Dan Savage: chastity belt

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sep 012013

Ok het is het in het engels maar de beroemde Dan Savage zijn colomn over chastity is meer dan de moeite waard om te lezen.

“I’m not a medical doctor,” Metal said, “so I can’t speak with authority on potential long-term physical effects. But I can tell you that many, many men use chastity to enhance their sex lives. There are whole websites devoted to just that one aspect of BDSM play, and some of the most popular entries on my site are about chastity.”

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Review Bon4 Chastity device

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apr 012013

The new Bon4 chastity is available for a while so time for a review.

The chastity device came in a very nice pouch (bag see picture). The content was a large and a small cage, different size rings, two padlocks , some plastic locks enough spare parts so you can use your device for a long time. I told Mistress the device has arrived but the only thing she said was good put it away. I was actually hoping we would play with it but Mistress has different ideas.
After a week I didn’t think about the device anymore. Mistress send me a text message while I was at work. I want you in chastity put the cage on as soon as you are home and send me a picture when it is done. While I was reading the message and could feel myself getting hard just thinking about it.
As soon as I arrived home I took the cage out of the pouch, choose the largest cage and ring and prepared to be locked up. There is a clear manual in 4 languages enclosed so I was prepared. The key is lots of lube, first one ball then the other and finally the penis slipped through the ring. Now the cage, it was a bit of a struggle but after 5 minutes the cage was on and locked. I made a picture and sent it to my Mistress. The reply was simple, good boy you will be locked for 7 days. 7 days for the very first time, it sounds like indefinably for me. I could only reply yes Ma’am.
The cage felt fine, a bit strange not be able to touch myself but it doesn’t hurt. I watched one of my favourite shows on the television and was soon forgotten that I was locked up. Until I needed to pee, I sad down and it was really strange to pee like that. With a bit of paper I dried the cage and that was that.
Time for bed, I could sleep like normal until 4am I woke up in pain, my cock trying to get hard in the cage. There wasn’t really anything I could do, I waited until it was over and I could try to sleep again. The next morning I showered and put the water directly on the cage to try to clean it. First day locked up at work. It is really strange you constantly think that everybody can see that you are waring a cb. But nobody made a comment so it must have been just fine. Peeing is bad we only have a few stalls at the office and I they seem to be always occupied. Mistress ignored me the first days, that was really difficult for me. I was doing this for her and she didn’t even talk with me. I was horny, frustrated and in pain at night. Finally the fourth day, Mistress gave me her full attention, she teased me like she never did before. I was so horny, my cock tried to escape but could not go anywhere. At the end of the teasing session Mistress said I like you locked up, 7 days is not enough. Use a plastic lock so I know for sure you are mine and you will be unlocked when I say.
In the next few days I went through different emotions but at the end I felt so submissive and loved by my Mistress. After 13 days Mistress released me, my cock looked red and was sore. It smelled really bad and Mistress ordered me in bath before she would touch it. The orgasm she allowed me to have after all that time was so intense I would almost say worth the trouble.

After almost two weeks wearing the bon4. I can only say it is a good device to wear for a long period. During the day it is really comfortable to wear. It is soft so if somebody touches it be accident they are not alarmed by what they feel. The night are pure hell, getting hard is so painful so be prepared to loose some sleep over it.
I think when I am completely soft it is possible to remove it without opening. But I don’t think there is way to put it back on, so I didn’t try to get out. Mistress would lock me up for months if I tried. Long term wear is possible but a good cleaning every 2 weeks is needed. So at the end I like the device, it felt connected to my Mistress like never before. I am now not wearing it and I must confess that the idea of being locked up again for my Mistress is very excited.

Make sure you buy them directly from the manufacturer there are many cheap knockoffs but they don’t have the same quality: Bon4

bon4 chastity bon4 chastity

Chastity Story: Candy part 18

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mrt 302013

Read the previous parts here

Candy slips on her short robe and ties the string in the front. Her small satin robe is very low cut and barely covers her tight round buttocks. I watch as she walks away her long smooth legs are definitely an attention getter. I slip on a t-shirt and a pair of loose shorts before heading out to the kitchen. I can feel the leather strap still tightly wrapped around my balls as it forces them outward. I can feel the cage more with my balls stretched out as I walk.

I stand at the stove preparing us a nice meal as I look over at Candy sitting at the table. Her robe rides high on her hip. My cock tries to erect seeing her half naked body. After preparing Candy a nice meal as I watched her sit there we both sit down to eat. We were about half way through the meal when the phone rings. Candy hops up and walks to the living room, of course I had to watch her shaking buttocks and smooth legs.

“Hello.” I hear Candy say before long pause. “Sure that sounds like fun. Jim and I will be there soon. OK bye!” I hear her say before hanging up the phone. “Guess what Jim?” Candy says walking back into the kitchen with a huge smile on her face. “What’s that honey?” I say reaching for my glass. “That was Mary on the phone. She said Sharon and another friend are at her place for a lingerie party. They would like for me to come over but I told them you would have to come too or I couldn’t make it.” She says giving me a kiss on the forehead.

“I am not sure I want to go to a lingerie party Candy.” I say rather quickly. “Oh come on Jim, it will be a lot of fun. Besides we will be modeling the lingerie I am sure you would like that. I really want to go.” She says with a smile as her hand rubs my back. I broke down and agreed to go with her. We finished eating and I cleaned up a little as Candy headed for the shower. The shower went off as I entered the bedroom. “What are you going to wear honey?” I asked.

“I was thinking just a pair of sweats and a t-shirt since we will be changing a lot.” Candy says from the bathroom. “OK I will wear my slacks and a polo shirt then.” I say opening the dresser drawer. “No you can wear seats and a t-shirt like me.” She says walking out the bathroom with just the towel around her head. “Oh and tonight you are not allowed to wear any underwear. Go commando.” She says with a smile as I watch her bouncing breasts. “I suppose I have to wear the cuffs too?” I ask with a grin.

“No you can take those off silly.” She replies as she pulls her bikini panties up over her buttocks. My cock begins to strain at the cage seeing her tightly covered ass. I unbuckle the cuffs and slip on my sweats and a t-shirt. I sit on the bed to pull on my socks as I watch Candy dry her hair. Her bare breasts sway in the mirror as she moves the drier from side to side. “Can I take off this leather thing?” I ask as I cup my aching balls and straining caged cock. “I like that little thing, I am glad Mary had me try it. It would be exciting to me if you wear it.” Candy says looking back as she turns off the drier.

She slips on her sweat pants and a t-shirt. I am a little shocked she didn’t put on a bra but didn’t complain as I see her nipples poking at the thin material. “OK I am ready!” She says turning around in front of me. Her panty lines are clearly visible with the sweat pants tightly covering her ass. I stand up and look down to see a bulge in the front of my sweats. “I can’t walk around in public like this honey.” I say looking down. “We’re not going out in public, just over to Mary’s house. Come on let’s go.” She says grabbing her purse.

I walk slowly out of the apartment and down to the car as the leather strap makes my balls bounce from side to side. I lift my caged cock and tethered balls as I sit in the car. We make the drive to Mary’s house and see four cars parked in front of her house. Candy is excited as we make our way to the door. “This is going to be fun.” She says holding my arm tight. I ring the doorbell and wait for the door to open. “OH hi Candy, come on in. Hi to you as well Jim I hope you enjoy the show.” Mary says with grin as she holds the door wearing a sheer nightie.

The door closes and I see several ladies I have never met. I look around to see six ladies in all but no men well except me. They all seem to be so involved looking through a catalog and holding up sheer nighties, panties, bras and dresses. The room smells of perfume as the soft music plays in the background. Mary introduces Candy and me to all the guests. Several of the women smile as they look at my bulging sweats.

“Here Candy you can try this one on I think you would look sexy in this one.” Sharon says handing Candy a bright pink sheer lace dress. Candy takes it and holds it out looking it over. “This looks nice.” She says placing it on the end table. I stand and watch as Candy Strips off her t-shirt and sweats. My cock tries to stiffen again as I watch her bouncing breasts sway as she slips the sheer dress over her head. Her tight white panties show right through the sheer dress. “Those panties do not go with that dress.” Mary says with a laugh.

Candy looks down before lifting the hem of the dress and sliding her panties down her long legs. “I like that!!” One of ladies exclaims. Candy reaches out to me with her panties in her hand and says. “Here hold these please Jim.” Candy then walks across the room in the short dress her buttock bounce visibly under the transparent material. She pauses at the mirror to look at herself turning side to side. “Yes it is very nice indeed.” Candy says looking at me with a smile.

“Do you like it Jim?” Candy asks as she looks down at the bulge in my sweats. “Yes it looks very good.” I say trying not to think of sex now. “Am I sexy?” Candy asks turning around with her hands on her hips. “Yes honey you are always sexy.” I quickly say watching her smooth legs and tight buttocks as my cock strains against the cage. “Jim would look nice in these Candy!” Mary says holding up a pair of lacey shorts that look to go about mid-thigh like biker shorts. Candy walks over to Mary taking the shorts to hold them up against my body.

