussy lips spreading wider across my nose and lips. She pauses for a while with my mouth and nose completely covered. Her buttocks press down on my eyes as she sits motionless on my face. I pull at the chain and moan as my balls hurt when struggle to breathe. Willing my head as I try to catch a short breath of air but her body holds my head still.

She lifts her buttocks slowly allowing me to breathe through my nose. The feel of her soft hot skin and the smell of her juices drive me mad with lust and desire. Looking up between her buttocks I can see beads of sweat on her back as I swallow the juices running into my mouth. Her hips shift slowly back and forth while she moans. Her buttocks lift a little as she leans forward I can see her wetness between her buttocks as it was spread all over my face.

I gasp and moan as Candy grips my cock and begins stroking it hard and fast. Again I feel the pain in my balls as my hips flex from the intense sudden feeling. She strokes my rock hard cock ten or so times before her hand slips off the tip. I feel my cock twitching in midair as I look up into her wet open pussy. I lift my head to flick my tongue across her clit which makes her body tense from the unexpected pleasure. I feel her buttocks tighten on the sides of my nose as she tenses.

“woohoo!!” I hear say as my tongue touches her sensitive clit. I just love how her buttocks tense above my face. Candy slides of my body and sits on the edge of the bed. “I am going to get a drink would you like anything?” She asks smiling down at my wet face. “Yes I would like to cum now.” I quickly reply. “Yes I know honey but think how it will feel in a couple weeks. It will be so awesome.” She says as she stands up and turns around to stroke my cock three times very slowly before she walks out of the bedroom.

I hear her in the kitchen and fell pre cum run down the shaft of my cock. It is nearly ten minutes before Candy walks back in. I look over to see her carrying a small bag and a glass of water. She tosses the bag between my legs and holds my head up so I drink some water. After placing the glass on the night stand I feel Candy rubbing my sore aching balls. My body flinches as she taps them with her hand tugging at them with each flinch.

I moan loudly when I feel the small bag of ice cubes or something frozen being held to the underside of my cock and trapped balls. I pull at the bonds with my legs and fell the tugging on my balls as she holds the bag in place. Feel her tongue lick across the head of my cock as I try to bare the coldness on my hard cock and balls. “mmmm that pre cum tastes really good I just love it when it oozes a lot.” Candy says pressing the bag harder against my body.

My balls feel frozen after several minutes and my cock has gone flaccid. She leaves the bag resting against my balls as she gathers the pieces to the cage. Candy slips the ring around the base of my trapped balls closing it to slip the metal pin through. I feel a little of the cage as it is slipped over my soft cock. I hear the ‘CLICK’ of the lock and watch as Candy places the necklace over her head and draping it down over her chest.

She removes the tiny clip from the chain and the leather band before releasing my legs. Candy helps me to sit up on the edge of the bed her naked body standing between my spread knees. She holds my head as she leans down to press her lips to mine. The leather band holds my balls out as they are pressed down on the bed between my legs which makes them ache even more. The clips holding the chain to my wrist cuffs are released and I quickly give Candy hug.

I stand up and hold her close to me feeling her bare hot body against me is a feeling I love. Candy slaps my ass and looks up into my eyes. “Let’s leave the cuffs on I may feel like another round after we eat.” She says with a smile before we kiss.

Chastity Story: Candy part 14

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I stand at the foot of the bed with my feet bound wide apart my wrists tied high above my head as I look at the three of them. My trapped cock attempts to erect in its confines. My balls ache in need as Candy presses her pert breasts against my exposed chest. I feel the cage rub against her inner thighs as she places her body against mine. Candy hugs me with her hands on my back and her head rests on my chest. I feel Sharon and Mary place their hands on my hips and slide them up and down my outer thighs.

Candy lifts her head looking up into my eyes and says. “Jim I wanted Mary and Sharon to tease you to see what you could take and how you would react. Mary here went a little further than I wanted but has opened a new door to me. I did not know all the things she did to you until she told me the other night. I nearly had an orgasm listening to her words. So tonight I am going to learn from her and make her promise to never do those things again, well not without me there to have some fun too.” Her hands now hold my caged cock and aching balls.

I looked down at Candy as she slid down my body. She knelt on the floor before me to inspect my aching manhood. She turned the cage from side to side as Mary and Sharon pinched my nipples. I felt my cock pulsate as Candy twisted and turned the cage. I moan as my nipples are pinched then feel a great sense of relief when the cage slides off my cock. Candy removes the ring from behind my balls placing cage ring and lock on the dresser.

“So how did you use this Mary?” Candy asks as she walks toward us holding the wooden spoon. “Oh here I will show you. Let get him ready first.” Mary said pulling a couple ropes from the dresser drawer. Candy and Sharon watch as Mary wraps the shorter rope around base of my balls pulling it snug with each wrap. She ties the rope in a knot after making eight or nine wraps. The tightly wrapped rope forces my balls outward and tightly together. She takes the second rope and wraps the center around the shaft of my cock just below the head very tightly.

Mary wraps the loose ends of the rope around my body and pulls them watching my cock. She pulls the rope tighter lifting my cock up against my stomach before she ties the loose ends together. I look down to see my bound balls sticking straight out from my body and already a nice shade of light blue. Mary slides the chair from her desk over in front of me. Holding the wooden spoon Mary sits moving the chair closer to my bound exposed body. She rubs my bound balls softly with her warm hand as she smiles up at me.

“Okay girls this can be a lot of fun well for us anyway.” Mary starts out. “I tied them up like this so they stay in one place, an easier target.” She continued to say as she lifted the wooden spoon close to my balls. “You can use either side. The cup side of the spoon makes more contact with each ball when you hit it.” Mary says just before I feel the pain shoot up through my stomach and pull at the bonds. The spoon makes a loud ‘pop’ as it lands squarely on my right ball. “The round or bottom side makes less contact but most men say it is more painful.” Mary says just before I feel the pain in my left ball.

I try to pull my legs together but the ropes keep me spread. “Wow he really jumps when you do that it must hurt.” Sharon says as her hand rubs between her thighs. “Watch this.” Mary says with a grin as she raises the spoon and holds the base of my balls. I close my eyes and pull at the ropes as Mary strikes my right ball then the left, alternating back and forth using the rounded side of the spoon. I scream out in pain as every muscle in my body tenses.

Candy stuffs her panties in my mouth and holds her hand over my mouth. “Shhhh we don’t want to alarm the neighbors Jim.” She says with a smile. “Let me try that.” Candy says taking the spoon from Mary. The spoon soon lands squarely on my left ball sending more shocks up my body as Candy swings it again and again. Tears begin to run my cheeks as Candy strikes my balls with the spoon now using the cup side. “Oh look it must hurt there is tears.” Sharon says climbing up on the bed behind me.

Sharon wipes the tears from my face as she presses her breasts into my back. Mary releases the rope that holds my cock up and removes it from my penis. Sharon begins pinching my nipples and nibbling at my ear lobes. I moan in pleasure when I feel Mary stroking my half hard cock. “It is so much fun just teasing a man, you know, get him right to the edge and stop over and over.” Mary says with a giggle. “Yes I love to do that to Jim and I think he loves it too.” Candy says looking at my cock as Mary strokes it.

“Here let me.” Candy says as she pushes Mary’s hand away. Candy wraps her warm fingers around the base of my shaft and leans closer to kiss the tip of my cock. Moans escape my panty filled mouth as Candy engulfs my cock, sliding her lips down the shaft until her nose presses against my stomach. Sharon pinches my nipples harder rolling them between her fingers. Candy moves her head back and forth making my balls tingle in anticipation and pain. I feel her lips slide off the head of my cock then feel her hand tightly gripping my cock as moves from the base to the head.

Over and over Candy strokes my cock rapidly up and down. I moan as my sore balls hit her hand with each stroke. My nipples ache, my balls ache and my cock is so erect. Candy looks up at me as her hand moves swiftly up and down the shaft of my cock. She smiles when I flex my hips and she slips her hand off my cock. I moan as wiggle my body wanting more. “Better let him cool down a bit.” Candy says with a giggle. “What is this for?” Candy says picking up the wooden dowel which is about eighteen inches long.

“I use that to make his urge to cum go away.” Mary says leaning in to take the cane from Candy. I twist my body from side to side trying to avoid the thin wooden dowel as it strikes my hard cock. Sharon takes a tighter grip of my body keeping me from moving around lot. “Let me try.” Candy says taking the cane from Mary. She grips the base of my cock holding it our straight and swings the cane straight down on the tip of my cock. I pull harder on the ropes and thrash side to side. “Oh that was a good one.” I hear Candy say as she continues.

