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Searching the many sites on the internet I found several pretty cool places to chat and meet many people. Looking through the emails or messages I received on one of the sites, one catches my eye. It was from a woman who lives near me that wants to meet. I look at her profile and she likes many of things I do.

My message to her tells her my name and if she is serious I will be at the fountain in the city park on Saturday morning at nine. I go on to tell her what I would be wearing and where I was going to be sitting. I read the message over two or three times, trying not to be too forward. I pressed the send button, wondering if or when I would get a reply. I looked around the site before heading off to bed.

All day the next day I thought about checking to see if there was a reply, but didn’t want to use the company internet for that. After arriving home that Friday afternoon I checked my messages on the site, but none from her. I answered a few other messages and drank a beer before heading to bed. Saturday morning I woke up and showered, shaving and trimming my hair up nice.

Locking the door as I left my apartment I walked the three blocks to the park. I sat down at five minutes till nine and read some text messages on my phone. I was reading a fairly long message when I hear, “Hi Jim, may I sit with you?” I look up to her blue eyes looking down at me with a twinkle from the bright sunlight. Her tight top left little to my imagination as I slid over on the bench.

I watched as she held her short skirt while she sat, pulling at the hem as she crossed her legs. “You are a bigger man than your picture shows. I mean taller and more muscular.” She says with a smile. “My name is Candy by the way.” She went on to say. She held out her hand and I shook it, telling her it is very nice to meet her as well.

We made small talk about family and friends, work, and foods. Seems like no time had passed when I looked at my watch, it was eleven fifteen. I turned to Candy and asked, “Would you like to go get some lunch with me?” She quickly agreed as we set out for the cafe. We sat in a booth, side by side and ate lunch. Her perfume smelled intoxicating.

Walking out of the cafe, I held my hand on her back as I held the door open for her. “Would you care to come to my place, it may be a little cooler there?” I ask her in a shy voice. “Sure that would be great.” She said as she flipped her long brown hair back over her shoulder. We walked a block or two before I reached out to take her hand. Her skin was so soft and warm as I felt my cock stiffening.

As I unlocked the door to my apartment I remembered leaving my magazines lying on the coffee table. I held the door as Candy walked passed me, and then hurried to get to the magazines. Just as I leaned over to pick them up she spoke, “I have that magazine too, there is some interesting things in there.” I stood up with them she pulled the magazine off the stack in my hands.

I watched as she thumbed through the magazine and opened to a page with several pictures of man bound on his back, legs spread wide. His cock was so hard the veins were clearly visible up and down its length. Candy turned the magazine so I could see it clearly as she tells me “This is what I would love to do. Doesn’t that look like fun, he looks so excited too.” My cock pulsed in my pants as she spoke, drawing my mind deeper and deeper into FemDom thoughts.

“Yes that does look like a lot of fun, but I don’t have a bench like that.” I said as I pointed to the leather bench the man is laying on in the picture. “Oh we could use anything” She said looking around the room. “Like this coffee table, it is perfect.” She said pointing to my solid oak five foot coffee table that has been in the family for years. “I can see it now, you laying there all exposed and wide open.” Candy says with a smile.

My defenses are getting weaker as my desire to strip and lay on the table grows. Candy thumbs through the magazine then places it back on the stack. “Do you have any rope?” She asks holding her hands together. I clear my throat before I reply, “Yes out in my storage closet, out back there.” I point to the back door as her blue eyes now have a piercing look.

“Let’s go see what you have.” She says walking toward the back door. I unlock it and we step out onto the back deck where the storage door is. I unlock the door and open it. “Oh my, all kinds of fun things in here.” Candy says as she steps passed into the storage room. She soon holds up some rope, an unopened package of clothespins and the small leather crop I had bought. “I say we have some fun right now, how about you?” She asks as she is bent over looking through another box.

I missed what she said as my eyes looked at her bare thighs and nearly exposed ass. I see her look back and smile before standing and turning to me. “I bet you’re more than ready, come on.” Candy says pushing me back into the house. “Take off them clothes, let’s have some fun.” she says untangling the soft rope. I couldn’t hold back and start stripping right there. I watch as she slides the heavy table out into the center of the room, running the rope under at each end, wrapping the ropes around the legs beneath the bottom supports.

