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It was the middle of the morning as I sat answering some business emails when I hear my phone chime. Looking at the phone I see I have a text from Mary. ‘Tell Candy you have a lunch meeting and come over to my place.’ That was the entire message. Thinking about her request as I looked at the phone I remember the past. I don’t want Candy to find out about the night after the BBQ. I rest my head in my hands as my cock still strains in the cage.

I pick up my phone and call Candy. “Hi Sweetie, I can’t do lunch today I have a lunch meeting with a client.” I tell her. “That’s okay Jim I will make me something to eat. I can’t wait till you get home I want you right now.” Candy says with a cheerful voice. “I love you Candy, I will see you when I get home.” I reply before hanging up. I immediately send Mary a text telling her I will be there around eleven forty five. I watch Joan and Sharon in the office all morning which keeps my erection attempt continuous.

I step out of my office at eleven thirty and tell Joan I have to meet a client and will return when our meeting is complete. My balls aching as I drive to Mary’s house, pre cum oozes out of my aching cock. I knock on her door right at elven forty five. The door opens and I see Mary is wearing her short shorts and halter top again. After closing the door Mary holds my hand smiling at me before she slips off her shorts.

Mary pulls me by my hand to her bedroom watching her shifting buttocks the whole time. I watch as she sits on the edge of her bed and spreads her thighs. “I need to feel your tongue again Jim.” She says rubbing her clit with one finger. I think about what Candy would think if knew about the night after the BBQ. I then hear Mary say. “I haven’t said anything to Candy about the other night, not yet at least.” I watch as she slips off her halter top exposing her hard nipples. I kneel down sliding my hands under her thighs. Her hot smooth skin and scent make my cock ache even more.

Her clit is erect as I lick around it before slipping my tongue deep inside her. Her pussy seems to grip my tongue as it slides in and out. My mind goes crazy with desire. If I were unlocked right now Mary would get the roughest fuck she ever had in her life. Mary has several orgasms as I lick her wet pussy before she pushes me back. “MMM that felt so good. I want to please you but your chastity is in the way. Maybe there is another way. Follow me.” Mary says as she climbs off the bed. I walk with her out to the kitchen watching her bare buttocks bounce.

“Take off your clothes and wait here.” Mary says stopping me near the kitchen table. I slowly take off my clothes feeling the cool pre cum string from the cage. Mary returns holding some rope with a big smile on her face. “Get up here and get on all fours.” She says slapping her hand on the table. She pulls my hands down by my ankles as I kneel on the table with my feet hanging off the edge. With the rope she ties my wrists to my ankles. Mary spreads my feet wider apart before tying the rope to the table leg.

My head rests on the table as my ass sticks out exposing my balls and straining cock. I hear Mary walking around like she is collecting things as she opens and closes drawers. “This might be a little cool.” Mary says just before I feel the cold fluid drips on my anus. Mary then walks beside the table fitting her small panties over my head. All I can smell is the wet crotch of her panties as she walks behind me. I moan and my body tenses as her finger presses at my anus.

“What are you doing?” I ask when her finger slips into the tight hole of my anus. “Relax I am not going to hurt you. This should feel pretty good if calm down and go with it.” She says pushing her finger deeper. Before long Mary has two fingers deep in my ass as she slowly moves them back and forth. Pre cum oozes from my cock as the strange feeling is becoming more pleasurable. Mary reaches under my body and pinches my nipples softly rolling them between her fingers.

I moan when she runs her fingernails across my exposed balls a chill running up my spine. A great sense of pleasure overcomes me, I moan as her finger touches something inside me. “Ah there it is.” I hear her say. The sensation has me flexing my hips as more pre cum oozes from my cock. I inhale her scent as her fingers drive me crazy with the need to orgasm. Her soft hand rubs over my buttocks and balls while her fingers slowly work inside me.

I moan and tense my body wanting to feel my cock erect I want to cum so bad. Mary slowly moves her finger tips in and out in shorts strokes. I feel the urge to orgasm constantly while her fingers are deep inside me. It seems like an hour has past when I hear Mary again. “Ah there it is.” I feel pre cum oozing from my cock as she talks. Mary works her fingers a little faster as more pre cum oozes from my cock. The sensation is overwhelming my hips flex my balls ache and I want to fuck her so bad. “Seems to be all of it.” Mary says.

