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I hold my confined cock as I stand in the shower wondering what do about Mary. Shall I tell Candy or will it affect our relationship? I am so horny and confused. “Jim it is getting late, you doing okay in there?” I hear Candy say as she walks into the bathroom. I quickly begin rinsing my head and chest. “Yes I am fine just enjoying the warm water.” I tell her. “I just wanted to make sure.” She says as she steps in the shower behind me.

I feel a chill run up my body starting in my balls as Candy presses her hot body against my back. Looking down I can see goose bumps on my thighs. I moan lightly and close my eyes when her fingers pinch my nipples lightly. Her breasts rest on my back as she reaches around my body, her stomach rubs across my buttocks. My mind is spinning with thoughts about Candy and how I want to fuck her so bad I mean just ravish and pound her body.

“I better get moving or I will be late.” I tell Candy as I turn to kiss her. I dry off in the bedroom before getting dressed still pondering what to do about Mary. My heart melts as I see Candy walk from the bathroom nude except the towel around her head. My blood feels like pure energy in my veins as I see her breasts bounce and her hips sway from side to side. Her nipples are fully erect as she presses them against my chest giving me a hug.

“I hope you have a good day at work. It would be nice if you were home more.” Candy says her hug gets tighter as she talks. “I know Sweetie I will try to be here more for you.” I say holding her head up to kiss her lips. “I would love to stay home with you all day. I might not get much work done but it would be a great joy. I better get going.” I go on to say. With briefcase in hand I head out to work.

Sitting behind my desk at work I look up when I hear the office door. Sharon walks in with a smile on her face. “Joan called me and said she had to go to the doctor this morning but she will be in around one.” She says standing in my doorway. I think I heard about half of what she said as I looked at her very short skirt and bare thighs. The ache in my balls began immediately when I saw her stop there.

Sharon and Joan must have remodeled the office as I see Sharon sit behind the table which is now right in front of my door. I can see under the table as her knees part, my train of thought suddenly stopped. Sharon spread her knees everything between them visible under her desk as she leans back in the chair. All I know is she forgot to put panties on the dark lips of her pussy clearly visible. I reach down and hold my caged cock as it pushes outward tightly on the cage.

I look up to see Sharon watching me as I stare. I feel my face heat up while I pretend to be busy as visions of Candy run through my mind. I hold my aching balls before I glance at Sharon as she looks under my desk at my hand. I look over at my phone and slowly pull my hand up on top of the desk. Looking out under her desk every few seconds makes my balls ache more. I am not sure I can do this all day.

I put some papers in my brief case and head toward the door. “I am going to be working from home this afternoon if anything comes up.” I say looking at Sharon as pre cum runs down my inner thigh. She leans forward over the table almost like she wanted me to look into her clearly visible cleavage. I feel the cage twitch in my pants as I can see deep between her breasts. “Call me if anything comes up.” I tell her as I turn for the door. “I’d like to see something COME up.” I hear Sharon whisper to herself.

I walk in the door at my apartment and it is very quiet. “Candy you home?” I yell out with no reply. Placing my brief case on the coffee table I open it up and look through some of the invoices from the last week. Several hours pass before Candy tries to unlock the door and enters. “Hi Sweetie.” I say as I sit on the sofa with my laptop. “Hi honey.” She says with a smile. “I was out to lunch with Mary I wasn’t expecting you home.” She goes on to say. Many things run through my mind when she mentioned Mary.

“How was lunch? Discuss anything fun or important?” I ask trying to find out what they talked about. “No the normal girl stuff. Gossip about everyone in town you know how women are.” She says placing her purse on the kitchen table. “You didn’t talk about me?” I ask with a sad voice. “No honey I wouldn’t talk about you, you know that.” Candy says leaning over the back of the sofa to kiss me. “We walked around the park for a while and my feet hurt now.” She said as she slips off her low heels.

“I can massage them if you like Sweetie.” I look over at her to say as I place my laptop on the coffee table. Candy sits down on the sofa and leans back on the arm rest. She lifts her feet one at a time to place them on my lap giving me a brief look at her tight panties. I wrap my hands around her left foot working from the toes to her heel. I massage with my fingers on the bottom of her foot and my thumbs working to top. I press slowly with my fingers working in a circular motion. Candy moans softly and closes her eyes.

