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I tossed and turned all night as I felt for Candy next to me. We haven’t been together that long but she has really grown on me. Looking over at the clock I see the alarm will go off in about thirty minutes. Reaching down I hold my caged cock wishing so badly I could just stroke my cock a few times. My fingertips press gently on my big balls.

Imagines of Candy above me as she straddles my body and face run through my head non-stop. I see her beautiful body exposed over my face as lowers very slowly, the goose bumps on her skin standing out. I see each small wrinkle in the soft pink skin of her pussy lips. I see her hard clit poke out from under its protective hood. I feel her warm thighs on my shoulders and face. The images and feelings seem very real as I feel my cock filling the cage.

I moan in frustration as I feel the pressure of the cage constricting my desired erection. Holding the cage I can almost feel my hand sliding up and down the length of my cock in my mind. Remembering how it felt to just grab it and stroke all I wanted. It felt so good when I could do that but now I have to rely on Candy to allow it. I hear myself moan as my cock aches as it tries to break free of the cage.

This wanting feeling I have has been my desire for a long time. To be controlled and denied access to one of life’s simplest and greatest pleasures. Visions of Candy keep appearing in my mind she is now walking across the living room in her short robe. I can only watch her long smooth legs as her beauty glides across the floor. Her curvy buttocks shaking the end of the robe.

I am quickly brought to the present as my phone rings. Picking it up as it rings again I see it is Candy. “Hello Sweetie. I REALLY miss your gorgeous body and mind. I hope your mother is doing better.” I say. “Good morning Jim and thank you I miss you too. Mom is about the same, her sister and brother are her too.” Candy says with a soft voice. “I wanted to make sure you are awake.” She goes on to say.

“Oh yes I have been laying her thinking of you for a while now.” I say with a smile on my face. “Oh! I hope they were good thoughts.” She replies. “Well let’s just say the thoughts were warm sensual and VERY erotic. Which doesn’t help my current predicament.” I tell her in a loving voice. “I know, like I said I will make it up to you when I get back. I better run I hear them coming. I will call you later, I love you.” She tells me. “I love you too Candy and miss you A LOT.” I say before the line goes dead.

I get up and hop in the shower taking my time as I get ready for a day at the office. I arrive at work a few minutes early to see the cleaning lady still at work. Today she is wearing a short skirt and tight top which looks very sexy. I see her bend over to pick something up off the floor as I sit behind my desk. Her red panties in full view as her knees part slightly. I look the other way after a short stare feeling my cock pulsate from the view.

The secretaries arrive both giggling and laughing as they walk through the door. “Good morning ladies.” I say smiling out at them. “I already made some coffee if you would like some.” I go on to say. “Oh that’s nice Jim thanks.” I hear Joan reply and watch as she looks puzzled at the Rhonda. Thinking about it I guess I haven’t made coffee at work before and it would seem a little strange.

Rhonda stops by my door and thanks me for the coffee. I look up to see her leaning against the door jamb her shiny heels first catch my eye. Four or five inch heels that are a shiny red color with her small toes visible at the tip. Her slender long legs encased in sheer light tan nylon stockings. Her short dress stopping about mid-thigh and her top cut low enough to leave her cleavage exposed. Her shoulder length blonde hair slightly curled and the smile on her face made me melt in the chair.

I shake my head thinking I am in a trance and reply, “No problem at all Rhonda glad you like it. I had to practice a lot to make coffee that good.” I say with a laugh. Rhonda laughs as I watch her breasts jiggle in their confines. I hear her heels clicking across the floor as she walks away. Her lovely body reminds me of Candy as I watch her swaying ass. I try to concentrate on work realizing I spend a lot of time thinking of Candy and sex, the two best things in my life.

My cell phone starts to ring around nine thirty and close the file cabinet and answer it. “This is Jim.” I say with a joyful voice. “Hi Jim I hope your day is going well.” I hear Candy say. “It just got better.” I quickly reply. “Ah how sweet.” Candy says. “Hey I talked to Mary and she needs some help Saturday if you have time. She is moving something in her back yard and said it is heavy. I told her I would ask you.” Candy goes on to say. “Sure just tell her to call me when she is ready. How are things there?” I ask.

“Mom is better but her brother is still concerned. I am enjoying the visit with them they are so down to earth if you know what I mean.” Candy says with a laugh. “Yes I know what you mean.” I say not having a clue what she meant. “I really miss you Candy and I REALLY need you.” I say quietly as I look out in the office. “I miss you too Jim and hope to be back in a day or two. We are headed out to brunch so I will call later ok? Love you.” Candy says making a kissing sound into the phone.