“I just want to make sure.” She goes on to say pressing her fingers harder inside my body for another ten minutes. “I feel more drops of pre cum ooze from cock while she massages my balls. “That should do it.” She says pulling her fingers from my anus. I then feel a warm rag wiping around my anus and my inner thighs. She wipes off the cage very carefully poking her finger between the rings of the cage. Mary shakes the cage a few times and wipes it off some more before she unties me.

“Wow that was intense what did you do?” I ask Mary as I get dressed. “Just a little trick I discovered with my last boyfriend. I hope it made you feel good.” She says with a smile. “It was good yes I just wish this thing was off I need to cum so bad.” I say as I buckle my pants. Mary steps closer to wrap her arm around me as we walk toward the door. “Stop back by before you go home Jim.” She says holding the door knob. “I will try Mary I have a lot of work to get done.” I tell her.

She holds the door knob as we talk her bare thighs shaven pussy and rock hard nipples clearly visible. “You want me to call Candy and tell her the things you have been doing do you?” She says with a smile. “I’ll be here around four.” I tell before heading out the door. I walk back into the office around one thirty thinking to myself ‘Wow two hours I was with Mary’. My cock still strains in the cage as I hear the heels click across the floor all afternoon.

I look out every now and then to see Joan or Sharon walk by my door. I stare at their ass and bouncing breasts. I look over at the clock and see it is nearly three thirty and place my papers in my briefcase before stepping out from behind my desk. “Hey Joan, I am going to meet with Tom from Ranger Hydraulics. I will send you an email if we need to order anything. Otherwise I will see you two lovely ladies tomorrow.” I say closing my office door. “Have a hot date?” Joan asks with a smile.

Her sexy voice makes my cock pulsate in its confines as her breasts jiggle in her low cut top. Holding my caged cock the entire way to Mary’s house as it continues to try and erect. Mary opens her door as I approach dressed in a robe this time. Mary soon has me bound naked as I bend over the back of her sofa shortly after I arrive. I feel the cool fluid on my anus again just before her finger rubs around it.

I moan as she begins sliding her fingers in my anus again. I listen to the soft porn video she has playing in the DVD player. The women moan and scream in obvious pleasure. It doesn’t take long before I feel pre cum ooze from my cock. Mary continues to work her fingers in and out pressing harder and deeper. Her warm hand holds my caged cock as her finger assault my ass. My balls ache more every minute as she continues.

I feel her knuckles pressing against my buttocks as her finger go deep inside. She works her finger in and out of my ass for almost an hour before she pulls them free. Again I feel a warm rag wiping off my pre cum covered cage and my thighs. Mary walks to the front of the sofa as I look up as best I can. Her bare ass moves toward my face as she holds my head. “I played with your ass now you can give me a little lick and kiss.” She says pushing her anus to my lips.

Mary moans as I lick her tight puckered opening. Her hips move up and down slowly while she pushes my face tightly against her ass. My balls ache so bad it feels like I am going to explode as my cock swells tighter in the cage. “You better get going before Candy calls you.” Mary says pulling away from my face and untying me. I get my clothes adjusted and use Mary’s bathroom to wash up a little before heading home.

I open the door at my apartment to see Candy sitting on the sofa in her robe. I hold my caged cock as I close the door with my foot. Her bare thighs make my mouth water. “Hi honey.” Candy says with a huge smile as she walks toward me opening her robe. I place my briefcase down before we hug. Our mouths soon locked in a deep passionate kiss. I feel her bare breasts press into my chest and her hands grip my buttocks. “Mmm I love coming home.” I say as she pulls back. “Well you will love what comes next then. Put the cuffs on and I will show you.” Candy says with a smile.

I quickly go to the bedroom and strip down. I buckle the cuffs in place before walking back out to the living room. Candy strolls out of the kitchen with a glass of water as she smiles at me. “On the bed big boy!” She says dropping her robe to the floor. My cock immediately aches at the sight of her exposed body. I walk back to the bed and lay out spread. She swiftly secures me to the bed before sitting by my side to fondle my aching balls. After several minutes she heads for the bathroom.

I look up as Candy returns her body totally nude her breasts bouncing so nicely holding a cloth in her hand. The cage that traps my cock is quickly removed as is the ring from behind my balls. I moan in pleasure as I feel my cock swell to full erection. The warm rag makes me moan more as Candy softly washes my rock hard cock. She places the rag on the night stand before straddling my body. I lift my hips as she guides my hard cock to her hot wet pussy.