The small cane lands on my cock over and over as tears roll down my face. “We better give him a rest he is going limp.” Candy says as she stands up in front of me. Smiling as she looks into my eyes pulling her panties from my mouth. Her lips meet mine as she kisses me passionately. Candy holds the sides of my head as her tongue slips deep in my mouth. I feel her hand slide down to my cock as she kisses me stoking my sore soft cock gently. Candy steps back as she licks her lips then says. “Let’s get drink and one for Jim I am sure he is thirsty too.”

I watch as Mary and Candy walk out of the room, their fine buttocks swaying. Sharon slips off the bed and walks around in front of me. “I wished I could tie you up like this at work we could have a lot of fun.” She says with a smile. “I don’t think Joan would go for it though so we’ll just keep it a secret from her.” She goes on to say while lightly stroking my sore aching cock. I feel her thighs on my right leg as she rubs her shaven pussy close to my hip.

“Sharon you want a drink?” I hear Mary ask as Sharon nibbles my ear again. “Be right there.” Sharon replies stroking my cock faster. I moan as she strokes me rubbing her wetness on my thigh and stroking me. Sharon turns with her ass against me sliding my cock between her legs. She pulls her legs together as she rocks her hips my cock pressed up against her hot pussy. She moans as she moves back and forth a few times before stepping away with a smile and says. “Be back in a few. Don’t go anywhere big boy.”

I can’t help but watch her naked body walk from the room her tight ass swaying from side to side. I feel pre cum ooze from the tip of my cock as I stand there spread wide. I hear them talking in the living room but cannot make out their words. Candy walks back in first with a glass of water her breasts sway proudly as she steps closer. She smiles as she holds the glass to my lips. I take a few sips before shaking my head as I had enough. “I think you need to move a bit.” Candy says climbing on the bed behind me.

She unties my hands leaving the ropes tied to my wrists. “Hold on big boy.” Candy says as she pulls the ropes. My hands are slightly behind my back on either side when Candy ties the two ropes together. The ropes holding my ankles spread are removed. I stretch out my legs as I stand up twisting my body left and right. My cock has softened a little as I feel the pre cum string to my thigh. “Wait right here I have to pee.” Candy says as she walks into the bathroom.

The toilet flushes and Candy emerges from the bathroom taking me by the arm she leads me to the living room. Sharon and Mary are both sitting on the sofa still nude with smiles on their faces. “We are going to have some fun now.” Candy says as she stops me in front of Sharon and Mary. “We are going to see which of us are better at pleasing a man. What we are going to do is see how long it takes each of us to get close to orgasm. Each of us will bring you to near orgasm once recording the time. Then repeat this two more times. Between each of us you will be made soft with this ice pack.” She says explaining what they are going to do.

My body bend while my legs pull together as Candy holds the ice pack on my cock and balls. I moan as she talks with the others. “Five minutes on the ice each time?” I hear Candy ask. “Yes the time should be the same for each of us.” Mary says as she giggles. “Sharon can you go in the kitchen and bring me the egg timer, it is by the can opener on the counter. That way we can ensure the same time for the ice each time.” Mary says. “So what does the winner get?” Sharon asks as she returns with the timer.

“I say control of the key for a week.” Mary is quick to say. “A week isn’t too bad.” Candy says as she presses the ice pack harder against my body. “Okay then the winner keeps it for two weeks.” Sharon says with a smile. “Let’s just make it a whole month.” Mary blurts out. “That works for me.” Candy says pulling the ice pack from my body. Candy pushes me until I stand in front of Sharon. “You are up first Sharon. Ready, set, go.” Candy says and Mary clicks the button on a stopwatch she holds up.

Sharon immediately massages my balls as her mouth covers my soft cold penis. I hear her sucking sounds as the feelings begin to return to my cock and balls. “Maybe next month we can see who can tease the longest before some of his cum oozes out.” Mary says as she watches Sharon. My mind begins fading as the urge to cum comes on quickly. I feel the ice, then more teasing. I feel weak in my knees and soon find myself sitting on the edge of the sofa as Mary kneels between my knees.

My mind comes back around when I see Candy place the ice pack on my exposed hard cock and aching balls. She uses duct tape to hold in on my body as Mary is writing on a piece of paper. Candy walks into the bedroom and returns with the cock cage ring and lock. My cock quickly softens under the ice and after intense teasing. Candy pulls the tape off before removing the ice pack. The metal cage is soon locked back in place as a tear rolls down my face. My balls ache so badly I just need to cum once.

“Damn I’m good.” Mary says holding out the paper. “Looks like I get control of the key for the next month. Candy and Sharon look over the paper for a few minutes before Candy hands Mary the necklace with the key on it. My heart sinks as I watch her take the necklace my eyes close and my head drops. Candy helps me up and unties my wrists before she asks. “I am starving can we go get something to eat?”

We all get dressed before Candy and I walk to the door. I look over at Mary but do not see the necklace or the key anywhere. Sharon and Mary both smile and give Candy a hug before we leave. We have a nice dinner before heading back to the apartment. Candy is very cheerful and happy. “How can you be so happy? I need to cum so bad I can cry. Why did you give her the key?” I kept rambling on. “Oh it’s not what you think it will be Jim.” Candy says as we enter the apartment.

We both take a long hot shower together. Feeling Candy’s naked body rub mine as the hot water flows across us has my cock straining so hard. My ache more than I have ever felt as I massage the soap on her buttocks. Candy turns the water off before we step out to dry off. I help Candy dry her back then watch as she wraps the towel around her head. Her breasts swaying as she bends then and stands. Candy pulls me by my hand to the bed where she sits and spread her smooth thighs.

I don’t need any further directions as I lean forward to taste her sweet pussy. Candy has several orgasms as I lick her wet squirting pussy before she pushes my head back. I watch as she lifts the jeans she wore today pushing her hand in the pocket. My eyes widen as she pulls out the necklace and key. “I wasn’t going to leave the key with anyone today and I never will again.” Candy says as she unlocks the small metal cage. Candy says places the cage ring and lock on the dresser before she lies back in the center of the bed and says. “Let me see what you got tonight honey.”

Chastity Story: Candy part 8

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I tossed and turned all night as I felt for Candy next to me. We haven’t been together that long but she has really grown on me. Looking over at the clock I see the alarm will go off in about thirty minutes. Reaching down I hold my caged cock wishing so badly I could just stroke my cock a few times. My fingertips press gently on my big balls.

Imagines of Candy above me as she straddles my body and face run through my head non-stop. I see her beautiful body exposed over my face as lowers very slowly, the goose bumps on her skin standing out. I see each small wrinkle in the soft pink skin of her pussy lips. I see her hard clit poke out from under its protective hood. I feel her warm thighs on my shoulders and face. The images and feelings seem very real as I feel my cock filling the cage.

I moan in frustration as I feel the pressure of the cage constricting my desired erection. Holding the cage I can almost feel my hand sliding up and down the length of my cock in my mind. Remembering how it felt to just grab it and stroke all I wanted. It felt so good when I could do that but now I have to rely on Candy to allow it. I hear myself moan as my cock aches as it tries to break free of the cage.

This wanting feeling I have has been my desire for a long time. To be controlled and denied access to one of life’s simplest and greatest pleasures. Visions of Candy keep appearing in my mind she is now walking across the living room in her short robe. I can only watch her long smooth legs as her beauty glides across the floor. Her curvy buttocks shaking the end of the robe.

I am quickly brought to the present as my phone rings. Picking it up as it rings again I see it is Candy. “Hello Sweetie. I REALLY miss your gorgeous body and mind. I hope your mother is doing better.” I say. “Good morning Jim and thank you I miss you too. Mom is about the same, her sister and brother are her too.” Candy says with a soft voice. “I wanted to make sure you are awake.” She goes on to say.

“Oh yes I have been laying her thinking of you for a while now.” I say with a smile on my face. “Oh! I hope they were good thoughts.” She replies. “Well let’s just say the thoughts were warm sensual and VERY erotic. Which doesn’t help my current predicament.” I tell her in a loving voice. “I know, like I said I will make it up to you when I get back. I better run I hear them coming. I will call you later, I love you.” She tells me. “I love you too Candy and miss you A LOT.” I say before the line goes dead.

I get up and hop in the shower taking my time as I get ready for a day at the office. I arrive at work a few minutes early to see the cleaning lady still at work. Today she is wearing a short skirt and tight top which looks very sexy. I see her bend over to pick something up off the floor as I sit behind my desk. Her red panties in full view as her knees part slightly. I look the other way after a short stare feeling my cock pulsate from the view.

The secretaries arrive both giggling and laughing as they walk through the door. “Good morning ladies.” I say smiling out at them. “I already made some coffee if you would like some.” I go on to say. “Oh that’s nice Jim thanks.” I hear Joan reply and watch as she looks puzzled at the Rhonda. Thinking about it I guess I haven’t made coffee at work before and it would seem a little strange.