I cannot resist the chance to look up her short skirt as I massage her feet. I take a quick peek to see her white panties tightly covering her smooth pubic mound. My balls begin to ache as she moans again. My eyes peer between her legs at the soft skin of her inner thighs. I love how the elastic band of her panties tightly hugs the skin as it goes over her thigh, making a depression in her skin. I look back at her feet as my cock begins to harden in the cage as the rings tighten on it.

I massage both her feet for almost half an hour before she slips one foot to the floor. My eyes quickly glance between her thighs to watch her thighs part. I moan to myself when I see the entire crotch of her panties with her thighs spread wide. It is a real short but very much appreciated view. “mmmm You look so sexy Sweetie.” I tell Candy as she stands in front of the sofa. “Thank you Jim and thank you for the foot massage that felt awesome.” She says as she leans down to kiss me. I hold my caged cock as her buttocks sway under her short skirt before she disappears into the bedroom.

The rest of the day was fairly relaxing while I worked and watched Candy walk back and forth now and then. Candy walks in the bedroom around three to tell me she is going out back to lay out. I look up and see her wearing her string bikini. My mind just goes blank as I thought so hard about a project I am working on then to visions of sex. “Oh okay.” I say as my thoughts straighten out. I close up my laptop awhile later and look out the window. The bottoms of feet are toward the window as my eyes follow her legs upward.

The sunlight reflects off the lotion covered skin of her calves and thighs. The bottom of her bikini barely covers the crack between her buttocks. I feel my hand pull up on my caged cock when I notice her top was untied her back is bare from her buttocks to her neck. All I can do is look and stare out at her beauty. Thoughts of ravishing sex roam through my mind over and over. Remembering how I held her hips as we made love doggie style.

I can smell her scent in my mind as I watch her buttocks shift as she spreads her feet slightly. The thin part of her bikini covers just enough between her thighs to make my imagination work overtime. I am taken out of my trance by the ring of my cell phone. “This is Jim.” I say answering my phone as I walk back to the living room. “Hi Jim this is Mary I would love to see you right now but I just came from your office and you are not there.” I hear Mary say with a questioning tone.

“Yes I have more important things to take of here at home right now.” I tell her. “Well I better get to see you tomorrow or my lunch with Candy may go a little differently next time.” Mary says in a different tone of voice just before the line goes dead. I hang up the phone and rub the back of my head as I think. ‘What am I to do about this?’ I think over and over as I head to the bathroom. I hold my head in my hands as I sit to pee and to think. “Everything okay Jim?” I hear Candy ask as she stands in the doorway.

I look up quickly at her. “Yes, just waiting for my attempt at an erection to go down so I can pee. I saw you out back through the window.” I smile as I reply. Candy smiles as she turns shaking her ass through the doorway. “That doesn’t help you know.” I tell her laughing. Candy walks into the bathroom and kisses me. “I know but I love how you always make remarks about my body. I love that you are thinking of me all the time.” She says before walking off to the bedroom. “I was thinking about pizza does that good?” I hear Candy ask from the bedroom.

“Ya that sounds great.” I tell her. It takes several minutes before my urine starts to flow. Shaking off the cage I pull up my shorts and head out to the living room. We watch some TV waiting on the pizza Candy rests her head on my lap my hand gently rubbing her soft buttock. The doorbell startles Candy as her body jumps when it buzzes. She jumps up and swiftly walks to the door I can’t help but watch her ass.

We sit and eat a few pieces of pizza before the doorbell buzzes again. “Oh hi Mary, come on in.” I hear Candy say at the door and near cough out my pizza. I hold my composure as Candy and Mary walk back into the room. I watch TV as they approach as if I didn’t while I listen to them talk. Mary talks about the make-up deals at the mall and some hot guy she saw. Candy offers her a piece of pizza which she refuses. “I have to watch my figure.” Mary says rubbing her ass.

Mary is on her way out short time later while I clean up in the living room. “It must be nice to have a man clean up after you.” Mary says to Candy as she steps outside the door. “I have him trained just right.” Candy says with a laugh. I hear the door close while I am in the kitchen. “I was just kidding you know?” Candy says walking up behind me. I turn around to her smile as she hugs me. “I would have cleaned up if you would have let me.” She says hugging me tightly. “It’s no big deal Sweetie I love taking care of you.” I tell then kiss her neck just behind her ear.