The line goes dead and I place the phone down to continue with my work. ‘Knock knock’ I hear on the door behind me. “Hey Jim what are you doing this weekend, it is Friday you know.” I hear Joan say as she standing the doorway. “Come on in. Well not sure about the weekend yet I may come in and catch up on some of these files.” I say slipping a folder in place. “Well that is not any fun. Maybe you can come over for a BBQ or something?” She asks in a questioning voice.

“That does sound fun but it will have to be Sunday I have to help a friend tomorrow.” I say turning to talk with her. Her open sweater and very low cut top catch my eye right away. Her small breasts pressed tightly together as she leans forward as she sits on the edge of the seat. She sits up and says “Great I will call you tomorrow night and check.” Watching as she stands her tight slacks hugging every curve.

Her buttocks thin and flatter than Rhonda’s still shake as she walks away. I take a double look at the tight material across her ass and do not see any panty lines. My cock swells as I watch her walk, the heels clicking on the floor and her buttocks shaking. I sit and watch the two of them walk back and forth most of the afternoon, my cock constantly straining. My cell phone chimes at four PM.

I look down to see a text message icon. Opening the text I see it is from Mary. ‘Hello Jim. I just talked with Candy about tomorrow, she is cool with it. I need help moving some potted plants, it shouldn’t take too long. I was thinking about eleven or so in the morning is that good for you?’ I hit the reply and typed in, ‘Eleven is good I will wear my working clothes smiley face’ and hit the send button.

I watch Rhonda and Joan walk across the parking lot after locking the office door. Joan smiles back at me as she slips into her car. I drive home to make me sandwich and grab a beer. I sit on the sofa and look down toward the other end as I remember seeing Candy sitting there. My cock aches as I see in my mind visions of her panties and smooth legs. I hold my caged cock several more times as it tries to erect before I drift off to sleep.

I wake up hearing myself moan as feel the ache in my groin. Sitting up on the sofa I cup the cage wishing I could stroke my cock or even feel it fully erect if only for a minute. I head for the bathroom where I sit to pee as look over at the shower remembering how beautiful Candy looks standing in their naked. It is hard to pee when my cock is trying so hard to erect in the cage not leaving much room to pee through.

I head for the bed and try to think about work to make my attempt at an erection go away. Visions of Rhonda and Joan keep filling my head. Their heels clicking on the floor, their low cut tops and swaying asses. My cock tries harder to swell in its bondage. I head back to the bathroom and strip off my shorts before stepping in the shower. I gasp as the cold water hits my body making me forget about the sexy visions as my urge for erection quickly goes away. I dry myself off and head for the warm bed.

I wake and look over at the clock and see it is nearly nine AM and climb out of bed to get dressed. Wondering what to wear I look outside and see the sun shining brightly. I decide on shorts and t-shirt for today. I sit to slip on my underwear and think to myself ‘Why wear underwear no need with the cage’. Tossing the underwear back in the drawer I slip on my loose short and t-shirt. After a light breakfast with several cups of coffee I decide to head over to Mary’s house.

I knock on her door a little early around ten forty five. The door opens and I see Mary still in a short cotton robe. “Hi Jim you are early I was just getting dressed. You weren’t trying catch a peek were you?” Mary says with a laugh as she looks down at my crotch. “Come on in I will just be a minute.” Mary says and heads off down a hallway. I sit on her sofa and look around as I wait.

“Okay I think I am ready for this. Let me show you what I want to do out here.” Mary says as she walks back into the room. My eyes widen as I look at her, her halter top which is so tight I can see her hard nipples poking at the thin material. Her stomach is bare her skin looks so smooth. Looking down at her very short shorts and can’t help but notice how the thin material is pulled tightly between her legs. The material is so tight it appears her pussy lips bulge out on either side of the center seam.

I get up as she walks by looking down at her breasts swaying as she bounces by. The material is tightly pulled between her buttocks I can’t help but watch them sway freely. My cock aches as it swells seeing no panty lines either. Outside I watch as she bends over facing away from me. Her shorts pull well up each buttock as she bends over. The seam tightens between her thighs pressing her pussy lips out more.