Rhonda stops by my door and thanks me for the coffee. I look up to see her leaning against the door jamb her shiny heels first catch my eye. Four or five inch heels that are a shiny red color with her small toes visible at the tip. Her slender long legs encased in sheer light tan nylon stockings. Her short dress stopping about mid-thigh and her top cut low enough to leave her cleavage exposed. Her shoulder length blonde hair slightly curled and the smile on her face made me melt in the chair.

I shake my head thinking I am in a trance and reply, “No problem at all Rhonda glad you like it. I had to practice a lot to make coffee that good.” I say with a laugh. Rhonda laughs as I watch her breasts jiggle in their confines. I hear her heels clicking across the floor as she walks away. Her lovely body reminds me of Candy as I watch her swaying ass. I try to concentrate on work realizing I spend a lot of time thinking of Candy and sex, the two best things in my life.

My cell phone starts to ring around nine thirty and close the file cabinet and answer it. “This is Jim.” I say with a joyful voice. “Hi Jim I hope your day is going well.” I hear Candy say. “It just got better.” I quickly reply. “Ah how sweet.” Candy says. “Hey I talked to Mary and she needs some help Saturday if you have time. She is moving something in her back yard and said it is heavy. I told her I would ask you.” Candy goes on to say. “Sure just tell her to call me when she is ready. How are things there?” I ask.

“Mom is better but her brother is still concerned. I am enjoying the visit with them they are so down to earth if you know what I mean.” Candy says with a laugh. “Yes I know what you mean.” I say not having a clue what she meant. “I really miss you Candy and I REALLY need you.” I say quietly as I look out in the office. “I miss you too Jim and hope to be back in a day or two. We are headed out to brunch so I will call later ok? Love you.” Candy says making a kissing sound into the phone.

The line goes dead and I place the phone down to continue with my work. ‘Knock knock’ I hear on the door behind me. “Hey Jim what are you doing this weekend, it is Friday you know.” I hear Joan say as she standing the doorway. “Come on in. Well not sure about the weekend yet I may come in and catch up on some of these files.” I say slipping a folder in place. “Well that is not any fun. Maybe you can come over for a BBQ or something?” She asks in a questioning voice.

“That does sound fun but it will have to be Sunday I have to help a friend tomorrow.” I say turning to talk with her. Her open sweater and very low cut top catch my eye right away. Her small breasts pressed tightly together as she leans forward as she sits on the edge of the seat. She sits up and says “Great I will call you tomorrow night and check.” Watching as she stands her tight slacks hugging every curve.

Her buttocks thin and flatter than Rhonda’s still shake as she walks away. I take a double look at the tight material across her ass and do not see any panty lines. My cock swells as I watch her walk, the heels clicking on the floor and her buttocks shaking. I sit and watch the two of them walk back and forth most of the afternoon, my cock constantly straining. My cell phone chimes at four PM.

I look down to see a text message icon. Opening the text I see it is from Mary. ‘Hello Jim. I just talked with Candy about tomorrow, she is cool with it. I need help moving some potted plants, it shouldn’t take too long. I was thinking about eleven or so in the morning is that good for you?’ I hit the reply and typed in, ‘Eleven is good I will wear my working clothes smiley face’ and hit the send button.

I watch Rhonda and Joan walk across the parking lot after locking the office door. Joan smiles back at me as she slips into her car. I drive home to make me sandwich and grab a beer. I sit on the sofa and look down toward the other end as I remember seeing Candy sitting there. My cock aches as I see in my mind visions of her panties and smooth legs. I hold my caged cock several more times as it tries to erect before I drift off to sleep.

I wake up hearing myself moan as feel the ache in my groin. Sitting up on the sofa I cup the cage wishing I could stroke my cock or even feel it fully erect if only for a minute. I head for the bathroom where I sit to pee as look over at the shower remembering how beautiful Candy looks standing in their naked. It is hard to pee when my cock is trying so hard to erect in the cage not leaving much room to pee through.

I head for the bed and try to think about work to make my attempt at an erection go away. Visions of Rhonda and Joan keep filling my head. Their heels clicking on the floor, their low cut tops and swaying asses. My cock tries harder to swell in its bondage. I head back to the bathroom and strip off my shorts before stepping in the shower. I gasp as the cold water hits my body making me forget about the sexy visions as my urge for erection quickly goes away. I dry myself off and head for the warm bed.

I wake and look over at the clock and see it is nearly nine AM and climb out of bed to get dressed. Wondering what to wear I look outside and see the sun shining brightly. I decide on shorts and t-shirt for today. I sit to slip on my underwear and think to myself ‘Why wear underwear no need with the cage’. Tossing the underwear back in the drawer I slip on my loose short and t-shirt. After a light breakfast with several cups of coffee I decide to head over to Mary’s house.

I knock on her door a little early around ten forty five. The door opens and I see Mary still in a short cotton robe. “Hi Jim you are early I was just getting dressed. You weren’t trying catch a peek were you?” Mary says with a laugh as she looks down at my crotch. “Come on in I will just be a minute.” Mary says and heads off down a hallway. I sit on her sofa and look around as I wait.

“Okay I think I am ready for this. Let me show you what I want to do out here.” Mary says as she walks back into the room. My eyes widen as I look at her, her halter top which is so tight I can see her hard nipples poking at the thin material. Her stomach is bare her skin looks so smooth. Looking down at her very short shorts and can’t help but notice how the thin material is pulled tightly between her legs. The material is so tight it appears her pussy lips bulge out on either side of the center seam.

I get up as she walks by looking down at her breasts swaying as she bounces by. The material is tightly pulled between her buttocks I can’t help but watch them sway freely. My cock aches as it swells seeing no panty lines either. Outside I watch as she bends over facing away from me. Her shorts pull well up each buttock as she bends over. The seam tightens between her thighs pressing her pussy lips out more.

“This one is going to get larger.” Mary says cleaning out old dry leaves from the pot. “I would like it over there on the outside corner.” She says pointing to the end of the cement patio. I make myself busy trying not to look at her half naked body. I move things around as she wanted them and stand looking over at her as she sits. Mary is sitting in the doorway with her elbows on her spread knees. My eyes immediately go to her tightly covered crotch.

I feel my cock pulsate in the cage as I see a few of her pubic hair at the edge of tight shorts. Her pussy lips press outward further than before. I try not to stare as I think I see a small wet spot in her light pink shorts. Her breasts pressed tightly together ready to pop out of the top at any second. “This looks a lot better. Wow we have been out here for three hours too. How can I ever thank you Jim?” Mary asks looking up at me.

“You just did.” I reply with a smile. Thinking of Candy as my cock bulges at the cage. I wipe the sweat from my forehead as I look over the patio. “Yes it looks very nice.” I say looking back at Mary. I watch as she stands up. Her body pushes her ass up exposing her most each cheek. My balls now ache from the constant view of her sexy body. Walking behind her as we enter the house I nearly run into the door as I watch her bouncing ass. “Would you like something to drink Jim?” Mary asks as she opens the refrigerator.

“Ice water would be good.” I say looking at her tightly covered ass. I peer down into her cleavage as she places the glass in front of me remembering how Candy looked in a tight top. “I need a shower. I will be right back.” Mary as she walks away. Turning to watch her body I spill the ice cold water on my shorts. I cup my caged cock as the ice cold water now runs across it and the cage. I hear the shower running as visions of Candy naked in the shower appear in my mind.

Mary soon returns wearing a bikini gasping I nearly inhale the water as I sip it. “You want lay out with me Jim?” Mary asks holding a bottle of suntan lotion. “No I would love to but I have things I need to get done at home.” I reply making something up quick. Mary walks to the door with me and gives me a tight hug as she presses her hot body against mine. Her soft breasts pressing into my chest as she squeezes me tight.

One of her hands slide across my ass as she release me. I get into my car and lay my head on the steering wheel wishing Candy was here. Pre cum oozes from my cock bring me back reality. The feeling is good but I would just love stroke my cock once. Feel it standing out erect and rock hard. I feel my body feels so full of energy like I am the world’s strongest man. I cup my trapped cock and moan in frustration. I so want to hold my hard free cock in my hand.

I make myself a pizza for dinner and sit on the sofa to eat it. As I change the channel on the TV my phone rings. I quickly reach to answer it hoping it is Candy. “Hello sexy.” I say. I hear a laugh through the phone. “I didn’t think you thought of me that way thanks Jim.” I hear Joan say as my face feels warm. “Oh sorry!” I quickly reply. “No need to be sorry a girl loves to be called sexy now and then.” Joan says softly. “I thought you were Candy calling.” I go on to say.

“You are still coming over for the BBQ tomorrow aren’t you?” Joan asks. “Sure what time you going to get started?” I ask changing the channel again on the TV. “My husband said he was going to fire up the grill around one tomorrow afternoon.” She replies. “I will be there at one then. Do I need to bring anything?” I quickly ask. “Well we cleaned the pool so maybe your swim trunks. Rhonda and her daughter are coming over as well. We have everything for the BBQ already.” Joan says. “OK, see you all tomorrow then. Bye.” I say before hanging up.