We drink a few glasses of wine before we head for the shower. The warm water and her naked body soon have my cock straining in the cage again. “Here you can shave me this time.” Candy says holding up the razor. “I don’t think there is enough room in here.” I say looking around. “Okay well, maybe on the bed then with a bowl.” Candy says with a smile. “It would be my pleasure.” I say as I lean in to kiss her. I step out of the shower and head to the kitchen.

I stand at the sink with nothing on but the cage filling a large bowl with hot water as my balls ache. Candy is on the edge of the bed with her thighs spread wide when I walk back in. “You look so inviting.” I tell her. She smiles as I place the bowl on the floor between her spread feet. I look up between her thighs to see her dark pussy lips standing out making my cock pulsate a few times in its confines. I spread the shaving cream all over between her thigh and across her pubic mound. Candy gasps a little as the shaving cream is I a little cold at first touch.

I soon have her intimate parts covered in white shaving cream. I hold the razor up and raise my eye brows a few times as I look her in the eyes. Softly I pull the razor across her sensitive skin. I pull on her inner thigh stretching her skin as I shave close to her pussy lip. Candy flinches a little as the razor slides near her anus. I shave outward on her buttocks and inner thighs and work back toward her anus.

“That tickles.” She says with a short giggle. I shave as far down between her buttocks as I can reach which I a little past her anus. I wet the rag with the warm water and wipe off the remains watching as her pussy lips spread exposing the light pink skin inside. “You should use your tongue to ensure sure you got all the hair.” Candy says with a smile. I pause for a second before I realize what she meant.

Holding the underside of her thighs I lean between them and lick across her pubic mound. Sliding the razor over every stub I find with my tongue. I lick her inner thighs before my slides up the outer edges of her pussy lips. Finding some short stubs close to her pussy lips I slide the razor carefully close them. I watch the folds of her skin closely as I stretch it. I feel pre cum ooze from my cock as I lick around her anus. I hear her moan softly as my tongue glides across her most sensitive areas.

I am wiping her clean shaven pussy with the rag when Candy hands me a bottle and says. “Here is some lotion be a dear and rub some of this on me.” I take the lotion and start at her feet massaging the lotion into her soft skin. I hear her gasp when I squirt some more cold lotion on her leg. “Hold on a second.” I say after I spread and rub the lotion in her calf. I take the bowl to the bathroom to wash it out and fill it half way with hot water. I place the lotion in the hot water before returning to the bedroom. I see Candy had slid up on the bed now lying in the center of the bed.

I shake the lotion bottle after placing the bowl on the night stand and put it back in the water. I wait a few minutes as I rub her soft leg for lotion to warm a little. I dry off the bottle before squirting the warm lotion out onto her soft thigh. My cock straining very hard as I straddle her thigh looking down into her damp pussy. I feel my hand glide across her smooth skin as I work in the lotion. I massage lotion into her skin all the way up to her neck. I place the lotion in the hot water and rub her outer hip.

“All done with this side let me get us another glass of wine before you turn over.” I say as I get off the bed. Candy leans up and takes a few sips of the wine before she turns over on the bed. I start at her feet and work up her body gently massaging the lotion into her skin. Lightly I rub the lotion across her thighs buttocks and back. When I finish rubbing the lotion into the back and sides of her neck I notice she is fast asleep. Grabbing a blanket from the closet I cover her up and quietly clean up. I lie down beside her and watch her face as she sleeps.

“It is time to wake up Jim.” I hear Candy say as the bed moves. I open my eyes to see her leg moving above my face. ‘What a morning it is.’ I think to myself as I look up at her lovely ass and spread pussy coming closer to my face. ‘I wished mornings could last forever.’ I think as the scent of her womanhood is inhaled through my nostrils. My tongue slips deep inside her while her hair tickles my inner thighs. I moan when I feel her tongue licking my exposed balls before it slips between the rings of the cage. Candy moans in pleasure with my balls in her hand squeezing them gently each time her body tenses.

Her buttocks begin to tighten on my face each time her hips twitch. Her anus presses down harder on my nose as her juices flow freely. Candy soon lifts her upper body and begins grinding her pussy against my face. Her body tenses more with each grunt and squirt of fluids. Her long hair brushes across my stomach thighs and cock cage. I see her buttocks move as her muscles tighten and loosen which makes my cock want to erect even more. Her hands rest on my hips as my cock pulsates in the small metal cage.