“I think you may be right Mary. Be a dear and try these on Jim give the other ladies an idea how their man would look in them.” Candy says handing them to me. I turn to head into the bedroom to change when Sharon speaks out. “You can change here we have all seen a naked man before.” My face feels warm as I stop and look at Candy. “Well she is right Jim.” Candy says with a grin. I reach to slip down my sweat when Mary says. “Take off the shirt first Jim.” I slip my shirt up over my head and lay it down on the end table.

“Love the hairy chest.” One of the other ladies blurts out with a clap of her hands as she scoots closer to the edge of her seat. I turn facing away from them and lower my sweat pants. “Nice ass.” I hear one of them say just as Candy slaps my bare ass. I step out of the sweat pants and bend down to pick them up. “Hey look at that, what does have on his um well his balls?” I hear one of them ask which makes my face feel even warmer. “They are going to see sooner or later Jim.” Candy says pulling on my arm.

I turn around to a few eyes widen as they the metal cage with the pink heart shaped lock on top of it. “Oh my, what is that?” I hear one of them ask as my mind is hundreds of miles away. I feel the cage move as Candy speaks. “This is a male chastity cage. No more playing with himself or having sex with this key.” She holds out the key until the necklace is tight turning the key from side to side. “I see you like my new toy too.” Mary says with a huge grin on her face. Candy grips the leather band with her thumb and forefinger to lift my aching balls. “Yes I kind of like it too thank you Mary.” Candy says.

“You mean he wears that all the time? Is it safe?” “I was wondering that too.” A couple of the ladies say. “OH yes it is perfectly safe isn’t it Jim?” Candy says rubbing her other hand on my ass. “Yes honey it is safe.” The only thing I could say. I endure the same questions I have heard before as I stand there naked in front of six other women and Candy. “OK enough of that put them on let me Jim.” Candy says as she releases my aching balls. I hear a few giggles as I step into the sheer shorts sliding them up my hairy legs.

I pull them up to my waist and stretch them around my big hips. The sheer material stretches and clings to my skin. The tight material holds my trapped balls nearly straight out after pulling up the shorts. I reach down to adjust my balls in the shorts. Just as I slip my finger under the elastic band Candy stops me. “That looks fine Jim leave it alone.” Mary walks over to stand by Candy to lean down and look. Without warning I feel her hand rubbing across the sheer material over my balls.

Candy pulls her hand back and says. “Ok let’s leave Jim alone he has a rough day already. Jim, go into the kitchen and get me a drink please.” I walk off toward the kitchen and hear one of them say. “Look at that wiggle.” Then I hear a soft whistle. I stand in the kitchen hoping this feeling of utter shame goes away as I pour Candy some rum in a small glass. I add some ice and coke before returning to the living room. “Thank you Jim.” Candy says before giving me a kiss on the lips.

“I need a refill too.” Mary says holding out her glass. I look over at Candy waiting for some direction. “You can get us drinks while try on the garments Jim, that way you have something to do.” Candy says. I take Mary’s glass and head for the kitchen. I return with her drink handing it to her as I watch Candy try on a open cup bra. I feel my cock straining harder in the cage and flinch when Mary rubs my balls while Candy isn’t looking.

I step away from Mary as I watch Candy feeling pre cum ooze from the tip of my cock. “Waiter, can I get a refill please? The last one was a little weak so make it a double.” The woman says. I walk over to take her glass I see the other women looking at me. I return with her drink and another glass is held out to me. I spend the next two hours walking back and forth, one glass at a time. My cock strains very hard in the cage as I watch all the women try on different outfits. I spend nearly $300.00 on outfits for Candy.

Candy has me buy the shorts I am wearing too. We both slip our sweats and shirts back on before heading home. On the drive home Candy reaches over and rubs my aching balls. “I hope you had fun tonight Jim I had a blast.” She says. “I think I drank too much though my head is spinning.” Candy goes on to say. After locking the front door to the apartment we head to the bedroom. Candy strips naked and heads to the bathroom.

I slip off my shoes, socks and t-shirt. I lower the sweat pants and step out of them as Candy returns from the bathroom. I reach back up to remove the sheer shorts. “No leave those on, I like them.” Candy as she pulls back the covers on the bed. We both lay in bed a few minutes before I turn out the light. I lay there thinking about the evening when I feel Candy turn and move closer to me. “Night Jim.” Candy says turning her head to kiss me.

I lean over on my side and place my arm over her body in front of her for balance as we kiss. Candy holds my arm in places as she turns her head back. She pulls my arm which forces my body to rest against her back. Her hips shift pushing her ass back against my caged cock and trapped balls. “Sweet dreams Jim.” She says holding my arm as she shifts her shoulders back against my chest.

Chastity POV BONUS with Nicki Hunter!

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jan 312013

Available now at Divine Bitches: Chastity POV BONUS with Nicki Hunter!

Nicki Hunter speaks directly to you! She’s going to lock your little pin dick into an evil metal chastity belt and swallow the key! Maybe if you’re a good boy she’ll let you dig for it! Sit back and imagine what it would be like if this goddess owned your cock.

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Kuisheidstraining met Dreamlover chronovault

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mei 092012

De mensen van dreamlover labs hebben de ultieme tijdskluis op de markt gebracht.
Geschikt om zowel met je keyholdster of als je zelf niet staat bent om kuis te blijven je hierbij te helpen.
Je sluit de kluis aan op het internet waarna de software bepaald of en wanneer deze open kan. Maar houd ook bij of er iets in zit en of iemand geprobeerd heeft deze zonder toestemming te openen.
Je kan de rechten geven aan je Meesteres waarna deze op afstand de kluis kan openen. Ideaal dus als je keyholdster niet bij je om de hoek woont.

De vault is ook volledig programmeerbaar, waardoor je allerlei leuke scenario´s voor jezelf kan verzinnen. Zou is het mogelijk om bijvoorbeeld de kluis pas open te laten gaan als het weerbericht 20 graden of meer voorspeld. De mogelijkheden zijn eindeloos.
Meer info op: Dream Lovers Lab

 Chastity belt

Tip: Als je geen keyholdster hebt maar toch eens een heel geil spel wilt spelen. Sluit dan jezelf in je chastity belt op. Laat de sleutels in je kluisje of als je deze niet hebt gewoon op vrijdag op je werk achterlaten. Bestel op voorhand een gedragen string van StringBabe. Als je eenmaal veilig in je kooitje zit en de sleutels niet meer hebt open dan de verpakking en laat de zoete vrouwelijke geur van StringBabe tot je komen. Garantie dat je helemaal gek word van verlangen en dat je maandag als eerste op je werk bent.

Chastity Story: Candy part 17

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mrt 302012

We sit there on the sofa as the thought of ‘TWO WEEKS’ keeps going through my mind. Candy inches closer to me and rubs her hand across my chest. “It will be fun Jim I will make sure of that don’t you worry.” She says as she holds my caged cock through my pants. “Let’s go in the bedroom and have some fun!” Candy says as she stands up in front of me her bare ass shaking. She takes my hand and pulls me up.

“I have to go to the bathroom. You can put on the cuffs I feel frisky tonight.” She says before walking off toward the bathroom. I can’t resist watching her bare buttocks shake as she walks. I strip off my clothes and begin buckling the ankle cuffs on when Candy returns from the bathroom. I place my foot back on the floor after buckling the second one on I feel her press her body to my back. I feel Candy’s bare breasts resting on my back as she reaches around my body. I moan when she pinches my nipple.

“Hey that hurts you know.” I say as she uses her fingernails to pinch my right nipple. I am buckling the second wrist cuff on when Candy reaches down to fondle the cage and massage my balls. Candy steps away as I finish buckling it snuggly on my wrist. I watch as she opens the drawer and pulls out a short length of chain with a clip on either end. She attaches the chain to my wrist cuffs with the chain running across my buttocks. I reach around my body and scratch my inner thigh before Candy has me lay on the bed.

She attaches the ankle cuffs with clips to the eyebolts in the bed frame. My legs bound wide apart as I watch Candy open the drawer again. She returns with a smile holding a small circle of black leather with a shiny ring on it. The cock cage is swiftly removed as is the back ring. Candy bulls at the skin covering my balls, stretching it out. She undoes the small buckle on the leather circle and wraps it around my sack which forces my balls outward. Candy tugs at the small strap bucking the leather band tightly around the base of my balls.

I see her pick up a small metal clip that has spring loaded openings on both ends. I feel her clipping it to the leather band around my balls and tug it a few times. Candy then pulls the chain from the center between my legs which pulls my hands tightly to my sides and clips the other end of the small clip to the chain. I pull outward on my hand as it nearly under my ass and feel the tension on my balls. Candy’s nipples are standing out erect as she pats my exposed balls.

I moan and try to pull my legs together as she giggles at my bouncing cock. Candy leans down as she grips the base of my cock sliding her lips down the full length of my cock. I moan and lift my hips as her hot lips slide slowly back up my cock. The leather strap around my balls quickly tugs at my balls as I try to lift my hips. If I lift my or rock my hips the strap pulls harder which makes my balls ache. I feel her hair brushing up and down on my stomach and inner thighs as she lifts and lowers her head. My cock feels so hard almost like it is going to explode.