“This one is going to get larger.” Mary says cleaning out old dry leaves from the pot. “I would like it over there on the outside corner.” She says pointing to the end of the cement patio. I make myself busy trying not to look at her half naked body. I move things around as she wanted them and stand looking over at her as she sits. Mary is sitting in the doorway with her elbows on her spread knees. My eyes immediately go to her tightly covered crotch.

I feel my cock pulsate in the cage as I see a few of her pubic hair at the edge of tight shorts. Her pussy lips press outward further than before. I try not to stare as I think I see a small wet spot in her light pink shorts. Her breasts pressed tightly together ready to pop out of the top at any second. “This looks a lot better. Wow we have been out here for three hours too. How can I ever thank you Jim?” Mary asks looking up at me.

“You just did.” I reply with a smile. Thinking of Candy as my cock bulges at the cage. I wipe the sweat from my forehead as I look over the patio. “Yes it looks very nice.” I say looking back at Mary. I watch as she stands up. Her body pushes her ass up exposing her most each cheek. My balls now ache from the constant view of her sexy body. Walking behind her as we enter the house I nearly run into the door as I watch her bouncing ass. “Would you like something to drink Jim?” Mary asks as she opens the refrigerator.

“Ice water would be good.” I say looking at her tightly covered ass. I peer down into her cleavage as she places the glass in front of me remembering how Candy looked in a tight top. “I need a shower. I will be right back.” Mary as she walks away. Turning to watch her body I spill the ice cold water on my shorts. I cup my caged cock as the ice cold water now runs across it and the cage. I hear the shower running as visions of Candy naked in the shower appear in my mind.

Mary soon returns wearing a bikini gasping I nearly inhale the water as I sip it. “You want lay out with me Jim?” Mary asks holding a bottle of suntan lotion. “No I would love to but I have things I need to get done at home.” I reply making something up quick. Mary walks to the door with me and gives me a tight hug as she presses her hot body against mine. Her soft breasts pressing into my chest as she squeezes me tight.

One of her hands slide across my ass as she release me. I get into my car and lay my head on the steering wheel wishing Candy was here. Pre cum oozes from my cock bring me back reality. The feeling is good but I would just love stroke my cock once. Feel it standing out erect and rock hard. I feel my body feels so full of energy like I am the world’s strongest man. I cup my trapped cock and moan in frustration. I so want to hold my hard free cock in my hand.

I make myself a pizza for dinner and sit on the sofa to eat it. As I change the channel on the TV my phone rings. I quickly reach to answer it hoping it is Candy. “Hello sexy.” I say. I hear a laugh through the phone. “I didn’t think you thought of me that way thanks Jim.” I hear Joan say as my face feels warm. “Oh sorry!” I quickly reply. “No need to be sorry a girl loves to be called sexy now and then.” Joan says softly. “I thought you were Candy calling.” I go on to say.

“You are still coming over for the BBQ tomorrow aren’t you?” Joan asks. “Sure what time you going to get started?” I ask changing the channel again on the TV. “My husband said he was going to fire up the grill around one tomorrow afternoon.” She replies. “I will be there at one then. Do I need to bring anything?” I quickly ask. “Well we cleaned the pool so maybe your swim trunks. Rhonda and her daughter are coming over as well. We have everything for the BBQ already.” Joan says. “OK, see you all tomorrow then. Bye.” I say before hanging up.

I finish my pizza then pick up my phone to call Candy. I hear the phone ring a few times before she answers, “Hey sexy man, how is it hanging?” Candy says. With a laugh I tell her, “I think you know how it is hanging and that’s not very far. But anyway how is your mother doing?” I ask. “She is doing alright I want to make sure she is taken care of.” Candy then asks, “I want to know how you are Jim, what you been doing?”

“Well today I went over to Mary’s house and help her for a few hours. Boy what a tease she is.” I say waiting for a response. “I kind of figured she would be after seeing you locked up. I hope she wasn’t too rough on you, the work I mean.” She says. “No it wasn’t hard work just nitpicky stuff. I was invited to a BBQ tomorrow with the people I work with so it should be pretty tame compared to Mary.” I say with a laugh.

“Well good you need to get out and have some fun. I will call you tomorrow night then Jim. I really wished I was there I need to feel your tongue right now.” Candy says in soft voice. “You do not know how much I have missed doing that Sweetie.” I say a little choked up then go on to say. “But I will survive waiting for you. You are more than worth the wait. I love you.” She says she loves me and we hang up. I clean up, drink a few beers, watch a TV show then I head to bed.

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