I stand there naked with my hands covering my rock hard cock. “No need to be shy, I have seen a naked man before. Lay down here let’s see how we need to do this. I sit at the end of the table and start to lay back, “Wait” She says. “Slide back a little more first.” She says as I spread my knees wider as they pass the end of the table. “That should do it, just lay back and enjoy.” Candy says with a smile holding the end of one of the ropes.

Candy ties me to the table with such ease, like she has done this her whole life. My wrists are soon tied to my ankles on either side of the table with the end wrapped around the legs holding my bound wrists and ankles in place. The table holding my knees spread wide as she peers down at me. I lay there and watch as she strips down to just her panties. My cock so hard it is aching as I watch her bare breasts sway.

Candy slides the foot stool beside me and sits facing me, running her soft hands up and my helpless body. The smile never leaves her face as she explores my body. “That’s a nice ring, how long have you had the prince albert?” She asks. “I had that done eight or nine years ago, last year I replaced the ten gauge ring had with this eight gauge one. You can take it out if you like.” I say as her finger flips the ring from side to side, my cock twitching each time.

My mind nearly explodes as I feel her fingers wrap around my cock and slowly move up and down my seven inch cock. “Very nice cock Jim.” Candy says as she licks her lips. “When was the last time you had sex with a woman?” She asks. Unprepared for that question, I had to think. “It was, well, five weeks ago, why do you ask?” I ask her. “Just curious to see how horny you are, and quite horny I see and feel.” Her hand gripping my cock a little tighter.

Candy continues to stroke my cock slowly as we talk, her nipples getting very erect as I watch them sway in front of me. I moan as she reaches with her other hand and rubs the tip of my cock, spreading my oozing pre cum. She strokes my cock more rapidly for a few seconds then quickly releases it, watching as my cock twitches in midair. “Ahh that wasn’t nice.” I say with a smile as I strain at the ropes.

“That’s just the beginning.” Candy says as she stands rubbing the crotch of her panties before slipping them off. I could only watch as she slipped her panties over my head and adjusted the crotch so it right over my nose. I couldn’t see through them looking downward, but I could see through the leg holes if I looked upward over my head. My body suddenly tenses as I try to scream from the impact of her hand on my balls.

I hear her giggle as she massages my now aching balls. My balls fall to the bottom of the sack between my spread thighs when she releases them. Again my balls are racked with a solid slap. Candy giggles again as she rubs her hand across my inner thigh. I feel the rope wrapping around the base of my cock and balls with short tugs as she tightens each wrap. After five or six wraps the rope begins wrapping around my ball sack as she pulls my balls.

Candy wrapped the rope around my ball sack about nine or ten times before I feel the tugging on the rope a few times. “There nice and snug.” She says. I feel her soft hand and fingers on my cock again, it feels about half erect as her hand strokes from the base to the tip.

Her finger flipping the ring each time she comes to the tip. Her hands pushes down on the wrapped rope with each down stroke. I soon feel my cock harder than ever, like it is going to explode. Candy stops, pausing with her hand at the base of my cock, gripping the ropes that wrap my cock and balls. I moan loudly and pull at the ropes once again as the tip of the crop lands on my cock shaft.

Before I can recover the crop lashes down on my helpless cock again, then again. The scent of her pussy on the panties and her soft hand have me so horny the crop doesn’t feel too bad. She strokes my cock a few times before using the crop some more. I moan and strain at the bonds as she crops my cock, my struggling fueling her desire. The crop stops and I hear her stand from the stool and move around.

Her panties are slid back some on my face, they now cover my eyes completely. My mind goes crazy again as I feel her straddling my head. I feel my cock twitching as I smell her scent. Then a total heavenly feeling crosses over and through my body as I feel her pussy lips meet my nose and lips. My body helpless as her pussy covers my mouth. A dream I have had so many times, a pleasurable feeling I cannot describe.