The dull ache in my balls becomes stronger as I feel the urge to orgasm coming on quickly. I tense and pull at the chain as Candy lifts up removing her lips from my cock. The cool air rushes in as I moan. Candy sits up between my legs with a smile as she runs the tip of her finger up and down the underside of my cock. The tingling strengthens each time her fingertip rubs the underside of the head. My cock twitches against her finger and I feel pre cum ooze from the tip.

“MMM that tastes so good but I better stop for now.” Candy says as she slips over my leg turning her body around. I watch as her leg lifts and crosses over my chest her bare pussy and ass so exposed above me. She adjusts her knees as they press against my arms at my sides until her pussy is right over my face. I moan as she rubs her finger up and down the underside of cock over and over as I stare at her wet spread pussy and anus.

I open my eyes when her finger stops rubbing my cock to see her fingers now spreading her pussy lips apart. The wet light pink skin inside comes into view as she lowers her body to my face. Her anus is right between my eyes as she spreads her pussy lips across my nose and presses her clit to my lips. I feel her buttocks tighten and loosen as I lick across her clit. Candy moans softly as my tongue works around her clit, licking up and down then side to side.

Her body presses down tighter on my face as I close my lips around her clit. I look up to see her buttocks quiver when I flick my tongue across her clit as I suck it. ‘There is no better view in the world’ I think to myself. Candy is soon moaning louder and sliding her wet pussy across my nose as her juices run down my cheek. She is so close to orgasm as she really presses down on my face with her body. Her pussy and buttocks now completely cover my mouth and nose. I catch a quick gasp of air each time she slides back before her buttocks tense on the sides of my face.

Her hangs down brushing across the head of my cock when she moves. The tiny strands of hair send a tingling sensation down my cock to my aching balls. Candy tenses really hard just before her juices squirt out into my mouth and nose. Over and over her body jerks as my nose rubs across her anus and back between her pussy lips. I try to lick her clit as she moves back and forth with her body twitching and jerking. Several times I feel her hard clit slide across the tip of my nose.

Candy slows as her orgasm subsides it feels as though her whole body weight is on my face. Her swollen pussy lips spreading wider across my nose and lips. She pauses for a while with my mouth and nose completely covered. Her buttocks press down on my eyes as she sits motionless on my face. I pull at the chain and moan as my balls hurt when struggle to breathe. Willing my head as I try to catch a short breath of air but her body holds my head still.

She lifts her buttocks slowly allowing me to breathe through my nose. The feel of her soft hot skin and the smell of her juices drive me mad with lust and desire. Looking up between her buttocks I can see beads of sweat on her back as I swallow the juices running into my mouth. Her hips shift slowly back and forth while she moans. Her buttocks lift a little as she leans forward I can see her wetness between her buttocks as it was spread all over my face.

I gasp and moan as Candy grips my cock and begins stroking it hard and fast. Again I feel the pain in my balls as my hips flex from the intense sudden feeling. She strokes my rock hard cock ten or so times before her hand slips off the tip. I feel my cock twitching in midair as I look up into her wet open pussy. I lift my head to flick my tongue across her clit which makes her body tense from the unexpected pleasure. I feel her buttocks tighten on the sides of my nose as she tenses.

“woohoo!!” I hear say as my tongue touches her sensitive clit. I just love how her buttocks tense above my face. Candy slides of my body and sits on the edge of the bed. “I am going to get a drink would you like anything?” She asks smiling down at my wet face. “Yes I would like to cum now.” I quickly reply. “Yes I know honey but think how it will feel in a couple weeks. It will be so awesome.” She says as she stands up and turns around to stroke my cock three times very slowly before she walks out of the bedroom.

I hear her in the kitchen and fell pre cum run down the shaft of my cock. It is nearly ten minutes before Candy walks back in. I look over to see her carrying a small bag and a glass of water. She tosses the bag between my legs and holds my head up so I drink some water. After placing the glass on the night stand I feel Candy rubbing my sore aching balls. My body flinches as she taps them with her hand tugging at them with each flinch.

I moan loudly when I feel the small bag of ice cubes or something frozen being held to the underside of my cock and trapped balls. I pull at the bonds with my legs and fell the tugging on my balls as she holds the bag in place. Feel her tongue lick across the head of my cock as I try to bare the coldness on my hard cock and balls. “mmmm that pre cum tastes really good I just love it when it oozes a lot.” Candy says pressing the bag harder against my body.

My balls feel frozen after several minutes and my cock has gone flaccid. She leaves the bag resting against my balls as she gathers the pieces to the cage. Candy slips the ring around the base of my trapped balls closing it to slip the metal pin through. I feel a little of the cage as it is slipped over my soft cock. I hear the ‘CLICK’ of the lock and watch as Candy places the necklace over her head and draping it down over her chest.

She removes the tiny clip from the chain and the leather band before releasing my legs. Candy helps me to sit up on the edge of the bed her naked body standing between my spread knees. She holds my head as she leans down to press her lips to mine. The leather band holds my balls out as they are pressed down on the bed between my legs which makes them ache even more. The clips holding the chain to my wrist cuffs are released and I quickly give Candy hug.

I stand up and hold her close to me feeling her bare hot body against me is a feeling I love. Candy slaps my ass and looks up into my eyes. “Let’s leave the cuffs on I may feel like another round after we eat.” She says with a smile before we kiss.

Chastity Story: Candy part 12

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mrt 302012

I hold my confined cock as I stand in the shower wondering what do about Mary. Shall I tell Candy or will it affect our relationship? I am so horny and confused. “Jim it is getting late, you doing okay in there?” I hear Candy say as she walks into the bathroom. I quickly begin rinsing my head and chest. “Yes I am fine just enjoying the warm water.” I tell her. “I just wanted to make sure.” She says as she steps in the shower behind me.

I feel a chill run up my body starting in my balls as Candy presses her hot body against my back. Looking down I can see goose bumps on my thighs. I moan lightly and close my eyes when her fingers pinch my nipples lightly. Her breasts rest on my back as she reaches around my body, her stomach rubs across my buttocks. My mind is spinning with thoughts about Candy and how I want to fuck her so bad I mean just ravish and pound her body.

“I better get moving or I will be late.” I tell Candy as I turn to kiss her. I dry off in the bedroom before getting dressed still pondering what to do about Mary. My heart melts as I see Candy walk from the bathroom nude except the towel around her head. My blood feels like pure energy in my veins as I see her breasts bounce and her hips sway from side to side. Her nipples are fully erect as she presses them against my chest giving me a hug.

“I hope you have a good day at work. It would be nice if you were home more.” Candy says her hug gets tighter as she talks. “I know Sweetie I will try to be here more for you.” I say holding her head up to kiss her lips. “I would love to stay home with you all day. I might not get much work done but it would be a great joy. I better get going.” I go on to say. With briefcase in hand I head out to work.

Sitting behind my desk at work I look up when I hear the office door. Sharon walks in with a smile on her face. “Joan called me and said she had to go to the doctor this morning but she will be in around one.” She says standing in my doorway. I think I heard about half of what she said as I looked at her very short skirt and bare thighs. The ache in my balls began immediately when I saw her stop there.

Sharon and Joan must have remodeled the office as I see Sharon sit behind the table which is now right in front of my door. I can see under the table as her knees part, my train of thought suddenly stopped. Sharon spread her knees everything between them visible under her desk as she leans back in the chair. All I know is she forgot to put panties on the dark lips of her pussy clearly visible. I reach down and hold my caged cock as it pushes outward tightly on the cage.

I look up to see Sharon watching me as I stare. I feel my face heat up while I pretend to be busy as visions of Candy run through my mind. I hold my aching balls before I glance at Sharon as she looks under my desk at my hand. I look over at my phone and slowly pull my hand up on top of the desk. Looking out under her desk every few seconds makes my balls ache more. I am not sure I can do this all day.

I put some papers in my brief case and head toward the door. “I am going to be working from home this afternoon if anything comes up.” I say looking at Sharon as pre cum runs down my inner thigh. She leans forward over the table almost like she wanted me to look into her clearly visible cleavage. I feel the cage twitch in my pants as I can see deep between her breasts. “Call me if anything comes up.” I tell her as I turn for the door. “I’d like to see something COME up.” I hear Sharon whisper to herself.

I walk in the door at my apartment and it is very quiet. “Candy you home?” I yell out with no reply. Placing my brief case on the coffee table I open it up and look through some of the invoices from the last week. Several hours pass before Candy tries to unlock the door and enters. “Hi Sweetie.” I say as I sit on the sofa with my laptop. “Hi honey.” She says with a smile. “I was out to lunch with Mary I wasn’t expecting you home.” She goes on to say. Many things run through my mind when she mentioned Mary.