I finish my pizza then pick up my phone to call Candy. I hear the phone ring a few times before she answers, “Hey sexy man, how is it hanging?” Candy says. With a laugh I tell her, “I think you know how it is hanging and that’s not very far. But anyway how is your mother doing?” I ask. “She is doing alright I want to make sure she is taken care of.” Candy then asks, “I want to know how you are Jim, what you been doing?”

“Well today I went over to Mary’s house and help her for a few hours. Boy what a tease she is.” I say waiting for a response. “I kind of figured she would be after seeing you locked up. I hope she wasn’t too rough on you, the work I mean.” She says. “No it wasn’t hard work just nitpicky stuff. I was invited to a BBQ tomorrow with the people I work with so it should be pretty tame compared to Mary.” I say with a laugh.

“Well good you need to get out and have some fun. I will call you tomorrow night then Jim. I really wished I was there I need to feel your tongue right now.” Candy says in soft voice. “You do not know how much I have missed doing that Sweetie.” I say a little choked up then go on to say. “But I will survive waiting for you. You are more than worth the wait. I love you.” She says she loves me and we hang up. I clean up, drink a few beers, watch a TV show then I head to bed.

Chastity Story: Candy part 7

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I sit on the sofa and wait for Candy to come out of the bedroom as I look at the TV. Looking over I see her wearing her short satin robe, the shiny material hugging the curves of her body. Her long smooth legs nearly exposing her crotch as she walks closer. I slide my hands off my lap as Candy sit across my legs. “Would you like me to let you out of the cage tonight Jim?” she asks placing her arm around my neck.

Her eyes have a glow to them as I look up at her. I feel the dull ache in my balls as my cock begins to swell against the cage, her hot body pressing down on me. “I would so LOVE to get out of this thing, yes.” I quickly reply. “OK sounds like fun, I am going to get us a drink, you go put the cuffs on I will be right there.” She says as she stands. Her short robe leaving her bare buttocks exposed giving me a quick view.

I leave the TV on and quickly strip before buckling the cuffs on my wrists and ankles. Spreading my body out in the center of the bed as Candy comes in carrying a glass of water. “Tonight is going to be special.” She says placing the glass on the night stand. “I love the hooks you put on the bed too, it is much faster and easier to get you hooked up.” Candy says as she clips the short chains from my cuffs to the eyebolts in the posts of the bed.

I look over and watch as she pulls the dildo and blindfold from the drawer. Everything goes dark as she places the blindfold over my eyes. I can only feel her strapping the dildo in place on my chin. The bed moves as she repositions herself running her hands over my inner thighs and chest. “I really love playing like this, you are such and awesome man.” Candy says pinching my nipple lightly. “I really want you to know..” She starts to say but the doorbell interrupts her.

I feel the bed moving then hear her bare feel patting on the floor as she quickly leaves the room. I then hear her talking quietly as the front door closes. ‘He is in here. You really can’t tell anyone.’ I hear Candy whisper. I can hear them walking into the bedroom. “Oh my.” I hear Mary exclaim then say. “That looks painful it is so small, it looks so tight.” “Jim says it doesn’t hurt and WE LOVE the control I have.” Candy says. I feel the bed moving again as one of them sit.

The cage is lifted and turned, my balls aching more as my cock strains harder than ever in the cage. “The ring back here.” Candy says as a finger rubs around the underside of my balls. “It is locked to the cage here.” She says turning the cage as she continues. “The cage is close to the ring so his balls can’t pull through between the ring and cage. This little lock, for which I have the key, holds them together.” “That is so hot. How did you ever get him to let you lock it up like that? Does he like the dildo on his face?” Mary asks excitedly.

I feel the cage drop between my thighs and feel the bed move again. “It was Jim’s idea and something I have always wanted to do. We both really love and enjoy it.” Candy says standing beside the bed. “I like sit on the dildo when he isn’t blindfolded because I think he likes the view. He gets so excited when I do, especially when I tease his cock too.” She goes on to say.

“Now I am wanting a man like Jim, one I can play with like that. That is really hot.” Mary says with a giggle. “Jim is much more eager to orgasm now and has really powerful orgasms too.” Candy tells her as I hear them walk out of the room leaving me there spread bound and naked. I hear the TV go off and the stereo come on. I hear the music as they talk, catching bits of their conversation. Nearly half an hour passes or so it seems before I feel the bed move again.

I feel Candy removing the dildo from my head as she straddles my body. I flutter my eyes after she pulls the blindfold off. Looking up into her deep blue eyes I see she is now totally naked. The key hangs down against my chest. “I hope I didn’t embarrass you honey?” Candy asks as she slides backward down my body. “Why did you let her in here? Now everyone will know.” I blurt out as I feel her holding the cage.

“I am sure she will not say anything Jim.” Candy says as she slides the cage off my aching cock. “Besides it was exciting wasn’t it?” Candy says with a smile placing the cage on the night stand. She removes the ring and strokes my nearly rock hard cock. “mmmm” I hear her moan as I lay my head back enjoying the feeling. Her thigh presses against my balls and cock as she reaches to place the ring and lock on the night stand.

I lift my head as Candy shifts on the bed, watching as she straddles my body. Her thighs spread above mine as she lowers her wet pussy to the head of my painfully erect cock. I moan with intense pleasure as she guides my cock to her hot pussy lips. Lifting my hips as she presses down my cock enters her wetness. She lifts and lowers slowly, sliding further down each time. “Oh God.” I exclaim as her buttocks meet my thighs my hips thrusting upward. Pulling at the bonds wishing I could hold her.

Candy pulls her hips toward my stomach then pushing back toward my legs. The feeling drives insane as she grinds her body against mine. The bed moves again and I open my eyes to see Candy leaning down to kiss me. Our lips meet in a passionate kiss. She begins lifting and lowering her ass as she rides my cock sending chills up my spine. I moan into her mouth as her tight pussy slides up and down.

Feeling her bare breasts pressing into my chest, her tongue between my lips and her ass pounding down on my thighs has my head spinning. My hips begin thrusting upward as I feel my orgasm approaching quickly. Candy moans and thrusts faster when she feels my hips lifting. I feel like I am going pass out as my orgasm hits. Thrusting deep inside her as the semen shoots rapidly up my cock. My cock erupts over and over, I wonder if it is going to end. My balls have a sharp ache to them as my orgasm ends.

My body goes limp under her, my balls aching badly from the sudden release. Candy lifts her upper body with my cock still buried deep inside her. Her hands rest on my chest as she begins grinding her pussy against me. I look up to see her eyes closed, moans escaping her lips. Her hips flex faster and faster, her hands clinging to my chest. She grunts and thrusts her body harder jerking as her orgasm overcomes her.

The sensation is so intense on my over sensitive cock, all I can do is gasp for air. Pulling at the bonds as the intense feeling drives me mad. She slows grinding harder but slower. Candy soon lowers body down pressing her breasts into my chest again. Her breathing is deep and heavy as her hands rub my head. Our lips meet again as she kisses me her body lifts as we kiss which allows my softening cock to slip from her body.

“mmm” She moans as we kiss. Candy lowers her head to my chest and we just lay there. Our hearts beat together and our breathing in sync. Several minutes pass all too soon when Candy lifts up holding her hand between her legs. ‘ooh’ She moans as she climbs off the bed and heads for the bathroom. Her cute buttocks bouncing as she runs for the bathroom. The toilet flushes and I see Candy returning with wet rag.

I gasp for air again as the wet cold rag covers my cock and balls. “hehehe” Candy giggles as I pull at the bonds. The chains rattle a little as she moves my balls around with the cold rag wiping off all our body fluids. “Oh I really loved tonight Jim it was all so intense.” Candy says as she closes the ring around the base of my cock and balls. “I know there will be many more nights like tonight in our future.” She goes on to say reaching over my body for the cage and lock.

“There.” She says patting the cage that is once again locked on my soft cock. I am released from the bonds stretching my aching muscles and feel my drained balls as they bounce. “Did you have to show her? You know I couldn’t see or cover myself. What were you thinking?” I ask Candy as she closes the drawer. Candy wraps her arms around my neck and looks me in the eyes. “Jim” She says and lowers her head to my chest.

Lifting her head again Candy looks into my eyes again and continues. “I am in control here. I know Mary will not say anything about tonight to anyone. So let’s just enjoy the moment and not get worked up about her.” Her head rests on my chest as I hug her. Her hot body feels so good against mine how could I refuse. Thinking back on the evening it was really intense, all of it. Just the thought of Mary spreading her new found gossip is concerning.