Candy all too soon lifts off my face and turns to lie down beside me. “I just love mornings.” Candy says before she nibbles my ear. I can feel her warm breath on my ear as she nibbles and whispers. “We are going to have so much fun together Jim.” She whispers softly. I smile and turn my head to kiss her soft lips. “I better get going the bills aren’t going to pay themselves.” I say before I slip off the bed. I get dressed and have a cup of coffee with Candy before I head out the door.

My phone chimes around ten looking at it to see I have a text message. ‘This is Mary you didn’t forget our eleven o’clock date did you?’ My mind wants tell her to fuck off but I close up my brief case and head out to lunch. I knock and Mary’s door just before eleven. Mary opens the door with a smile and invites me in. “I think we should play in the bedroom today Jim. Come on in and take those clothes off.” Mary says walking into her bedroom.

I follow her in and strip off my clothes while watching her strip down the panties and bra. “Just lie down and leave the rest to me.” Mary says pointing at the bed. I adjust my body on the bed as Mary pulls several ropes from her closet. She ties each wrist and ankle so I am bound spread wide before she removes her bra and panties. Mary wastes no time straddling my face with her hands on the headboard. Pressing her pussy to my face she says. “Lick it good or you will pay Jimmy boy.”

My eyes widen hearing her words as I watch her heavy breasts sway above me. Her pussy is soon presses harder on my face as her orgasm overcomes her. Her hips flex back and forth making her swollen pussy lips spread around my nose. Her juices run up my nose and down my cheeks as she moans pulling at the headboard. Mary bucks so hard I feel my tongue trapped between her body and teeth several times before she calms.

Mary lifts off my face to lie down beside me. She quickly has my caged cock and exposed balls in her hand squeezing my balls tightly. “Good thing Candy has this thing locked up or would have some fun torturing it.” She says just before she slaps my already aching balls. I pull at the bonds as Mary holds the cock cage up and slaps my hanging balls three or four times. I look down to see opening her mouth toward my balls when her doorbell rings.

Mary slaps my balls one last time very hard. I strain in the bonds trying to pull my legs together but the ropes hold tight. “Oh hi Candy.” I hear Mary say before the door closes. “Hi Mary I just wanted to stop by to see if you wanted to go get some lunch. I stopped by Jim’s office and he isn’t there.” I hear Candy say. My heart pounds faster and faster. “Well I would love to Candy but I have an appointment at the doctor’s office in half an hour. Jim isn’t at work huh sure hope he isn’t cheating on you.” I hear Mary say with a laugh.

“I don’t think Jim would cheat on me. Besides he can’t have too much fun anyway being locked up.” Candy says with a giggle. “I have an idea.” Mary exclaims then continues. “You should let me hold the key that way you couldn’t unlock him.” I hear nothing for several seconds. “I will have to talk to Jim about that seems a little risky to me.” Candy says. I look over at the half open door as feel a sneeze coming on. I concentrate on holding the sneeze back breathing through my mouth.

I heard the front door close then see Mary walking back into the room with her robe half off. I can’t help but stare at her bulging breasts as they bounce from side to side. “Look at what I have.” Mary says with a large grin as she swings the key from her finger. She sits very hard on the bed looking down at me. “Now let’s really have some fun.” She as she unlocks the device from my cock.

Mary begins stroking my cock slowly as it quickly erects with her other hand firmly holding my balls. I feel my orgasm coming on very quickly as she strokes my hard cock rapidly. I lift my hips in anticipation of a powerful orgasm but moan in agony as she releases it. I buck my hips wildly wanting just a little more stimulation, one more stroke, one more touch anything. “I sorry my hand slipped off.” Mary says before she breaks out laughing. I feel the bed move and watch Mary as she walks to the closet her big buttocks sway and bounce.

Again Mary returns with a rope in her hand. She leans over my body and begins wrapping the rope around the base of my cock and balls pulling it tight with each wrap. I feel her pulling at my balls as the rope wraps around the base outward from my cock. I feel my balls tingle as she pulls the rope tight around the base. I feel my cock get harder like it will explode as Mary tugs on the rope ends tying them in a knot. “There that should do it.” Mary says before heading back to the closet.