“How was lunch? Discuss anything fun or important?” I ask trying to find out what they talked about. “No the normal girl stuff. Gossip about everyone in town you know how women are.” She says placing her purse on the kitchen table. “You didn’t talk about me?” I ask with a sad voice. “No honey I wouldn’t talk about you, you know that.” Candy says leaning over the back of the sofa to kiss me. “We walked around the park for a while and my feet hurt now.” She said as she slips off her low heels.

“I can massage them if you like Sweetie.” I look over at her to say as I place my laptop on the coffee table. Candy sits down on the sofa and leans back on the arm rest. She lifts her feet one at a time to place them on my lap giving me a brief look at her tight panties. I wrap my hands around her left foot working from the toes to her heel. I massage with my fingers on the bottom of her foot and my thumbs working to top. I press slowly with my fingers working in a circular motion. Candy moans softly and closes her eyes.

I cannot resist the chance to look up her short skirt as I massage her feet. I take a quick peek to see her white panties tightly covering her smooth pubic mound. My balls begin to ache as she moans again. My eyes peer between her legs at the soft skin of her inner thighs. I love how the elastic band of her panties tightly hugs the skin as it goes over her thigh, making a depression in her skin. I look back at her feet as my cock begins to harden in the cage as the rings tighten on it.

I massage both her feet for almost half an hour before she slips one foot to the floor. My eyes quickly glance between her thighs to watch her thighs part. I moan to myself when I see the entire crotch of her panties with her thighs spread wide. It is a real short but very much appreciated view. “mmmm You look so sexy Sweetie.” I tell Candy as she stands in front of the sofa. “Thank you Jim and thank you for the foot massage that felt awesome.” She says as she leans down to kiss me. I hold my caged cock as her buttocks sway under her short skirt before she disappears into the bedroom.

The rest of the day was fairly relaxing while I worked and watched Candy walk back and forth now and then. Candy walks in the bedroom around three to tell me she is going out back to lay out. I look up and see her wearing her string bikini. My mind just goes blank as I thought so hard about a project I am working on then to visions of sex. “Oh okay.” I say as my thoughts straighten out. I close up my laptop awhile later and look out the window. The bottoms of feet are toward the window as my eyes follow her legs upward.

The sunlight reflects off the lotion covered skin of her calves and thighs. The bottom of her bikini barely covers the crack between her buttocks. I feel my hand pull up on my caged cock when I notice her top was untied her back is bare from her buttocks to her neck. All I can do is look and stare out at her beauty. Thoughts of ravishing sex roam through my mind over and over. Remembering how I held her hips as we made love doggie style.

I can smell her scent in my mind as I watch her buttocks shift as she spreads her feet slightly. The thin part of her bikini covers just enough between her thighs to make my imagination work overtime. I am taken out of my trance by the ring of my cell phone. “This is Jim.” I say answering my phone as I walk back to the living room. “Hi Jim this is Mary I would love to see you right now but I just came from your office and you are not there.” I hear Mary say with a questioning tone.

“Yes I have more important things to take of here at home right now.” I tell her. “Well I better get to see you tomorrow or my lunch with Candy may go a little differently next time.” Mary says in a different tone of voice just before the line goes dead. I hang up the phone and rub the back of my head as I think. ‘What am I to do about this?’ I think over and over as I head to the bathroom. I hold my head in my hands as I sit to pee and to think. “Everything okay Jim?” I hear Candy ask as she stands in the doorway.

I look up quickly at her. “Yes, just waiting for my attempt at an erection to go down so I can pee. I saw you out back through the window.” I smile as I reply. Candy smiles as she turns shaking her ass through the doorway. “That doesn’t help you know.” I tell her laughing. Candy walks into the bathroom and kisses me. “I know but I love how you always make remarks about my body. I love that you are thinking of me all the time.” She says before walking off to the bedroom. “I was thinking about pizza does that good?” I hear Candy ask from the bedroom.

“Ya that sounds great.” I tell her. It takes several minutes before my urine starts to flow. Shaking off the cage I pull up my shorts and head out to the living room. We watch some TV waiting on the pizza Candy rests her head on my lap my hand gently rubbing her soft buttock. The doorbell startles Candy as her body jumps when it buzzes. She jumps up and swiftly walks to the door I can’t help but watch her ass.

We sit and eat a few pieces of pizza before the doorbell buzzes again. “Oh hi Mary, come on in.” I hear Candy say at the door and near cough out my pizza. I hold my composure as Candy and Mary walk back into the room. I watch TV as they approach as if I didn’t while I listen to them talk. Mary talks about the make-up deals at the mall and some hot guy she saw. Candy offers her a piece of pizza which she refuses. “I have to watch my figure.” Mary says rubbing her ass.

Mary is on her way out short time later while I clean up in the living room. “It must be nice to have a man clean up after you.” Mary says to Candy as she steps outside the door. “I have him trained just right.” Candy says with a laugh. I hear the door close while I am in the kitchen. “I was just kidding you know?” Candy says walking up behind me. I turn around to her smile as she hugs me. “I would have cleaned up if you would have let me.” She says hugging me tightly. “It’s no big deal Sweetie I love taking care of you.” I tell then kiss her neck just behind her ear.

We drink a few glasses of wine before we head for the shower. The warm water and her naked body soon have my cock straining in the cage again. “Here you can shave me this time.” Candy says holding up the razor. “I don’t think there is enough room in here.” I say looking around. “Okay well, maybe on the bed then with a bowl.” Candy says with a smile. “It would be my pleasure.” I say as I lean in to kiss her. I step out of the shower and head to the kitchen.

I stand at the sink with nothing on but the cage filling a large bowl with hot water as my balls ache. Candy is on the edge of the bed with her thighs spread wide when I walk back in. “You look so inviting.” I tell her. She smiles as I place the bowl on the floor between her spread feet. I look up between her thighs to see her dark pussy lips standing out making my cock pulsate a few times in its confines. I spread the shaving cream all over between her thigh and across her pubic mound. Candy gasps a little as the shaving cream is I a little cold at first touch.

I soon have her intimate parts covered in white shaving cream. I hold the razor up and raise my eye brows a few times as I look her in the eyes. Softly I pull the razor across her sensitive skin. I pull on her inner thigh stretching her skin as I shave close to her pussy lip. Candy flinches a little as the razor slides near her anus. I shave outward on her buttocks and inner thighs and work back toward her anus.

“That tickles.” She says with a short giggle. I shave as far down between her buttocks as I can reach which I a little past her anus. I wet the rag with the warm water and wipe off the remains watching as her pussy lips spread exposing the light pink skin inside. “You should use your tongue to ensure sure you got all the hair.” Candy says with a smile. I pause for a second before I realize what she meant.

Holding the underside of her thighs I lean between them and lick across her pubic mound. Sliding the razor over every stub I find with my tongue. I lick her inner thighs before my slides up the outer edges of her pussy lips. Finding some short stubs close to her pussy lips I slide the razor carefully close them. I watch the folds of her skin closely as I stretch it. I feel pre cum ooze from my cock as I lick around her anus. I hear her moan softly as my tongue glides across her most sensitive areas.

I am wiping her clean shaven pussy with the rag when Candy hands me a bottle and says. “Here is some lotion be a dear and rub some of this on me.” I take the lotion and start at her feet massaging the lotion into her soft skin. I hear her gasp when I squirt some more cold lotion on her leg. “Hold on a second.” I say after I spread and rub the lotion in her calf. I take the bowl to the bathroom to wash it out and fill it half way with hot water. I place the lotion in the hot water before returning to the bedroom. I see Candy had slid up on the bed now lying in the center of the bed.

I shake the lotion bottle after placing the bowl on the night stand and put it back in the water. I wait a few minutes as I rub her soft leg for lotion to warm a little. I dry off the bottle before squirting the warm lotion out onto her soft thigh. My cock straining very hard as I straddle her thigh looking down into her damp pussy. I feel my hand glide across her smooth skin as I work in the lotion. I massage lotion into her skin all the way up to her neck. I place the lotion in the hot water and rub her outer hip.

“All done with this side let me get us another glass of wine before you turn over.” I say as I get off the bed. Candy leans up and takes a few sips of the wine before she turns over on the bed. I start at her feet and work up her body gently massaging the lotion into her skin. Lightly I rub the lotion across her thighs buttocks and back. When I finish rubbing the lotion into the back and sides of her neck I notice she is fast asleep. Grabbing a blanket from the closet I cover her up and quietly clean up. I lie down beside her and watch her face as she sleeps.

“It is time to wake up Jim.” I hear Candy say as the bed moves. I open my eyes to see her leg moving above my face. ‘What a morning it is.’ I think to myself as I look up at her lovely ass and spread pussy coming closer to my face. ‘I wished mornings could last forever.’ I think as the scent of her womanhood is inhaled through my nostrils. My tongue slips deep inside her while her hair tickles my inner thighs. I moan when I feel her tongue licking my exposed balls before it slips between the rings of the cage. Candy moans in pleasure with my balls in her hand squeezing them gently each time her body tenses.