After our usual shower we headed off to bed, Candy laying her head on my chest as we lay naked. I slept like a baby before the alarm goes off at four thirty. I turn over and shut off the awful racket feeling Candy behind me. She seemed to pull me back down on my back as she straddles my body. Half asleep I look up to see her spread pussy just before it covers my lips and nose. “I am still so horny from last night.” Candy says.

I began licking her soft hot pussy reaching up to hold her firm buttocks. I see Candy holding the headboard as she presses her wetness into my face, her breasts swaying above me. Candy’s orgasm comes quickly this morning her juices flowing down my face. I feel her hard clit brushing across my nose as she moves. Moaning louder than usual she squirts on my face and in my mouth. Her body tenses with each small squirt, shooting hot fluids on my face and between my lips. In seamless motion her body rocks slower and slower.

Candy lowers her body to the bed beside me and presses her lips to mine. Her hands hold my face as we kiss. Lifting her head she pats my chest, “Better get moving, don’t want to be late.” She says pushing on my body. Walking to the bathroom I reach down to hold my caged cock. I didn’t feel my cock erect the whole time this morning, I think as I feel the pre cum on the bars across the head.

I quickly shower and dress before grabbing my briefcase. I kiss Candy as she waits naked and give her a long hug before I head out the door. The morning at work was normal as can be for a job. Candy went to see her mother this morning so I have to eat lunch alone. Sitting at the local café I eat quietly before I look up and see Mary approaching me. “Hi Jim, may I?” Mary asks with a smile. I felt my face burning as she sat across from me. She leans over the table looking around, “I just wanted you to know that thing looks so awesome last night. You know I will never tell anyone.” Mary says softly.

She leans back in her seat as the waitress approaches. Can I get you anything Miss?” The waitress asks. “I would like a glass of iced tea please.” Mary says to her. The waitress is leaving as look up at Mary her hands lifting to her blouse. I watch as she unbuttons three of the buttons and pulls it open. ‘cough, cough.’ I nearly choke on my food as Mary exposes her ring pierced nipples right there at the table. She smiles widely as she buttons her blouse up.

“Just a little tease, cause I know you can handle it.” Mary says crossing her legs under the table. Mary pulls out here cell and presses a few buttons as I continue to eat. “Oh hi Candy, this is Mary. I am sitting here with Jim at the café. ‘well ya’ I just wanted to let you know before the story gets out of hand.” Mary says with a wink. I look over at Mary as she continues to talk, saying nothing of her exposure. “Ok nice talking Candy see later ok.” Mary says and closes the phone.

“There Candy knows I was with you, so no hiding it.” Mary says just as the waitress places her tea on the table. I look up at the waitress before she leaves and feel Mary’s foot on my inner thigh. I thank the waitress and look over at Mary. She has a huge smile on her face as she sucks her tea through the straw. Her foot inching closer to my crotch, I shift back in the seat. Her foot soon rest against my caged cock moving slowly side to side as she hums.

Mary opens her blouse a little exposing her ample cleavage. She leans forward placing her glass on the table as I look down her open shirt. Her foot presses a little harder on the cage. My cock now strains in the cage again. “I hope I am not interrupting your lunch Jim?” Mary asks as she leans further toward me. I lay my fork down and look up at her, “Not at all.” Is all I could say. Mary places her glass down and slide off the seat, “Be a dear and pay for that please.”

I watch as Mary’s buttocks sway from side to side as she walks away. The rest of the afternoon lasted an eternity. I opened the front door to see Candy on the sofa wearing a long t-shirt. “How was lunch with Mary?” She asks with a stern voice. I sit down beside her and place my hand on her knee. “Mary walked in on me after I had gotten my food. I didn’t want her to be there.” I say as Candy pushed her hand off her leg.

Candy changes position and sits Indian style on the sofa. I can see her panty covered crotch as I talk to her. “Please Candy you have to believe me, I would never do anything without you.” I plead with her for a while before she says anything. “How come she called me and not you?” Candy asks her voice still rough. “She called you before I could even say hi to her.” I say reaching out again. The night was long as Candy sat motionless staring at the TV.

Watching as Candy sits half naked on the sofa. Seeing her panties peeking out from under the long shirt had me erect. Looking at her long smooth legs as she walked back and forth was driving crazy. I showered and went to bed early. I was awakened around two thirty by my cock trying to erect in the metal cage. It stayed hard longer than it usually does. I got up and went to the living room to watch some TV in hopes it would go away.

“Jim. Jim” I hear Candy saying as she shakes me. “Why are you out here Jim? It is almost six.” Candy says. I jump up and throw on some clothes before heading out the door. I get to work just in time and sit behind my desk like everything was cool. I try to look busy as mind is still waking up. My phone chirps at me as it receives a text message. I open it up and see a text from Candy. ‘Mary is coming over to the house so I can talk to her.’ That was the entire message.

The rest of the day is long and slow not hearing from Candy at all. It wasn’t until four PM that I heard anything and looking at my phone it is a text from a number I do not recognize. ‘Jim this is Mary. Candy and I had a long talk, I told her I joined you after you were already eating, I think everything is cool.’ I felt a little better reading that, but unsure how Candy felt. Finally leaving the office I stopped and bought some roses before heading home.

I opened the door but didn’t see anyone in the house. “Candy, you home?” I blurted out with no response. I put the roses in a vase and placed them on the coffee table. I wanted to text Candy but decided to wait for her to contact me. Next thing I know my phone is ringing and it is dark. Reaching over to the coffee table I answer it. “Hello.” I say half asleep. “Morning Jim, just wanted to make sure you are awake. And give you some bad news.” I hear Candy say on the other end.

“Morning?” I asked puzzled. “Yes it is five AM Jim. Anyway I have some bad news.” Candy says as hear her crying. “What is it sweetie?” I asked very concerned. “My mother has gotten worse. I knew it was coming but still hard to deal with.” Candy broke out crying. “I am very sorry to hear that sweetie, I want to be with you and comfort you?” I say. “Well we are headed to Vermont where mom’s sister and brother live. I should be back in a week or so.” Candy tells me. I just hold the phone and listen.

“Jim, Jim you still there?” Candy asks. “Yes I am still here.” I say softly. “Can I come get the key or you bring it to me before you go?” I go on to ask. “There isn’t time my mom sister and I are leaving on the next plane. We are waiting in the airport terminal at the gate now. I will make it up to you when I get back. I love you Jim.” I hear before the line goes dead.

I sit on the sofa looking at the TV seeing the people’s lips moving but not hearing a thing. Thinking of all the things that Candy and I have done together, I remember looking at her hot body. I still see her in various positions, tasting her…’ahhh’ I moan as my cock strains in the cage. Holding my trapped cock as it bulges inside the small metal cage. ‘A week’ I think to myself, damn.

Chastity Story: Candy part 4

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Waking again I feel Candy laying beside me with her leg across my thigh. Her soft inner thigh resting on my caged cock and her head on my chest. I have my arm under her head with my hand resting on her ribs. I don’t want to move and wake her, I slowly slide my hand down her back. I reach down her body until my hand rubs across her bare ass.

I hold it there imagining how her ass felt as she was bent over at the coffee table. I moan quietly as my penis tries to stiffen again. Pulling gently on her ass as i try to shift my cage cock under her thigh. I hear her moan and look up at me, “Morning Jim.” She says still half asleep. I pat her ass and say, “Good morning to you too lovely lady.”

I give her ass a gentle squeeze and pull her body tighter against mine. “Someone is feeling frisky today are they?” Candy says as scoots her body upward on the bed. Looking into my eyes she kisses me as she slides her body on top mine. Laying on top of me she holds the sides of my head as she drives her tongue deep in my mouth. Her bare thighs spread across my lower stomach.

The sunlight shines through the window making the whole room brighter with each passing minute. Candy sits up as she straddles my hips, her buttocks pressing the cage down between my legs. I watch as she smiles down at me, with her messy hair and sleepy eyes. Her smile makes the view even better. Her hands flat on my chest as she slide her body back further.

My straining cock forces the cage up tight against the crack of her ass, then her pussy as she slides back. I watch as she reaches down to grip the cage rubbing the tip on her smooth hot pussy. “Oh look the poor thing wants in, or is it out.” Candy says with a giggle. She spreads her pussy lips with one hand and holds the cage with the other. Rubbing the cage up and down the length of her wet pussy.

I moan as she presses her body down on the cage, pressing the tip inside her slightly. “I know that is what you want, just trying to help. It does feel good like this.” Candy says as she shakes the cage pressing down more. I soon feel her buttocks pressing at my balls as the cage disappears in her pussy. “Oh damn. This is too much, can you take the cage off please Candy?” I ask.

Candy smiles and lifts off my body and slides off the bed. “I need to take a shower.” She says and disappears into the bathroom. I walk into the bathroom five or so minutes later seeing her naked body through the glass door. “Would you like some help?” I ask watching her bend over. “Sure come on in.” Candy says looking back at me around her legs. I strip off my shorts and step into the shower with her.