I struggle in the bonds as I see her come back with a small cane and a long handle wooden spoon. She stands by the bed and swings the cane though the air with a whistle. She smiles rubbing it against my hard cock. I hear the bed frame squeak when I pull at the rope as Mary slaps the cane down on my rock hard cock. I feel intense pain just below the head a stinging line across my cock. I scream out in pain as she hits my cock five or six times in a row several on each side and two on the head.

My eyes are closed as I try to deal with the pain when I scream out with more pain. My right ball feels like it has been crushed as I look down to see the wooden spoon hit my left ball. I scream out again and feel her stuff her worn panties in my mouth. I wiggle my body from left to right as she holds the base of my bound balls. I moan through her panties as she slaps the spoon down on my balls, first the right then the left. I continue to pull at the bonds and try to move.

Mary climbs up on the bed and straddles my body facing my feet before continuing her assault. My balls are sore the intense pain gets less as the dull ache gets much stronger. I pull at the bonds constantly now as she uses the cane lightly on my bound balls. I hear Mary laughing as the cane sends shocks up through my groin into my stomach. She soon rolls off my body and begins untying my bound cock and balls. I lift my head to see her untie the knot before looking up at me.

Mary smiles and says. “Are you ready Jimmy boy? Oh well.” She says as she pulls hard on the rope. I scream into her panties as the rope shifts my balls from side to side rapidly as it unwraps around the base of my balls. “Let’s do that again.” Mary says as I lift my head staring wide eyed into her eyes. “Okay I will let go this time.” She says as she removes the rope from my cock. My balls are so sore it hurts to even touch them moaning as Mary locks the metal cage back over my now very flaccid cock.

“Well that wasn’t bad for the first time Jimmy boy. I can’t wait till next time when I have some more toys to use on you.” Mary says removing the ropes from my ankles and wrists. “You better get going Candy is supposed to be back in a few minutes.” She goes on to say. I quickly get dressed and head out her back door to and make the short walk back to my office. My balls ache the whole way back to the office. Joan smiles up at me as I walk passed her desk. “Hi Jim I hope you’re having a pleasant day.” She says.

“Oh Jim!” Sharon speaks out. “Candy came by looking for you earlier. I told her you had to go see a vendor about some REAL IMPORTANT parts.” She goes on to say with a wink of one eye. Just as I sit down behind my desk I look out to see Sharon spreading her knees apart. The sun shines through my office window right between her legs. My balls ache so bad I am not sure I could get erect even if I wanted to. Sharon smiles as she reaches down massaging herself as I watch.

Several minutes later Candy and Mary walk into the office. “Hi Jim sorry I missed you earlier.” Candy says kissing me on the cheek. “You want to go get some lunch with Mary and I?” She goes on to ask. “No I have a lot of work to get done this afternoon.” I say looking at Candy then Mary. “Okay well maybe we all can go out to lunch tomorrow then?” Candy asks looking at me then Mary.

Sharon steps into my office and asks. “Candy, May I speak with you for a minute?” “Sure.” Candy says with a smile. Sharon step closer to Candy and whispers in her ear. Candy smiles and looks at Sharon and Mary before she says. “Yes Jim is still locked in ‘That little metal cage’. Oh!” Candy says with a pause. “I gave the key to Mary to hold on to for a few days so I would not have to fight the urge to unlock him.” She goes on to say stepping closer to me. She hugs me from the side and says. “It will be a lot of fun for us.”

I look up to see Mary swinging the key from her finger her face covered with a huge smile. I feel my balls ache as visions of the wooden spoon and cane replay in my mind. “Why did you give her the key Candy?” I ask in a stern voice. “Oh Jim I was going to make you wait a few days anyway. This way WE don’t have a choice.” Candy says hugging me tighter. “Besides you said you wanted to try being locked for longer time periods anyway.” She says.

I watch as Candy and Mary step out into the office to chat with Joan and Sharon. I sit at my desk and watch my mind going wild seeing four lovely ladies in my office. I see them smiling and laughing as they talk. I pause with a concerned look as Sharon lifts her skirt and points to the table she sits at then into my office. Mary holds her hand over mouth as she laughs while Candy walks back into my office. She walks around the desk before she says. “I love how Sharon teases you. It is cool with me because I know all your cum is mine.” Candy says before kissing me.

I see Mary point at me waving the key before Candy and her leave the office.

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