Her buttocks begin to tighten on my face each time her hips twitch. Her anus presses down harder on my nose as her juices flow freely. Candy soon lifts her upper body and begins grinding her pussy against my face. Her body tenses more with each grunt and squirt of fluids. Her long hair brushes across my stomach thighs and cock cage. I see her buttocks move as her muscles tighten and loosen which makes my cock want to erect even more. Her hands rest on my hips as my cock pulsates in the small metal cage.

Candy all too soon lifts off my face and turns to lie down beside me. “I just love mornings.” Candy says before she nibbles my ear. I can feel her warm breath on my ear as she nibbles and whispers. “We are going to have so much fun together Jim.” She whispers softly. I smile and turn my head to kiss her soft lips. “I better get going the bills aren’t going to pay themselves.” I say before I slip off the bed. I get dressed and have a cup of coffee with Candy before I head out the door.

My phone chimes around ten looking at it to see I have a text message. ‘This is Mary you didn’t forget our eleven o’clock date did you?’ My mind wants tell her to fuck off but I close up my brief case and head out to lunch. I knock and Mary’s door just before eleven. Mary opens the door with a smile and invites me in. “I think we should play in the bedroom today Jim. Come on in and take those clothes off.” Mary says walking into her bedroom.

I follow her in and strip off my clothes while watching her strip down the panties and bra. “Just lie down and leave the rest to me.” Mary says pointing at the bed. I adjust my body on the bed as Mary pulls several ropes from her closet. She ties each wrist and ankle so I am bound spread wide before she removes her bra and panties. Mary wastes no time straddling my face with her hands on the headboard. Pressing her pussy to my face she says. “Lick it good or you will pay Jimmy boy.”

My eyes widen hearing her words as I watch her heavy breasts sway above me. Her pussy is soon presses harder on my face as her orgasm overcomes her. Her hips flex back and forth making her swollen pussy lips spread around my nose. Her juices run up my nose and down my cheeks as she moans pulling at the headboard. Mary bucks so hard I feel my tongue trapped between her body and teeth several times before she calms.

Mary lifts off my face to lie down beside me. She quickly has my caged cock and exposed balls in her hand squeezing my balls tightly. “Good thing Candy has this thing locked up or would have some fun torturing it.” She says just before she slaps my already aching balls. I pull at the bonds as Mary holds the cock cage up and slaps my hanging balls three or four times. I look down to see opening her mouth toward my balls when her doorbell rings.

Mary slaps my balls one last time very hard. I strain in the bonds trying to pull my legs together but the ropes hold tight. “Oh hi Candy.” I hear Mary say before the door closes. “Hi Mary I just wanted to stop by to see if you wanted to go get some lunch. I stopped by Jim’s office and he isn’t there.” I hear Candy say. My heart pounds faster and faster. “Well I would love to Candy but I have an appointment at the doctor’s office in half an hour. Jim isn’t at work huh sure hope he isn’t cheating on you.” I hear Mary say with a laugh.

“I don’t think Jim would cheat on me. Besides he can’t have too much fun anyway being locked up.” Candy says with a giggle. “I have an idea.” Mary exclaims then continues. “You should let me hold the key that way you couldn’t unlock him.” I hear nothing for several seconds. “I will have to talk to Jim about that seems a little risky to me.” Candy says. I look over at the half open door as feel a sneeze coming on. I concentrate on holding the sneeze back breathing through my mouth.

I heard the front door close then see Mary walking back into the room with her robe half off. I can’t help but stare at her bulging breasts as they bounce from side to side. “Look at what I have.” Mary says with a large grin as she swings the key from her finger. She sits very hard on the bed looking down at me. “Now let’s really have some fun.” She as she unlocks the device from my cock.

Mary begins stroking my cock slowly as it quickly erects with her other hand firmly holding my balls. I feel my orgasm coming on very quickly as she strokes my hard cock rapidly. I lift my hips in anticipation of a powerful orgasm but moan in agony as she releases it. I buck my hips wildly wanting just a little more stimulation, one more stroke, one more touch anything. “I sorry my hand slipped off.” Mary says before she breaks out laughing. I feel the bed move and watch Mary as she walks to the closet her big buttocks sway and bounce.

Again Mary returns with a rope in her hand. She leans over my body and begins wrapping the rope around the base of my cock and balls pulling it tight with each wrap. I feel her pulling at my balls as the rope wraps around the base outward from my cock. I feel my balls tingle as she pulls the rope tight around the base. I feel my cock get harder like it will explode as Mary tugs on the rope ends tying them in a knot. “There that should do it.” Mary says before heading back to the closet.

I struggle in the bonds as I see her come back with a small cane and a long handle wooden spoon. She stands by the bed and swings the cane though the air with a whistle. She smiles rubbing it against my hard cock. I hear the bed frame squeak when I pull at the rope as Mary slaps the cane down on my rock hard cock. I feel intense pain just below the head a stinging line across my cock. I scream out in pain as she hits my cock five or six times in a row several on each side and two on the head.

My eyes are closed as I try to deal with the pain when I scream out with more pain. My right ball feels like it has been crushed as I look down to see the wooden spoon hit my left ball. I scream out again and feel her stuff her worn panties in my mouth. I wiggle my body from left to right as she holds the base of my bound balls. I moan through her panties as she slaps the spoon down on my balls, first the right then the left. I continue to pull at the bonds and try to move.

Mary climbs up on the bed and straddles my body facing my feet before continuing her assault. My balls are sore the intense pain gets less as the dull ache gets much stronger. I pull at the bonds constantly now as she uses the cane lightly on my bound balls. I hear Mary laughing as the cane sends shocks up through my groin into my stomach. She soon rolls off my body and begins untying my bound cock and balls. I lift my head to see her untie the knot before looking up at me.

Mary smiles and says. “Are you ready Jimmy boy? Oh well.” She says as she pulls hard on the rope. I scream into her panties as the rope shifts my balls from side to side rapidly as it unwraps around the base of my balls. “Let’s do that again.” Mary says as I lift my head staring wide eyed into her eyes. “Okay I will let go this time.” She says as she removes the rope from my cock. My balls are so sore it hurts to even touch them moaning as Mary locks the metal cage back over my now very flaccid cock.

“Well that wasn’t bad for the first time Jimmy boy. I can’t wait till next time when I have some more toys to use on you.” Mary says removing the ropes from my ankles and wrists. “You better get going Candy is supposed to be back in a few minutes.” She goes on to say. I quickly get dressed and head out her back door to and make the short walk back to my office. My balls ache the whole way back to the office. Joan smiles up at me as I walk passed her desk. “Hi Jim I hope you’re having a pleasant day.” She says.

“Oh Jim!” Sharon speaks out. “Candy came by looking for you earlier. I told her you had to go see a vendor about some REAL IMPORTANT parts.” She goes on to say with a wink of one eye. Just as I sit down behind my desk I look out to see Sharon spreading her knees apart. The sun shines through my office window right between her legs. My balls ache so bad I am not sure I could get erect even if I wanted to. Sharon smiles as she reaches down massaging herself as I watch.

Several minutes later Candy and Mary walk into the office. “Hi Jim sorry I missed you earlier.” Candy says kissing me on the cheek. “You want to go get some lunch with Mary and I?” She goes on to ask. “No I have a lot of work to get done this afternoon.” I say looking at Candy then Mary. “Okay well maybe we all can go out to lunch tomorrow then?” Candy asks looking at me then Mary.

Sharon steps into my office and asks. “Candy, May I speak with you for a minute?” “Sure.” Candy says with a smile. Sharon step closer to Candy and whispers in her ear. Candy smiles and looks at Sharon and Mary before she says. “Yes Jim is still locked in ‘That little metal cage’. Oh!” Candy says with a pause. “I gave the key to Mary to hold on to for a few days so I would not have to fight the urge to unlock him.” She goes on to say stepping closer to me. She hugs me from the side and says. “It will be a lot of fun for us.”

I look up to see Mary swinging the key from her finger her face covered with a huge smile. I feel my balls ache as visions of the wooden spoon and cane replay in my mind. “Why did you give her the key Candy?” I ask in a stern voice. “Oh Jim I was going to make you wait a few days anyway. This way WE don’t have a choice.” Candy says hugging me tighter. “Besides you said you wanted to try being locked for longer time periods anyway.” She says.

I watch as Candy and Mary step out into the office to chat with Joan and Sharon. I sit at my desk and watch my mind going wild seeing four lovely ladies in my office. I see them smiling and laughing as they talk. I pause with a concerned look as Sharon lifts her skirt and points to the table she sits at then into my office. Mary holds her hand over mouth as she laughs while Candy walks back into my office. She walks around the desk before she says. “I love how Sharon teases you. It is cool with me because I know all your cum is mine.” Candy says before kissing me.

I see Mary point at me waving the key before Candy and her leave the office.

Chastity Story: Candy part 11

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mrt 302012

It was the middle of the morning as I sat answering some business emails when I hear my phone chime. Looking at the phone I see I have a text from Mary. ‘Tell Candy you have a lunch meeting and come over to my place.’ That was the entire message. Thinking about her request as I looked at the phone I remember the past. I don’t want Candy to find out about the night after the BBQ. I rest my head in my hands as my cock still strains in the cage.