I wash her back and legs thinking about how it would feel to fuck her right then. Candy soon rinses off her body and kisses me before stepping out of the shower. I wash my hair and body as Candy dries herself off. “Hey how about we go to the beach today, it is supposed to be sunny and hot?” Candy asks as I turn off the water. “Sure that sounds like fun I haven’t been there in a long time.” I reply. I dry off body before heading out to the bed room.

I see Candy adjusting the bottoms to her bikini as I walk in, the key still dangling from her necklace. I slip on my swim trunks as she holds the top up to her chest. “Would you be a dear and tie the strings for me?” Candy asks turning her back to me. Walking over to her I see the bikini covers very little of her buttocks. “Wow” I say as I stop behind her. “Wow what, something wrong?” She asks trying to look down her back.

“Oh no, nothing at all, I was just admiring your nice ass.” I tell her. I feel her hand slap my leg as I tie the sting behind her back. I pull the strings up around her neck and hold it. “Is that too tight?” I ask. “Maybe a little tighter, OK that’s good there.” Candy says adjusting her breasts. She steps away turning around, “How does my bikini look? I just bought it last week.” She says. My straining cock cannot lie, “It’s looks great to me.” I assure her.

She slips on a pair of loose short and I put on a t-shirt before we head for the door. “Oh wait.” Candy says as she slips the necklace over her head. “Don’t want to lose this, so I will leave it here.” She says hanging her necklace on the coat hook in the closet. I lock the door and we head for the beach. We stop and grab a few drinks before arriving at the crowded beach.

We head down the beach away from the larger crowds before I spread the large towel out for candy. She pulls off her shirt and sits down on the towel to pull out her lotion. “Would you be a good boy and rub some on my back Jim?” She asks holding out the lotion. “It would be a pleasure.” I say taking the bottle. Candy lies down on her stomach and I start at her feet, rubbing lotion onto her soft skin. When I rub up her thighs I see her reach back and push her bikini down between her buttocks.

“Just want to get all exposed skin covered.” She says as I begin spreading the lotion on her ass. As I run my hands across her buttocks I remember holding them as she straddled my lap on the sofa. My cock begins to swell and the cage is getting tighter. “Untie the string on my back before you put the lotion on too.” She says resting her head on her t-shirt. I apply the lotion and retie her string before she turns over. Once again I begin at her feet, working up her legs.

Rubbing her inner thighs I could see the thin material of the bikini pulling between her pussy lips. My penis pulsates as my hands rub closer. “Rub some under the edges of my bikini too please.” Candy says looking at me though her dark sunglasses. I feel the cage getting very tighter as my fingers slip under the edges of her tight bikini, feeling her smooth pubic mound. I pause and sit back, looking out at the water. “You okay Jim?” Candy asks in a concerned voice.

“Yes I am fine, wished you would have taken this thing off before we came to the beach though.” I say with a laugh. Reaching down to hold it for a second, hoping no one sees me. “It can’t be that bad, you have seen me naked a lot. Why would rubbing lotion on me get you all worked up?” Candy asks with a smile. “Oh rub some on my breasts too, under the top.” She goes on to say. My fingers rub over her nipples several times making my cock ache even more.

I am soon done with the lotion and sit watching the people play on the beach. Several volleyball games, a football game and of course the beach balls in the water. Mostly though, my eyes were attracted to the hot bodies walking back and forth. Women dressed in string bikinis, one pieces, and regular clothes covered the beach. Seeing several bent over, their suits pulled tight between their buttocks and pussy lips.

We swam for a bit then rested as I watched the women walking, laying, and playing. The couple hours we were there was long and it seemed my cock never stopped trying to erect. Closing the door as we entered the house Candy stripped off her shirt. “Here Jim untie me so I can take a quick shower. You can join me if you like.” Candy says with a smile. I undo her strings and watch her tightly covered ass walk away. I hear the water running and open the closet and grab the necklace.

I think about unlocking myself but decide to take it to her so I can’t. I walk into the bathroom with the necklace hanging from my finger, “Will you take this thing off now please.” I ask opening the shower door. Candy smiles and takes the necklace, only to place it around her neck again. “Oh come on, this is torture you know.” I say as I slip off my shorts. We both wash off and step out of the shower. “Let’s get dried off and I will take it off.” Candy says bending over in front of me.

I follow her into the bedroom as I dry my hair. “Get the cuffs on and join me in the living room.” She says walking naked through the bedroom door. I drop the towel and open the drawer that has the cuffs, fumbling to get them buckled on. I walk out to see Candy fondling the key and a towel covering the coffee table. “You know how I like you to lay on the coffee table. Make sure the table is between your knees.” Candy says holding out the key.

I sit on the coffee table with knees spread over the edges and lay back. She buckles my wrist cuffs to my ankle cuffs then connecting them to the eyehook on each side of the coffee table. Candy slides the soft footstool closer to the coffee table and sits down. Leaning over she places the key in the lock and turns the key. The lock snaps open and she turns it to pull it from the small hole in the pin. She then slowly slides the cage down the length of my cock.

My cock swelling as she pulls the cage off. I hear the cage being placed on the table between my legs. I moan as Candy grips my hard cock running her hand up and down the length. “I bet this feels so good. I want you to feel this every day.” She says with a smile. I felt her hand move up and down slowly for a few strokes, then rapidly for a few strokes. Alternating between fast and slow until my hips start moving, she then releases my cock and sits up straight.

“Don’t want you to cum too fast. I am going to get something to drink.” Candy says and walks off toward the kitchen. I hear the water running as she drops ice cubes in her glass. She came back with a glass of water and a straw. Candy held the straw to my lips to give me a drink before placing the glass on the table between my spread thighs. Leaning over she patted my exposed balls a few times. My legs try to pull together but the table holds them spread wide.

The metal ring still snuggly gripping the base of my cock and balls make my cock feel that much harder. I moan as she taps my balls making her smile. I flex my hips as she grips my rock hard cock stroking it rapidly, the feeling is so intense. Candy slides her hand slowly up and down hard cock. I close my eyes as feel my orgasm approaching. Her hand moves up the length of my cock and slips off the head, leaving my cock twitching in mid-air.

I moan and thrust my hips upward trying to get any sensation. “Ahh why did you stop, I was right there?” I ask Candy is husky voice. “You really shouldn’t talk to me in that tone of voice you know.” Candy says reaching into her glass of water. My whole body tenses as she rubs the ice cube up and down the underside of my cock. The melting ice runs down over my balls.

I pull at the bonds as she continues to hold ice on my cock until it has completely melted. I can only watch as Candy stands up turning toward the bedroom. Her buttocks bounce with each step as goes into the bedroom. I look over at her as she returns a small bottle in her hand. I lift my head and watch her pour the clear fluid on her hand as she holds it over my cock. Again she begins stoking my cock the fluid heating as she strokes.

“Some heating lube to warm your cock up after the ice.” Candy says with a smile. Her rapid stroking brings close to orgasm again in no time. I struggle in the bonds again when she releases my cock. “OH damn, come on Candy I was so close. Let me lose I will fuck you so hard.” I say before I lay my head back, nearly in tears. I gasp for air as I feel ice on my cock again, this time two cube and both of her hands. I struggle so hard the coffee table moves from my movement.

I hear a giggle from Candy as she slowly rubs the cubes up and down my skin. I look as she pulls the cubes from my cock as she places one back in her glass. Holding my cock by the base she holds the ice cube right on the tip of my penis. Holding it on my cock it seems she is trying to push it inside my pee hole. Every muscle in my body seems to tense as she holds the cube in place.

Candy brings me to brink of orgasm several more times before I feel a tear run from my eye. She leans down and licks it from my face before patting my aching balls. “Okay that’s enough for now.” She says and walks back into the bedroom. I hear the shower running as I lay there with cock rock hard and pre cum still oozing from the tip. She comes back with a wash rag in her hand and wraps the hot cloth around my cock. “There all clean.” She says heading back into the bathroom.

I hear the shower door open and close. I closed my eyes wondering what she was trying to do to me. My balls feel like they are on fire and aching. I feel each beat of my heart beat in cock as it pulsates. I wait and wait but the shower keeps flowing. My cock soon droops down and rest on my stomach, cool pre cum still stringing from the tip. Candy finally comes back as I am nearly asleep, wearing a robe and towel around her wet head.

She wastes no time pushing the cold metal cage back over my cock and quickly snapping the lock shut. “Was that enough time for him to be free, or would you like some more?” Candy asks as she leans down kissing me. She stands up and walks back to the bedroom opening and closing a drawer a couple times. I look over at her when I hear her returning, she is fully dressed in nice slacks and a blouse. Candy kneels down to unbuckle the cuffs from each other and the table.