My tongue slides between her hot lips, tasting her juices send chills through my body. Trying to lift my arms, wanting to hold her ass, keep her there forever. My tongue soon finds her hard clit and circles it a few times before sucking it gently. I lick her soft hot pussy for a few minutes before she begin rocking her hips. Her wet skin sliding across my chin lips and nose.

Feeling her warm thighs and buttocks touching my face sends my mind into a feeling total freedom and feeling a pleasure that is so difficult to explain. Breathing through my nose, the scent of her body driving me crazy with lust and desire. It is moments like this that make me want to stay here forever, licking, teasing and pleasing that which most men desire most.

I moan as my cock swells and aches more than I have ever felt it ache. Her juices flowing down my chin as she rocks her hips faster. I hear her moan and feel her thighs tighten on the sides of my head. Her body soon twitches and jerks, I can feel her pussy trying the grip my tongue. Her body presses down harder on my face as her movements are jerky like she is fucking my tongue. I feel her body slow and her fingers near my nose as she rubs her clit, my tongue buried deep in her pussy.

She lifts off my face and I feel the rush of cool air on my wet face. Again she grips my bound cock and balls, tugging at the rope a little. “Ready?” I hear Candy says. Before I can say anything she pulls on the free end of the rope. My aching balls swirl around the rope until they are fully unwrapped. My legs straining harder to pull together as I hear her giggle. She unwraps the base of my cock and sits on the stool again.

Candy slowly strokes my cock, leaning over now and the table to rub her nipple with the tip of my cock. My balls aching so badly, I feel the urge to cum coming on quickly. “Ahhh!!” Candy blurts out as she releases my cock. “Not yet, we have a ways to go.” She says with a giggle. Her hand gripping my aching balls as my cock twitches. She gives my balls short squeezes, not painful, but not pleasant either.

I feel the urge to orgasm slow drain from my body as she plays with my exposed balls. I moan loudly as she grips my cock and stroke hard and fast. The stroking stops as quick as it started. I then feel the tip of her finger sliding up and down the underside of my cock. Wiggling gently at the base of my prince albert ring. My cock twitches and pulsates under her finger, I feel pre cum ooze from the tip.

With on finger and her thumb she strokes up and down the sides of my cock very slowly. My body again tenses as she gives my cock several fast strokes with a tight grip. Moaning as she returns to slowly teasing the sides of my cock. My hips raise and lower as she strokes so slowly, but my knees spread so wide restrain my movement. I feel like there is pure energy running through my veins, wanting to cum so badly.

Candy alternates between several fast strokes and a couple minutes of slow teasing strokes for a long time. I feel pre cum pooling on my stomach as she continues. Then I feel my orgasm approaching as she slowly rubs the sides of my cock, I can hold back no longer. I feel the semen start deep in my body as it races outward. My cock pulses, my body stiffens, I moan louder as she lifts her hand from my cock as the first shot of semen explodes from the head of my cock.

I feel her hand rubbing my inner thigh as I moan and thrust my hips, my cock now oozing semen as the stimulation no longer excites it. My cock pulsates and semen oozes for about fifteen seconds. I feel my cock now resting on my stomach, semen oozing a little from the tip. Candy grips my now spent cock and holds it up. I moan and struggle in my bonds as I feel her lips sliding up and down the shaft of my cock. Her hand gripping the shaft following her lips as lifts and lowers her head.

I pull harder on the ropes trying to break free as the sensation drives me crazy. Her lips and one hand on my cock her other hand between my legs rubbing her fingertip over my anus. She continues for what seems like an hour in my mind before stopping. My body goes limp on the table as she slips her panties from my head. I then feel the ropes begin removed and look up to see her fully dressed.

I get up off the table and stretch. “Oh my God that was so awesome.” I exclaim. My joints cracking as move about. “Good, I am glad you enjoyed it too. We will have to do it more often.” I hear Candy say as she approached me. Her top buttons undone on her blouse exposing her cleavage. She holds the sides of my face as she presses her lips to mine. I wrap my arms around her and hold her tight; another wonderful feeling consumes my body.

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