I pick up my phone and call Candy. “Hi Sweetie, I can’t do lunch today I have a lunch meeting with a client.” I tell her. “That’s okay Jim I will make me something to eat. I can’t wait till you get home I want you right now.” Candy says with a cheerful voice. “I love you Candy, I will see you when I get home.” I reply before hanging up. I immediately send Mary a text telling her I will be there around eleven forty five. I watch Joan and Sharon in the office all morning which keeps my erection attempt continuous.

I step out of my office at eleven thirty and tell Joan I have to meet a client and will return when our meeting is complete. My balls aching as I drive to Mary’s house, pre cum oozes out of my aching cock. I knock on her door right at elven forty five. The door opens and I see Mary is wearing her short shorts and halter top again. After closing the door Mary holds my hand smiling at me before she slips off her shorts.

Mary pulls me by my hand to her bedroom watching her shifting buttocks the whole time. I watch as she sits on the edge of her bed and spreads her thighs. “I need to feel your tongue again Jim.” She says rubbing her clit with one finger. I think about what Candy would think if knew about the night after the BBQ. I then hear Mary say. “I haven’t said anything to Candy about the other night, not yet at least.” I watch as she slips off her halter top exposing her hard nipples. I kneel down sliding my hands under her thighs. Her hot smooth skin and scent make my cock ache even more.

Her clit is erect as I lick around it before slipping my tongue deep inside her. Her pussy seems to grip my tongue as it slides in and out. My mind goes crazy with desire. If I were unlocked right now Mary would get the roughest fuck she ever had in her life. Mary has several orgasms as I lick her wet pussy before she pushes me back. “MMM that felt so good. I want to please you but your chastity is in the way. Maybe there is another way. Follow me.” Mary says as she climbs off the bed. I walk with her out to the kitchen watching her bare buttocks bounce.

“Take off your clothes and wait here.” Mary says stopping me near the kitchen table. I slowly take off my clothes feeling the cool pre cum string from the cage. Mary returns holding some rope with a big smile on her face. “Get up here and get on all fours.” She says slapping her hand on the table. She pulls my hands down by my ankles as I kneel on the table with my feet hanging off the edge. With the rope she ties my wrists to my ankles. Mary spreads my feet wider apart before tying the rope to the table leg.

My head rests on the table as my ass sticks out exposing my balls and straining cock. I hear Mary walking around like she is collecting things as she opens and closes drawers. “This might be a little cool.” Mary says just before I feel the cold fluid drips on my anus. Mary then walks beside the table fitting her small panties over my head. All I can smell is the wet crotch of her panties as she walks behind me. I moan and my body tenses as her finger presses at my anus.

“What are you doing?” I ask when her finger slips into the tight hole of my anus. “Relax I am not going to hurt you. This should feel pretty good if calm down and go with it.” She says pushing her finger deeper. Before long Mary has two fingers deep in my ass as she slowly moves them back and forth. Pre cum oozes from my cock as the strange feeling is becoming more pleasurable. Mary reaches under my body and pinches my nipples softly rolling them between her fingers.

I moan when she runs her fingernails across my exposed balls a chill running up my spine. A great sense of pleasure overcomes me, I moan as her finger touches something inside me. “Ah there it is.” I hear her say. The sensation has me flexing my hips as more pre cum oozes from my cock. I inhale her scent as her fingers drive me crazy with the need to orgasm. Her soft hand rubs over my buttocks and balls while her fingers slowly work inside me.

I moan and tense my body wanting to feel my cock erect I want to cum so bad. Mary slowly moves her finger tips in and out in shorts strokes. I feel the urge to orgasm constantly while her fingers are deep inside me. It seems like an hour has past when I hear Mary again. “Ah there it is.” I feel pre cum oozing from my cock as she talks. Mary works her fingers a little faster as more pre cum oozes from my cock. The sensation is overwhelming my hips flex my balls ache and I want to fuck her so bad. “Seems to be all of it.” Mary says.

“I just want to make sure.” She goes on to say pressing her fingers harder inside my body for another ten minutes. “I feel more drops of pre cum ooze from cock while she massages my balls. “That should do it.” She says pulling her fingers from my anus. I then feel a warm rag wiping around my anus and my inner thighs. She wipes off the cage very carefully poking her finger between the rings of the cage. Mary shakes the cage a few times and wipes it off some more before she unties me.

“Wow that was intense what did you do?” I ask Mary as I get dressed. “Just a little trick I discovered with my last boyfriend. I hope it made you feel good.” She says with a smile. “It was good yes I just wish this thing was off I need to cum so bad.” I say as I buckle my pants. Mary steps closer to wrap her arm around me as we walk toward the door. “Stop back by before you go home Jim.” She says holding the door knob. “I will try Mary I have a lot of work to get done.” I tell her.

She holds the door knob as we talk her bare thighs shaven pussy and rock hard nipples clearly visible. “You want me to call Candy and tell her the things you have been doing do you?” She says with a smile. “I’ll be here around four.” I tell before heading out the door. I walk back into the office around one thirty thinking to myself ‘Wow two hours I was with Mary’. My cock still strains in the cage as I hear the heels click across the floor all afternoon.

I look out every now and then to see Joan or Sharon walk by my door. I stare at their ass and bouncing breasts. I look over at the clock and see it is nearly three thirty and place my papers in my briefcase before stepping out from behind my desk. “Hey Joan, I am going to meet with Tom from Ranger Hydraulics. I will send you an email if we need to order anything. Otherwise I will see you two lovely ladies tomorrow.” I say closing my office door. “Have a hot date?” Joan asks with a smile.

Her sexy voice makes my cock pulsate in its confines as her breasts jiggle in her low cut top. Holding my caged cock the entire way to Mary’s house as it continues to try and erect. Mary opens her door as I approach dressed in a robe this time. Mary soon has me bound naked as I bend over the back of her sofa shortly after I arrive. I feel the cool fluid on my anus again just before her finger rubs around it.

I moan as she begins sliding her fingers in my anus again. I listen to the soft porn video she has playing in the DVD player. The women moan and scream in obvious pleasure. It doesn’t take long before I feel pre cum ooze from my cock. Mary continues to work her fingers in and out pressing harder and deeper. Her warm hand holds my caged cock as her finger assault my ass. My balls ache more every minute as she continues.

I feel her knuckles pressing against my buttocks as her finger go deep inside. She works her finger in and out of my ass for almost an hour before she pulls them free. Again I feel a warm rag wiping off my pre cum covered cage and my thighs. Mary walks to the front of the sofa as I look up as best I can. Her bare ass moves toward my face as she holds my head. “I played with your ass now you can give me a little lick and kiss.” She says pushing her anus to my lips.

Mary moans as I lick her tight puckered opening. Her hips move up and down slowly while she pushes my face tightly against her ass. My balls ache so bad it feels like I am going to explode as my cock swells tighter in the cage. “You better get going before Candy calls you.” Mary says pulling away from my face and untying me. I get my clothes adjusted and use Mary’s bathroom to wash up a little before heading home.

I open the door at my apartment to see Candy sitting on the sofa in her robe. I hold my caged cock as I close the door with my foot. Her bare thighs make my mouth water. “Hi honey.” Candy says with a huge smile as she walks toward me opening her robe. I place my briefcase down before we hug. Our mouths soon locked in a deep passionate kiss. I feel her bare breasts press into my chest and her hands grip my buttocks. “Mmm I love coming home.” I say as she pulls back. “Well you will love what comes next then. Put the cuffs on and I will show you.” Candy says with a smile.

I quickly go to the bedroom and strip down. I buckle the cuffs in place before walking back out to the living room. Candy strolls out of the kitchen with a glass of water as she smiles at me. “On the bed big boy!” She says dropping her robe to the floor. My cock immediately aches at the sight of her exposed body. I walk back to the bed and lay out spread. She swiftly secures me to the bed before sitting by my side to fondle my aching balls. After several minutes she heads for the bathroom.

I look up as Candy returns her body totally nude her breasts bouncing so nicely holding a cloth in her hand. The cage that traps my cock is quickly removed as is the ring from behind my balls. I moan in pleasure as I feel my cock swell to full erection. The warm rag makes me moan more as Candy softly washes my rock hard cock. She places the rag on the night stand before straddling my body. I lift my hips as she guides my hard cock to her hot wet pussy.

“Easy big boy you can’t be that horny.” Candy says as she presses her hot pussy lips to the head of my cock. Slowly she lifts and lowers her body pushing her pussy down my cock a little more each time. “Oh that feels so good.” Candy moans as she pinches her own nipples. Before long she lifts and lowers her pussy on my cock faster and harder. Her buttocks bounce off my thighs with each stroke. Her breathing becomes heavier with her deep groans.

I want to cum so bad but the feeling just hasn’t come yet. Candy bounces up and down as her pussy grips my cock tightly. My cock is harder than ever and I want to cum. I am little confused as Candy has a second orgasm riding my hard cock. ‘Why haven’t I cum yet?” I question myself just before Candy lifts her fine body away from mine. “Ah that’s sweet you didn’t want to cum before me. I like that Jimt.” Candy says rubbing her wet pussy.

