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On my way to work I recalled the events of the night before. It is becoming clearer to me that Candy is the woman of my dreams. The intense feelings I had over and over as we made love replay in my mind repeatedly. The constant feeling of the cage snuggly covering my soft penis keeps Candy in my thoughts. Placing the car in park I look out to see Sharon and Joan walking toward the office door.

I watch as Sharon’s short dress waves in the morning breeze and the motion of Joan’s buttocks in her tight jeans. Both of them are wearing heels as they usually do, I think they wear them to get my attention. Sharon smiles as she looks at me before stepping inside the office. I grab my brief case and walk toward the office door. I pause to watch two birds flapping their wings as they hop around each other a few times before flying off.

I watch as one of the birds continuously tries to catch the other. Their actions show me of how animals and humans are alike in this aspect. The men almost always chasing the women trying get their chance to make wild passionate love. Closing the office door I ask “Good morning ladies how are you two this morning?” Joan looks up with her usual smile as I peer down into her cleavage. “Good morning Jim how was your weekend?” Joan asks.

“I had a great one I wished every weekend was like this last one.” I tell her. “Somebody got lucky.” Sharon says with a giggle. “We need to go over the order for the new project.” She goes on to say. “Okay let me check my email before we get into that.” I tell Sharon as I step into my office. I place my laptop on the docking station and type in my password. Adjusting the cage between my legs before I sit I look up to see Sharon smiling at me as I hold my caged cock.

I work through the list of emails from vendors and suppliers nothing very interesting stands out. I am replying to an email when I see a new one pop up. Looking up at the address I see it is from Joan. I look out at Sharon and see her leaning back in her chair with a smile on her face. I finish my reply and open Joan’s email. She informs me that she has an appointment at ten this morning and she will return after lunch. I look at the email closer and she that it has been addressed to me and Sharon.

Sharon walks into my office her hells clicking loudly across the floor with each step. I look up to watch her walk beside my desk. Her low cut top leaves a clear view of her bouncing breasts. Sharon leans over placing a stack of papers on my desk. “These are the files we need to go through after I finish the weekly financial report.” She says as my eyes are drawn to displayed breasts. A tingle begins in my caged cock as I watch her walk out the door with her buttocks swaying so nicely under her loose dress.

I try to concentrate on a new proposal for a job as my cock strains in the cage. Visions of Candy’s facial expressions from last night keep running through my mind. My cock strains harder as recall the feeling of my hard cock buried deep in her hot tight pussy. Time seems to move slowly as I feel my cock pressing outward on the small cage. Retyping the proposal several times before it is acceptable to me. “I will be back after lunch Jim.” I hear Joan as she slings her purse strap over her shoulder.

“Okay Joan, be safe out there.” I say looking to watch her walk out the door. Her tight jeans look so lovely hugging her body like they were painted on. I read over the proposal when I hear the front door lock. I look up to see Sharon locking the door as she looked at me. I watch as she slowly walks into my office and around my desk. I lean back as Sharon moves the papers on my desk clearing the center. The smell of her perfume has my mind going wild with thoughts.

Sharon turns and pushes my chair back a little before straddling my knees as she sits on the edge of my desk. I watched with excitement as she lifted her dress while looking me in the eye. “I talked with Candy this morning. She told a little about her night and now I am horny.” Sharon says as she reaches out to pull my head between her thighs. Leaning forward as she pulled me closer I watched as she laid back on my desk. Her smooth pussy spreads as she places her feet on the arms of my chair the light reflects off her wetness.

I begin licking her soft hot pussy as I feel her hips shift a little. Sharon covers my head with her dress and places one hand on top my head. I slide my tongue along her outer pussy lips as the scent of her body makes me want more. My cock tries to swell more as she moans and pulls on my head. Her thighs close presses against the sides of my face and head as her hips lift and lower. I drive my tongue deep inside her wetness and feel her hand tighten on my head.

I lick her pussy slowly for a long time listening to her moans and feel her body movements. Her moans get deeper and louder and I feel my cock straining harder in the small metal cage. “That feels so good Jim ahh yes right there.” Sharon says as I flick my tongue across her hard clit. I reach up under her dress and place my hands on her bare ass as I suck on her erect clit. I flick the tip of my tongue over the end of her clit making her body twitch slightly each time. I suck harder on the tiny bud of joy and feel her hips lift a little while she pulls harder on my head with both hands.

Sharon then lifts one foot at a time to place them on my back as she as her thighs tighten my head. I am lifting and lowering my head as her hips move while my tongue flicks her clit wildly. I feel her buttocks tighten and loosen in my hands. I give her ass a gentle squeeze with both hands as I press my tongue hard against her clit moving it up and down. Her thighs tighten more on the sides of my head when I move my tongue from side to side across her clit.

I feel pre cum ooze from cock as Sharon grunts when her body tenses. Her hips make short jerking thrusts as she grunts. Her hands pulling at my head as her hips thrust her pubic bone against my mouth. I feel her wetness run down my chin and neck while her moans continue. Her thighs begin to loosen on my head and I feel her body relaxing slowly. I lick slower and deeper inside her dripping pussy. I slip my tongue out to lick across her exposed anus.

“Ohh damn Jim.” Sharon says lifting her body as she tries to pull away. I grip her buttocks tighter to hold her place as I lick over her anus several more times. She pushes at my head as she lowers her feet to the floor. I give her clit one last lick before my head pushed away. Her dress slips off my head as I sit up in the chair to look up at her face. The look in her eyes is that of pure ecstasy as she grins down at me. “That felt so good Jim I needed that.” She said as she leaned down to kiss my forehead.