“Easy big boy you can’t be that horny.” Candy says as she presses her hot pussy lips to the head of my cock. Slowly she lifts and lowers her body pushing her pussy down my cock a little more each time. “Oh that feels so good.” Candy moans as she pinches her own nipples. Before long she lifts and lowers her pussy on my cock faster and harder. Her buttocks bounce off my thighs with each stroke. Her breathing becomes heavier with her deep groans.

I want to cum so bad but the feeling just hasn’t come yet. Candy bounces up and down as her pussy grips my cock tightly. My cock is harder than ever and I want to cum. I am little confused as Candy has a second orgasm riding my hard cock. ‘Why haven’t I cum yet?” I question myself just before Candy lifts her fine body away from mine. “Ah that’s sweet you didn’t want to cum before me. I like that Jimt.” Candy says rubbing her wet pussy.

She runs her finger up the underside of cock giggling as my cock twitches. I close my eyes as Candy continues teasing my aching erection. She presses her nipple to my lips while her hand massages my aching balls. “Well since you didn’t cum I think we should save it another day.” Candy says giving my balls a gentle squeeze. Candy presses her other nipple to my lips while holding my head. I hear her moan several times as I lick around it.

“It is time to go get some dinner!” Candy says giving my balls a gentle slap. She slips off the bed and goes into the bathroom. Walking back with a rag she has a huge smile on her face. Her eyes concentrate on my still hard cock as she places the rag on it. Her eyes widen as does her smile the closer she gets. I pull at the bonds feeling the ice cubes through the rag as she holds it in place. My whole body tenses as the my balls ache more with as the ice filled rag is held in place.

She leans down to kiss me as she holds the rag in place. I feel a tear on my face as my desire to orgasm has grown far beyond anything I have ever experienced. My balls feel like they are going to explode and my cock so sensitive it hurts. Candy licks the tear from my face and asks. “Ah it’s not that bad Jim is it?” I see her smile down at me. “I can leave you unlocked we don’t have to do this.” She says pulling the ice filled rag away from my body.

Candy holds the rag in her hand as she says. “I just love the way it looks it on you. I love the control I have. All this makes me so horny I want sex all the time.” I close my eyes, ‘If she only knew’ I think to myself. “No sweetie it is the cold, the ice.” I tell her quickly. She slowly places the rag back on my cock and balls. I gasp for air and tense once again as she presses it harder against my hard cock.

I soon feel my cock and the ache in my balls less and less. Candy places the ring around the base of my balls and slips the cage over my cold cock. I look at Candy as she fits the lock in the small hole before looking me in the eye. I see the twinkle in her eye and the huge smile on her face I hear the lock ‘CLICK’ shut. “There it looks so good I almost to take it off and give you a blow job.” Candy says turning to get off the bed.

I am released from the bed and remove the leather cuffs as I stretch out my sore muscles. My balls ache more in need now than I have every felt. Watching Candy as she dresses only makes my desire to orgasm stronger. Seeing her tight panties covering her ass as she lifts her arms makes me hold my caged cock. Her buttocks jiggle as she shakes her body making the dress slide down over her ass. Hearing her heels click across the floor brings back so many memories.

Candy and I have a very pleasant dinner in the café overlooking a lake. ‘Shall I tell her about Mary?’ I question myself. Half in a trance as I listen to Candy talk and watch her body move. My balls continue ache as the thoughts of sex continuously run through my head. I feel my anus twitch from the assaults earlier today making my cock attempt to swell. I feel pre cum ooze from my cock sending a chill up my spine. My cock tries to erect more as I watch Candy walk off to the bathroom the tight dress hugging her every curve.

We walk along the lake shore hand in hand for an hour or so. I carry her heels in my hand as we walk along the sandy shore line. I hold her close in dim moonlight quietly looking out as moon reflects off the water my hand resting on her firm buttocks. I feel her hot body pressing against mine as more pre cum seeps out onto my boxers. Another hour passes as well cuddle on bench by the shore before heading home. My cock attempts to erect all the time now.

My balls really ache as I watch Candy take off her clothes and slip into a lacey satin nightie. I wake up several times during the night when my cock pulsates in the small cage and sticky pre cum on my thigh. I feel Candy’s bare smooth hot leg across my thigh as it rests against the cage. I try to get some sleep as my cock feels so constrained. My thoughts and visions more focused on pleasing Candy than ever.

“Wake up Jim it is a new wonderful day.” I hear Candy say just before I feel her body straddle mine. Before I can say anything as I turn over on my back her pussy covers my mouth and nose. “Oh God yes.” Candy moans out. “This feels so good in the morning Jim, if only knew how good?” She questions rubbing her pussy tightly against my face.

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