She runs her finger up the underside of cock giggling as my cock twitches. I close my eyes as Candy continues teasing my aching erection. She presses her nipple to my lips while her hand massages my aching balls. “Well since you didn’t cum I think we should save it another day.” Candy says giving my balls a gentle squeeze. Candy presses her other nipple to my lips while holding my head. I hear her moan several times as I lick around it.

“It is time to go get some dinner!” Candy says giving my balls a gentle slap. She slips off the bed and goes into the bathroom. Walking back with a rag she has a huge smile on her face. Her eyes concentrate on my still hard cock as she places the rag on it. Her eyes widen as does her smile the closer she gets. I pull at the bonds feeling the ice cubes through the rag as she holds it in place. My whole body tenses as the my balls ache more with as the ice filled rag is held in place.

She leans down to kiss me as she holds the rag in place. I feel a tear on my face as my desire to orgasm has grown far beyond anything I have ever experienced. My balls feel like they are going to explode and my cock so sensitive it hurts. Candy licks the tear from my face and asks. “Ah it’s not that bad Jim is it?” I see her smile down at me. “I can leave you unlocked we don’t have to do this.” She says pulling the ice filled rag away from my body.

Candy holds the rag in her hand as she says. “I just love the way it looks it on you. I love the control I have. All this makes me so horny I want sex all the time.” I close my eyes, ‘If she only knew’ I think to myself. “No sweetie it is the cold, the ice.” I tell her quickly. She slowly places the rag back on my cock and balls. I gasp for air and tense once again as she presses it harder against my hard cock.

I soon feel my cock and the ache in my balls less and less. Candy places the ring around the base of my balls and slips the cage over my cold cock. I look at Candy as she fits the lock in the small hole before looking me in the eye. I see the twinkle in her eye and the huge smile on her face I hear the lock ‘CLICK’ shut. “There it looks so good I almost to take it off and give you a blow job.” Candy says turning to get off the bed.

I am released from the bed and remove the leather cuffs as I stretch out my sore muscles. My balls ache more in need now than I have every felt. Watching Candy as she dresses only makes my desire to orgasm stronger. Seeing her tight panties covering her ass as she lifts her arms makes me hold my caged cock. Her buttocks jiggle as she shakes her body making the dress slide down over her ass. Hearing her heels click across the floor brings back so many memories.

Candy and I have a very pleasant dinner in the café overlooking a lake. ‘Shall I tell her about Mary?’ I question myself. Half in a trance as I listen to Candy talk and watch her body move. My balls continue ache as the thoughts of sex continuously run through my head. I feel my anus twitch from the assaults earlier today making my cock attempt to swell. I feel pre cum ooze from my cock sending a chill up my spine. My cock tries to erect more as I watch Candy walk off to the bathroom the tight dress hugging her every curve.

We walk along the lake shore hand in hand for an hour or so. I carry her heels in my hand as we walk along the sandy shore line. I hold her close in dim moonlight quietly looking out as moon reflects off the water my hand resting on her firm buttocks. I feel her hot body pressing against mine as more pre cum seeps out onto my boxers. Another hour passes as well cuddle on bench by the shore before heading home. My cock attempts to erect all the time now.

My balls really ache as I watch Candy take off her clothes and slip into a lacey satin nightie. I wake up several times during the night when my cock pulsates in the small cage and sticky pre cum on my thigh. I feel Candy’s bare smooth hot leg across my thigh as it rests against the cage. I try to get some sleep as my cock feels so constrained. My thoughts and visions more focused on pleasing Candy than ever.

“Wake up Jim it is a new wonderful day.” I hear Candy say just before I feel her body straddle mine. Before I can say anything as I turn over on my back her pussy covers my mouth and nose. “Oh God yes.” Candy moans out. “This feels so good in the morning Jim, if only knew how good?” She questions rubbing her pussy tightly against my face.

Chastity Story: Candy part 4

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Waking again I feel Candy laying beside me with her leg across my thigh. Her soft inner thigh resting on my caged cock and her head on my chest. I have my arm under her head with my hand resting on her ribs. I don’t want to move and wake her, I slowly slide my hand down her back. I reach down her body until my hand rubs across her bare ass.

I hold it there imagining how her ass felt as she was bent over at the coffee table. I moan quietly as my penis tries to stiffen again. Pulling gently on her ass as i try to shift my cage cock under her thigh. I hear her moan and look up at me, “Morning Jim.” She says still half asleep. I pat her ass and say, “Good morning to you too lovely lady.”

I give her ass a gentle squeeze and pull her body tighter against mine. “Someone is feeling frisky today are they?” Candy says as scoots her body upward on the bed. Looking into my eyes she kisses me as she slides her body on top mine. Laying on top of me she holds the sides of my head as she drives her tongue deep in my mouth. Her bare thighs spread across my lower stomach.

The sunlight shines through the window making the whole room brighter with each passing minute. Candy sits up as she straddles my hips, her buttocks pressing the cage down between my legs. I watch as she smiles down at me, with her messy hair and sleepy eyes. Her smile makes the view even better. Her hands flat on my chest as she slide her body back further.

My straining cock forces the cage up tight against the crack of her ass, then her pussy as she slides back. I watch as she reaches down to grip the cage rubbing the tip on her smooth hot pussy. “Oh look the poor thing wants in, or is it out.” Candy says with a giggle. She spreads her pussy lips with one hand and holds the cage with the other. Rubbing the cage up and down the length of her wet pussy.

I moan as she presses her body down on the cage, pressing the tip inside her slightly. “I know that is what you want, just trying to help. It does feel good like this.” Candy says as she shakes the cage pressing down more. I soon feel her buttocks pressing at my balls as the cage disappears in her pussy. “Oh damn. This is too much, can you take the cage off please Candy?” I ask.

Candy smiles and lifts off my body and slides off the bed. “I need to take a shower.” She says and disappears into the bathroom. I walk into the bathroom five or so minutes later seeing her naked body through the glass door. “Would you like some help?” I ask watching her bend over. “Sure come on in.” Candy says looking back at me around her legs. I strip off my shorts and step into the shower with her.

I wash her back and legs thinking about how it would feel to fuck her right then. Candy soon rinses off her body and kisses me before stepping out of the shower. I wash my hair and body as Candy dries herself off. “Hey how about we go to the beach today, it is supposed to be sunny and hot?” Candy asks as I turn off the water. “Sure that sounds like fun I haven’t been there in a long time.” I reply. I dry off body before heading out to the bed room.

I see Candy adjusting the bottoms to her bikini as I walk in, the key still dangling from her necklace. I slip on my swim trunks as she holds the top up to her chest. “Would you be a dear and tie the strings for me?” Candy asks turning her back to me. Walking over to her I see the bikini covers very little of her buttocks. “Wow” I say as I stop behind her. “Wow what, something wrong?” She asks trying to look down her back.

“Oh no, nothing at all, I was just admiring your nice ass.” I tell her. I feel her hand slap my leg as I tie the sting behind her back. I pull the strings up around her neck and hold it. “Is that too tight?” I ask. “Maybe a little tighter, OK that’s good there.” Candy says adjusting her breasts. She steps away turning around, “How does my bikini look? I just bought it last week.” She says. My straining cock cannot lie, “It’s looks great to me.” I assure her.

She slips on a pair of loose short and I put on a t-shirt before we head for the door. “Oh wait.” Candy says as she slips the necklace over her head. “Don’t want to lose this, so I will leave it here.” She says hanging her necklace on the coat hook in the closet. I lock the door and we head for the beach. We stop and grab a few drinks before arriving at the crowded beach.

We head down the beach away from the larger crowds before I spread the large towel out for candy. She pulls off her shirt and sits down on the towel to pull out her lotion. “Would you be a good boy and rub some on my back Jim?” She asks holding out the lotion. “It would be a pleasure.” I say taking the bottle. Candy lies down on her stomach and I start at her feet, rubbing lotion onto her soft skin. When I rub up her thighs I see her reach back and push her bikini down between her buttocks.

“Just want to get all exposed skin covered.” She says as I begin spreading the lotion on her ass. As I run my hands across her buttocks I remember holding them as she straddled my lap on the sofa. My cock begins to swell and the cage is getting tighter. “Untie the string on my back before you put the lotion on too.” She says resting her head on her t-shirt. I apply the lotion and retie her string before she turns over. Once again I begin at her feet, working up her legs.

Rubbing her inner thighs I could see the thin material of the bikini pulling between her pussy lips. My penis pulsates as my hands rub closer. “Rub some under the edges of my bikini too please.” Candy says looking at me though her dark sunglasses. I feel the cage getting very tighter as my fingers slip under the edges of her tight bikini, feeling her smooth pubic mound. I pause and sit back, looking out at the water. “You okay Jim?” Candy asks in a concerned voice.