Candy releases both sides and kisses me again. “I am going out to pick something up. Take a shower and cool off. I love you Jim.” She says and kisses me again. I sit up and watch her ass shake as she walks out the door. Cupping my aching balls as I walk to the shower I realize this is what I dreamed about for years. After a long shower I slip on my shorts and watch some TV.

Several hours pass before candy walks back through the door with a smile on her face. “I found a new toy for us Jim. Let me unwrap it and we can give it a try.” Candy says walking into the bedroom with her bag. I hear the package ripping and Candy wading up the paper. “Would you like me to sit on it or would you like to push it Jim?” I hear her ask from the bedroom. “What are you talking about Sweetie?” I ask in return. “Just answer the question, me sitting or you pushing?” She asks again. “I will push I guess.” I reply.

“Okay come in here and push.” Candy says from the bedroom. I get up a walk in the bedroom to see her sitting naked on the edge of the bed. In her hand is dildo with leather straps hanging from it. “Kneel here.” Candy says pointing to the floor in front of her. I kneel down noticing her nipples were erect already, it must be good. She holds the dildo to my face placing the cupped leather pad on my chin. It has a small rubber tab that is bent to fit in my mouth. She stands and buckles the first strap behind my head.

Another set of straps go up the sides of my face and buckle on top of my head. I feel her connecting a third strap between the two, holding the dildo out in front of my face. The base of the dildo does not cover my mouth and Candy leans down to kiss my lips. “Front or the back?” She asks as she stands up. “Back!!” I reply not knowing what she meant but I love her ass. She coats the dildo with the heating lube and lean over on the bed spreading her feet apart.

I see her hand rubbing her pussy then spreading it open. “PUSH it in me Jim.” She says as she holds her pussy lips apart. I hold the dildo and guide it to her pussy, pressing forward with my head. The seven inch fat dildo soon slides deep in her body. My nose presses against her tail bone and lips kissing her anus. Candy wiggles her ass as I hold it deep in her. I hear her moan when I lick her puckered anus.

I am soon bobbing my head back and forth, fucking her with dildo on my chin. Each time I push it deep in her I lick her anus a few times. Candy is soon moaning and pulling at the covers on the bed. Her pussy seems to loosen and tighten on the dildo. I see small squirts of fluid flow out around the dildo as I pull out. Candy falls forward on the bed and my head follows, holding the dildo deep inside her.

I hold her legs spread and drive the dildo deep as I can over and over. Her whole body is tensing as I continue. I reach up and spread her buttocks as the dildo slides in and out, licking her anus each time again. My cock is aching and balls feel like I have been kicked. I am so turned on by her excitement I want her to cum so hard it hurts. Her buttocks tighten and her whole body stiffens as work the dildo faster.

I hear her scream loud and crawl up on the bed away from me. She curls up on the bed with both her hands between her legs. Her eyes wide open as she stares at me. “My, ohhh that the most intense thing I have ever felt.” Candy says with a huge grin. I watch her body shiver a few times before she slowly straightens out on the bed. Several minutes pass before she slides to the edge of the bed and removes the dildo from my head.

“You should wash this thing off before we put it up. I LOVE this toy.” Candy says handing me the dildo.

Chastity Story Candy part 3

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Candy and I talked as mind slowed from the intense orgasm. She wanted me to help her load her belongings and bring them to my apartment. We sat on the sofa for nearly an hour talking. I reached over and wrapped my arm around her body pulling her against me. Her breast resting against me as I held her tightly.

My cock began to tingle as I held her close, her warm body sparking new life to mine. Her hand felt so good as she cupped my spent shaven balls, softly massaging them as my erection grew. I leaned back further as Candy slid her head down my chest. Her mouth soon covers the head of my swollen cock. She slowly slides her tight lips up and down the shaft for a few minutes before lifting.

I see a twinkle in her eyes as she looks over at me. She rolls her body over my lap and straddles my legs. The sight of her bare chest with the necklace and key hanging between her breasts made my blood pressure rise. I moaned as she guided my hard cock to her wet pussy, lowering onto it slowly. I slid out on the sofa, lifting her with my hips as I moved. I relaxed as she pressed her buttocks against my thighs.

I close my eyes as I feel her tight pussy gripping my hard cock. Candy sat and smiled at me feeling my penis twitch inside her. She placed her hands behind my head and pulled my mouth to her left breast. Her nipple grew stiffer in my mouth as my tongue ran around it. I feel her hips shift ever so slightly, placing more strain on my cock as it is buried deep inside her.

I continue to suck on her nipple, feeling her soft smooth skin on my face. She rocks her hips slowly toward my body then back, sliding across my hips and thighs. The feeling on my cock was very intense as her body moved. Inside her body I could feel her skin sliding across the head of my cock when she shifted her hips. Bending my penis with her body felt so good.

I reached around her and placed my hands on her buttocks. Candy continued to slowly flex her hips as my hands massaged her tightening buttocks. I moaned lightly each time her hips rocks on my cock. She pushed my head to her right breast and stopped moving her hips, sitting motionless as I suck and licked her nipple. Squeezing her ass, I pull her body closer to me.

Candy moaned as she held my head against her breast. She soon leaned back and lifted off my cock, the cool air rushing around my now wet shaft and balls. Holding my hands she pulled up so I was standing in front of her with my hard cock poking at her stomach. Our lips meet in an open mouth kiss and I feel her hand grip my shaft. Candy pulls me with her as she moves away from the couch and coffee table.

I look down to see her turn around facing the coffee table in front of me, her smooth tight buttocks rubbing the tip of my erect cock. My mind thinks many things as she wiggles her ass in my crotch. I close my eyes enjoying the feeling then feel her body shifting again. I look down to see her legs spread a little wider and she is leaning over to place her hands on the coffee table. I spread my legs and guide my cock to her spread pussy.

Feeling the hot pussy again is a feeling that is hard to describe. Her buttocks soon rest against my hips as I reach out to hold her body. Placing my hands on her outer hips I pull her body gently, holding my cock deeper inside her. I tighten my grip on her hips and slowly pull my cock out until just the head remains inside her. With one thrust I press my hips back against her ass.

I am soon pushing and pulling her body faster and faster, her moans and bouncing buttocks have her deeper in my thoughts. I feel my balls bouncing off her pubic mound with each thrust. I pull harder on her body which thrusts us together with a loud pop when our bodies meet. I keep up the pace for a few minutes when Candy begins rocking her hips.

I feel her muscles tighten and release around my cock as I push it deep inside her. I let out a soft moan as feel her tighten on my shaft more often. I feel my orgasm rapidly approaching. I shift my body a little and begin pulling her as I slam my body harder into hers. Candy moans louder and lowers her head to the coffee table. My head is spinning in pleasure as I move in and out. I jerk quickly when I feel her hand cupping my hanging balls.

I could hold back no longer. I feel my semen shoot up my cock as I pulled and held her body to mine, sending semen deep inside her. Again I pulled back and pulled her tight as the second shot erupts deep inside her. Candy pulls at my balls each time shoot. The feeling I have is so intense I never want to move. My orgasm soon ends and I feel the urge to fuck her faster.

I push, pull and slam faster against her upturned ass for another few minutes before she pulls away and lowers to the floor on her knees. I kneel down behind her and kiss up her back until I reach her neck. Moving her long brown aside I kiss the back of neck softly. Several minutes pass before Candy suggests we take shower. I help her to stand and give her short soft kiss and we head to the bathroom.

In the shower Candy sees my razor and hands it to me, “Shave your pubes and balls, I want to watch.” She says with a smile. I soap up my groin and hold my cock as I glide the razor across my skin. My pubes and balls are soon smooth as the day I was born. Candy smiles as she feels the newly shaven skin, “I love it.” She says. “No man has ever done that for me.” She goes on to say.

I couldn’t help but watch as she dried off, her tight buttocks, swaying breasts and smooth skin. She wraps the towel around her head and turns to me, “Let’s go back out in the living room.” She as she takes my hand. Guiding me to the sofa where she sits and turns me in front of her. ‘Wow another blow job’ I think to myself before I see her reach for the metal ring.

Holding my cock and balls she places the cool metal ring around the bottom of my cock and balls, closing it around them. Candy smiles up at me as she reaches for the small metal pin. Sliding the pin through the holes in each end of the ring, now lined up together. The pin now holding the ring closed and in place. Candy’s nipples are hard as presses the cage against the head of my spent cock.

I feel the cold metal sliding down my cock once again as she turns the cage, pushing onto my soft penis. The metal pin soon peeks through the hole in the cage. With her forefinger and thumb she holds the cage against the ring as she reaches for the lock. I hear the ‘click’ as Candy snaps the lock closed. Looking down at her I see her lean forward as she hold my caged cock and balls, kissing the tip of my cock through the openings in the cage.