“Well I better get back to work there is a lot more to do on that report.” She says slipping her leg across mine. Sharon straightens up her dress and walks out to unlock the front door. I can only watch her shapely ass shake as she walks away. In the bathroom I wash my face and sit to pee but have to wait for my attempt at erection to go down some. “Everything ok in there Jim?” I hear Sharon ask. “Yes I am just fine thanks.” I quickly reply. “I am going out to get something for lunch you want anything?” she asks.

“No I am good thanks Sharon.” I reply and hear the front door close. I sit waiting for my attempted erection to go down and hear my cell phone ringing in my office. I pull up my pants and rush to my office but arrive after it has stopped. I look at the number and see it was Candy. I quickly press her name and hear it ringing. “Hello sexy man.” I hear Candy say in soft voice. “Hi honey how is your day going?” I ask.

“Well I am headed out to meet Sharon and Mary for lunch would you like to come along?” She asks. “I would love to but I have a lot of paperwork to catch up on honey.” I say in a low voice. “OK well don’t work too hard I want you to save your energy for me later.” Candy says before we say our good byes and hang up. My need to pee has gotten stronger and I quickly head to the bathroom leaving the door open.

“I am back Jim.” I hear Joan say as her heels click loudly across the floor. The clicking of her high heels gets louder and louder until, “Oh I didn’t know you were in here.” I hear Joan say as she stands in the doorway. I look up to see her smiling down at me as my urine trickles out into the water. “Sitting to pee these days?” Joan asks with a smile. “Oh yes I forgot, are you still wearing that thing? That little cage?” She asks.

I feel my face redden and get warmer as she stands there looking at me. “Yes, yes I am.” Is all I could say. Joan steps closer her tight jeans pulled tightly up between her thighs. “Would you let me see it again?” She asks. I look up to see her making a pouting face as she looked down at me. My urine soon stops flowing and I slowly stand up. Joan reaches out and lifts my shirt. “It does look rather small are you sure it is safe to wear?” she asks smiling as she looks at it. “Yes I am sure it is safe, I have not had any problems.” I tell her reaching down to pull up my pants.

“Can I have a closer look? I just want to see close up how it works you know stays on there.” She asks as she kneels down on one knee. I am holding my pants as she lifts the cage, turning it from side to side. She leans over looking under it and from each side as I feel my cock growing again. “You do have big balls Jim.” Joan says as she reaches out to cup them with her free hand. “Heavy little balls too!” She says smiling up at me.

My swells quickly and strains against the bars. “Oh does that hurt? I see it is growing in there.” Joan asks as she rubs her hand across my bare balls. “No it doesn’t hurt it is just really frustrating at times.” I tell her as I try to think of something that would make my erection go down. “I think it is so awesome how you and Candy get along and do exciting things like this. I wished my husband was open to this.” Joan says as looking up at me. The office phone rings and she releases my aching caged cock. “I better get that.” She says jumping up and walking out of the bathroom.

I watch her tight ass sway as she walks away. Tucking in my shirt I hear Joan on the phone. “Oh no I had lunch already Sharon thanks.” Then there is a pause. “Yes Jim is busy doing some paperwork in his office right now.” “I can do that and I will let him know.” She says before hanging up the phone. I zip up my pants and walk out into the office. “Who was that?” I ask. “Oh that was Sharon she said she was going to be a little late getting back.” Joan says with a smile as she lifts her breasts in her hands with a big smile.

I walk back into my office and sit down in my chair feeling pre cum ooze from my cock. “You know Jim.” Joan says walking into my office. I look up to see her walking in as she unbuttons her blouse. “My husband doesn’t like to suck my nipples. I was wondering if you would?” She says as her breasts are fully exposed right in front of my face. Joan reaches behind my head and guides her nipple to my lips. She moans as she pulls my face tightly against her bare hot breast.

I suck on her growing nipple as she moans watching her hand slide between her legs. Joan holds my head tightly against her breast, my hand now holding her jean covered ass. After several minutes she turns pressing her other nipple to my lips and holding my hand between her thighs. I rub my hand gently over her covered pussy. Joan moans several times before pulling back and adjusting her breasts in her bra. “I just love that feeling.” She says as she buttons up her blouse.

I feel more pre cum ooze from the tip of my cock as Joan walks away. The rest of the afternoon was a blur. I remember seeing Joan and Sharon talking as they looked at me with smiles on their faces. I let early and headed for home as my erection seemed to stay with me all afternoon. I was relieved to close my apartment door when I arrived home. “Hi Jimmy I hope you had an exciting day.” Candy says with a smile walking toward me.

My eyes wide open as I see Candy walking toward me in her sheer bra and thong. “A little too exciting.” I say with a smile as we hug. Her hot smooth skin making my cock strain even harder. Candy takes my hand and pulls me toward the sofa. “I have been thinking Jim.” She says as we sit down together. “Last night was so awesome and it had only been a few days for you. I am thinking you could go for a week or two this time.” Candy says as she fondles the key on her necklace.

“Really, that long Candy?” I ask with a sad face. “Well, the girls and I talked at lunch. Sharon said she loves teasing you at work which I really don’t mind. After all I have the key. Two weeks really isn’t that long and just think how it would feel to repeat last night after the two weeks.” Candy says in a very excited voice. How can I refuse her?

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