“Yes I am fine, wished you would have taken this thing off before we came to the beach though.” I say with a laugh. Reaching down to hold it for a second, hoping no one sees me. “It can’t be that bad, you have seen me naked a lot. Why would rubbing lotion on me get you all worked up?” Candy asks with a smile. “Oh rub some on my breasts too, under the top.” She goes on to say. My fingers rub over her nipples several times making my cock ache even more.

I am soon done with the lotion and sit watching the people play on the beach. Several volleyball games, a football game and of course the beach balls in the water. Mostly though, my eyes were attracted to the hot bodies walking back and forth. Women dressed in string bikinis, one pieces, and regular clothes covered the beach. Seeing several bent over, their suits pulled tight between their buttocks and pussy lips.

We swam for a bit then rested as I watched the women walking, laying, and playing. The couple hours we were there was long and it seemed my cock never stopped trying to erect. Closing the door as we entered the house Candy stripped off her shirt. “Here Jim untie me so I can take a quick shower. You can join me if you like.” Candy says with a smile. I undo her strings and watch her tightly covered ass walk away. I hear the water running and open the closet and grab the necklace.

I think about unlocking myself but decide to take it to her so I can’t. I walk into the bathroom with the necklace hanging from my finger, “Will you take this thing off now please.” I ask opening the shower door. Candy smiles and takes the necklace, only to place it around her neck again. “Oh come on, this is torture you know.” I say as I slip off my shorts. We both wash off and step out of the shower. “Let’s get dried off and I will take it off.” Candy says bending over in front of me.

I follow her into the bedroom as I dry my hair. “Get the cuffs on and join me in the living room.” She says walking naked through the bedroom door. I drop the towel and open the drawer that has the cuffs, fumbling to get them buckled on. I walk out to see Candy fondling the key and a towel covering the coffee table. “You know how I like you to lay on the coffee table. Make sure the table is between your knees.” Candy says holding out the key.

I sit on the coffee table with knees spread over the edges and lay back. She buckles my wrist cuffs to my ankle cuffs then connecting them to the eyehook on each side of the coffee table. Candy slides the soft footstool closer to the coffee table and sits down. Leaning over she places the key in the lock and turns the key. The lock snaps open and she turns it to pull it from the small hole in the pin. She then slowly slides the cage down the length of my cock.

My cock swelling as she pulls the cage off. I hear the cage being placed on the table between my legs. I moan as Candy grips my hard cock running her hand up and down the length. “I bet this feels so good. I want you to feel this every day.” She says with a smile. I felt her hand move up and down slowly for a few strokes, then rapidly for a few strokes. Alternating between fast and slow until my hips start moving, she then releases my cock and sits up straight.

“Don’t want you to cum too fast. I am going to get something to drink.” Candy says and walks off toward the kitchen. I hear the water running as she drops ice cubes in her glass. She came back with a glass of water and a straw. Candy held the straw to my lips to give me a drink before placing the glass on the table between my spread thighs. Leaning over she patted my exposed balls a few times. My legs try to pull together but the table holds them spread wide.

The metal ring still snuggly gripping the base of my cock and balls make my cock feel that much harder. I moan as she taps my balls making her smile. I flex my hips as she grips my rock hard cock stroking it rapidly, the feeling is so intense. Candy slides her hand slowly up and down hard cock. I close my eyes as feel my orgasm approaching. Her hand moves up the length of my cock and slips off the head, leaving my cock twitching in mid-air.

I moan and thrust my hips upward trying to get any sensation. “Ahh why did you stop, I was right there?” I ask Candy is husky voice. “You really shouldn’t talk to me in that tone of voice you know.” Candy says reaching into her glass of water. My whole body tenses as she rubs the ice cube up and down the underside of my cock. The melting ice runs down over my balls.

I pull at the bonds as she continues to hold ice on my cock until it has completely melted. I can only watch as Candy stands up turning toward the bedroom. Her buttocks bounce with each step as goes into the bedroom. I look over at her as she returns a small bottle in her hand. I lift my head and watch her pour the clear fluid on her hand as she holds it over my cock. Again she begins stoking my cock the fluid heating as she strokes.

“Some heating lube to warm your cock up after the ice.” Candy says with a smile. Her rapid stroking brings close to orgasm again in no time. I struggle in the bonds again when she releases my cock. “OH damn, come on Candy I was so close. Let me lose I will fuck you so hard.” I say before I lay my head back, nearly in tears. I gasp for air as I feel ice on my cock again, this time two cube and both of her hands. I struggle so hard the coffee table moves from my movement.

I hear a giggle from Candy as she slowly rubs the cubes up and down my skin. I look as she pulls the cubes from my cock as she places one back in her glass. Holding my cock by the base she holds the ice cube right on the tip of my penis. Holding it on my cock it seems she is trying to push it inside my pee hole. Every muscle in my body seems to tense as she holds the cube in place.

Candy brings me to brink of orgasm several more times before I feel a tear run from my eye. She leans down and licks it from my face before patting my aching balls. “Okay that’s enough for now.” She says and walks back into the bedroom. I hear the shower running as I lay there with cock rock hard and pre cum still oozing from the tip. She comes back with a wash rag in her hand and wraps the hot cloth around my cock. “There all clean.” She says heading back into the bathroom.

I hear the shower door open and close. I closed my eyes wondering what she was trying to do to me. My balls feel like they are on fire and aching. I feel each beat of my heart beat in cock as it pulsates. I wait and wait but the shower keeps flowing. My cock soon droops down and rest on my stomach, cool pre cum still stringing from the tip. Candy finally comes back as I am nearly asleep, wearing a robe and towel around her wet head.

She wastes no time pushing the cold metal cage back over my cock and quickly snapping the lock shut. “Was that enough time for him to be free, or would you like some more?” Candy asks as she leans down kissing me. She stands up and walks back to the bedroom opening and closing a drawer a couple times. I look over at her when I hear her returning, she is fully dressed in nice slacks and a blouse. Candy kneels down to unbuckle the cuffs from each other and the table.

Candy releases both sides and kisses me again. “I am going out to pick something up. Take a shower and cool off. I love you Jim.” She says and kisses me again. I sit up and watch her ass shake as she walks out the door. Cupping my aching balls as I walk to the shower I realize this is what I dreamed about for years. After a long shower I slip on my shorts and watch some TV.

Several hours pass before candy walks back through the door with a smile on her face. “I found a new toy for us Jim. Let me unwrap it and we can give it a try.” Candy says walking into the bedroom with her bag. I hear the package ripping and Candy wading up the paper. “Would you like me to sit on it or would you like to push it Jim?” I hear her ask from the bedroom. “What are you talking about Sweetie?” I ask in return. “Just answer the question, me sitting or you pushing?” She asks again. “I will push I guess.” I reply.

“Okay come in here and push.” Candy says from the bedroom. I get up a walk in the bedroom to see her sitting naked on the edge of the bed. In her hand is dildo with leather straps hanging from it. “Kneel here.” Candy says pointing to the floor in front of her. I kneel down noticing her nipples were erect already, it must be good. She holds the dildo to my face placing the cupped leather pad on my chin. It has a small rubber tab that is bent to fit in my mouth. She stands and buckles the first strap behind my head.

Another set of straps go up the sides of my face and buckle on top of my head. I feel her connecting a third strap between the two, holding the dildo out in front of my face. The base of the dildo does not cover my mouth and Candy leans down to kiss my lips. “Front or the back?” She asks as she stands up. “Back!!” I reply not knowing what she meant but I love her ass. She coats the dildo with the heating lube and lean over on the bed spreading her feet apart.

I see her hand rubbing her pussy then spreading it open. “PUSH it in me Jim.” She says as she holds her pussy lips apart. I hold the dildo and guide it to her pussy, pressing forward with my head. The seven inch fat dildo soon slides deep in her body. My nose presses against her tail bone and lips kissing her anus. Candy wiggles her ass as I hold it deep in her. I hear her moan when I lick her puckered anus.

I am soon bobbing my head back and forth, fucking her with dildo on my chin. Each time I push it deep in her I lick her anus a few times. Candy is soon moaning and pulling at the covers on the bed. Her pussy seems to loosen and tighten on the dildo. I see small squirts of fluid flow out around the dildo as I pull out. Candy falls forward on the bed and my head follows, holding the dildo deep inside her.

I hold her legs spread and drive the dildo deep as I can over and over. Her whole body is tensing as I continue. I reach up and spread her buttocks as the dildo slides in and out, licking her anus each time again. My cock is aching and balls feel like I have been kicked. I am so turned on by her excitement I want her to cum so hard it hurts. Her buttocks tighten and her whole body stiffens as work the dildo faster.

I hear her scream loud and crawl up on the bed away from me. She curls up on the bed with both her hands between her legs. Her eyes wide open as she stares at me. “My, ohhh that the most intense thing I have ever felt.” Candy says with a huge grin. I watch her body shiver a few times before she slowly straightens out on the bed. Several minutes pass before she slides to the edge of the bed and removes the dildo from my head.

“You should wash this thing off before we put it up. I LOVE this toy.” Candy says handing me the dildo.