The key still hanging from her necklace as she looks up me, the look on her face is priceless. She looks so happy, so pleased, I feel so much closer to her now. “Let’s go get some of my things.” Candy says as she hopes up from the sofa. She has so much energy and drive, I love it. We dress and head over to her house.

“This is my mother’s house I am staying with her until I find a place.” Candy says as we pack her stuff. We made two trips to get it all before she started unpacking in my bedroom. I watched as she twisted, bent, and walked around. I wonder how I could be so lucky to get a woman like her. Every time she bent over the necklace and key would hang down in front of her face. I moan as my penis bulges at the small cage.

I was getting late and I was tired, “You ready to go to bed?” I ask her as we sit on the sofa. “Sure let me change and I will be right there.” Candy says as she goes into the bathroom. I slip off my jeans and shirt before lying on the bed in my boxers. My eyes widen as Candy emerges from the bathroom, her black nightie hanging loosely on her body. Her thin panties exposed as she walks toward the bed. “You like this outfit Jim?” Candy asks.

I roll over on my side and lift onto one elbow admiring her awesome body and outfit. “You look so lovely, I could eat you mmmm” I say staring at her. “Oh that sounds good.” She says slipping her panties off. ‘I didn’t mean literally’ I think to myself, but I am not one to argue. Candy pushes me back on the bed as she straddles my chest. Inching her way up my body until her hot pussy is just over my watering mouth.

Her loose nightie covers my face as she lowers her body to my mouth. Candy rubs her wetness on my face as I lick and sucker pussy lips and clit. Her fluids begin running down my face when she presses her body tightly against my face, moving her hips faster and faster. I hold her buttocks as I try to keep up with her movement. Again I feel short squirts come from her pussy as she grunts, thrusting harder on my face.

Candy soon slows and rocks her hips more slowly as her orgasm subsides. The scent of her body and her movement bring back memories of earlier today. She soon rolls over and slides down on the bed, one hand covering her wetness. “That felt so good Jim.” Candy says before kissing me. “Sweet dreams.” Candy says as she pulls the cover over her half naked body.

I am awakened again by the cage strangling my cock as it attempts to erect. Moaning softly as I feel Candy pushing back against my body, the cage resting between her thighs. I lay motionless, taking in the sensation of her hot ass against my hips and thighs. My arm over her body and my hand rests between her breasts. She seems to be holding me there as our arms cross each other. My cock pulsating as it tries to erect, her ass feels so good.

I pull my arm from across her lay over on my back, cupping my caged cock. Candy turns over as my movement wakes her. “Everything ok Jim?” She asks half asleep. “Yes, it’s just the cage.” I say looking over at her. “Oh does it hurt?” She asks laying her head on my chest and reaching for the cage. “No, no it doesn’t hurt. It’s just that, well I can’t get erect and it is frustrating I guess.” I say before kissing the top of her head. I feel her hand slide down my body, pushing my hand aside.

Candy cups my caged cock and balls, massaging them softly. “Does this help any?” Candy asks as she lifts her head. Her mouth sliding around my chest until her lips find my nipple. My mind goes blank and deep into a state of total pleasure as I feel her nibbling at my nipple. “You’re driving me crazy I think.” I say as she continues. “Want me to stop?” Candy lifts her head and asks.

“No, I am not saying that at all. I am so happy to have you here, do whatever you want.” I say and feel her give my balls a quick squeeze. Next I feel her shifting around the bed. She then straddles my body. Before I know it we are in a sixty-nine her hot ass and pussy resting against my face. Knowing what she desires I begin licking her, running the tip of my tongue around her anus a few times. Her body flexes as I lick around anus, her moans loud, it feels like she wants to lift or press down harder I couldn’t tell.

I feel her holding and tugging at my caged cock. Her pussy covers my mouth and nose. Candy presses her hot wet pussy harder on my face. She moves faster as lick her wetness. It didn’t take long for her lift up and hold her ass tighter down on my face as she knelt over me. Her pussy getting wetter, her juices flowing faster and her moans louder. Candy is soon spreads her knees wider, forcing her pussy and ass against my face.

I lick faster and harder, and then it hit me. I had forgotten about my straining cock, totally devoting my thoughts to her body and pleasure. She seemed to enjoy this position as she stayed there a lot longer than the night before. Candy had three orgasms before lifting off my body and lying beside me. “Whew, I feel better, thank you Jim.” Candy said before covering back up and turning on her side.

I laid there awake for some time as my penis pulsated in the cage. My face covered with her sweet juices. Every breath I take I can smell her scent. I reach down and cup my trapped cock, feeling the wetness on the metal bars. My balls ache from the excitement and lack of release. I cannot think of anything but Candy, she is quickly becoming every thought I have.

Chastity story Candy part 2

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It is early morning Friday again and I decide to send Candy a quick email to see if she would like to play again. Maybe this time we have some real sex. We talked at lunch several times during the week so I think she come over. I rub my half erect cock as I hit the send button.

It was around lunch when she replied. I held my crotch as I opened her email. Wow she really wants to meet, I think to myself reading it. She tells me to shave my pubes and remain naked until she arrives. She writes out what she would like available for toys. My mind really races when she says she has a surprise gift for me.

The rest of the work day took forever, thinking about Candy and her hot body. I arrived home and recalled her email and me shaving. I ran a bath as I used my hair trimmer to remove the long pubes. Sitting in the hot water I rubbed my nearly smooth pubes, the sensation was greatly increased. After some struggling I managed to shave all around my balls and above my penis.

I woke up Saturday morning with a hardon I had to stroke. Thinking of Candy as I stroked, stopping as I recalled her telling me I was not to masturbate. I made some coffee in my robe, laying out the toys I had bought, and watched the news, looking at the clock often wishing nine AM would hurry and arrive.

The clock read eight fifty when I took the robe off and buckled the leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles as she directed. Standing by the door I waited. Stroking my cock now and then, keeping it erect as I waited. I hear people walk by the door and peek out, seeing it was not her. I stand leaning against the stroking my cock slowly as I wait.

I hear a light knock at the door a peek out the peep hole. I smiled and rubbed my cock as I saw Candy outside my door. I opened the door and peeked around the edge inviting her in. She looks back as I close the door with a smile on her face. She placed a small box on the end table and pats it, ‘This is your gift, but we will save it for later.” Candy says sitting on the sofa.

“Come over here let me see how well you did.” She said curling her finger at me. Standing in front of her as she holds my hard cock and shifts it about, running her fingers all over my newly shaven skin. My balls tingle as she rubs her warm fingers across the smooth skin. “Well done Jim. Let’s have some fun. Lay down on the table like last time so we can get started.

Candy attaches the leather cuff rings to the eyebolts I had put in the table. Restrained much like I was last weekend. Candy smiles and runs her finger up and down my cock, “Did you cum this week Jim?” Candy asks as she watches my cock twitch under her finger. “No Ma’am, I did just as you told me. Made it hard and close several times a day, but no orgasm.” I replied with a smile.

Candy crossed her legs and continued rubbing the underside of my cock for a long time. I a pool of my pre cum under my cock from her slow teasing. “I need a drink Jim, have anything good?” she says standing up. “There is soda or sweet tea in the fridge.” I tell her. Candy opens her purse and pulls out a blindfold. I am soon laying there in the dark, hearing her walk about my apartment.

It seems an hour has passed before I hear her sit back down, my cock has gone limp and lies softly over my large balls. I hear her opening the cardboard box she had brought. “Time for your gift Jim.” Candy says with a cheerful voice. I feel her wrap a cold metal bar or ring around the base of my cock and balls. ‘She likes cock rings’ I think to myself.

I then feel a cold ring or bar on the head of my cock, the coldness slides down the full length of my soft cock. I feel Candy moving it around then bright light floods my eyes as she removes the blindfold. As I try to adjust my eyes I feel her unhooking my restraints. “There you are mine now.” I hear her say with a giggle.

I sit up and look down the see my soft cock in a metal cage, the cage is a little shorter than my fully soft cock. “It is a chastity cage, for which I have the only key. This will ensure you are true to me. If you want it off now I can take it off and leave, never to see you again. Keep it on and you will have the ride and relationship of your life.” She says stepping in front of me.

My eyes widen as she is completely nude, her pert breasts right before my eyes. My eyes drift down to her smooth pubic mound and her shapely thighs. I hold the metal cage as my cock starts to erect, it’s swelling quickly cut off by the metal around it growing tighter and tighter. Candy sits on the edge of the sofa and leans back, her knees spread wide apart.

“If you choose to stay with me, crawl over here and lick my temple until I want you to stop. If you want me to leave then say so.” She as she rubbed the sides of her breasts, looking me straight in the eyes. Looking at her naked body, I couldn’t resist. I knelt down and crawled between her spread thighs. My tongue licking up her outer pussy lips, sending chills down my spine as she moans.