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I could feel my cock filling with blood as she lay on the bed smiling up at me. I slowly got on the bed with watching her eyes and the expression on her face as she looked down at my waving cock. I lowered my body so I was on the bed beside her, on one elbow leaning my face over hers. Our lips met and I could feel a chill run through my body as her hand slid up my back. Her thigh rubs against the head of my hard cock spreading the pre cum on her leg.

I could feel her hand pulling on my body, pulling over on top of her. I kneel up after I am on top of her to pull her knees up and spread them a little wider. I look down at her shiny wet pussy lips as I guide my cock head to meet them. Rubbing my cock up and down the length of her hot pussy lips I feel my balls ache in anticipation. Candy lifts her hips as the head of my cock slides across her hard clit. Her nipples stand out erect as small goose bumps appear around them.

I feel the urge and can hold back no longer. I press my cock against her wetness and pull my hips forward. My body shutters as I feel her tight lips stretch around the head of my cock. Tingling sensations run up my spine and neck as push my hips forward slowly. I moan loudly as I pull back slightly to push forward harder. “Oh wow!” I say when my pubic mound touches her. I hold my body still for a few seconds taking in the most awesome feeling I have ever had.

I reach under her knees with both my arms to pull her knees upward toward her breasts as I lean forward over her. I shift my slowly I lift my hips feeling the cool air around my wet shaft. Pulling back until just the head of cock rests between spread pussy lips before lowering my body against hers again. A moan escapes my lips again when our bodies meet as I feel the heat of her body up and down the entire length of my cock. Pausing again to savor the feeling of the moment a deep breath escapes lungs slowly.

My eyes are closed as I take in the feeling of her body against mine. Her soft buttocks spread across my thighs, her inner thighs rub against my hips. I moan again as I feel her pussy tighten on my sensitive cock which brings me back to my senses. I begin lifting and lowering my hips faster as I feel my heavy balls slapping against her ass. Our boding colliding makes a soft slapping sound each time. It seems every nerve in my body has relocated to my cock sending waves of pleasure through my body.

I feel my urge to orgasm come quickly as I continue to thrust my body against hers. My cock feels the heat of her body then the cool air over and over. I slow down as my mind concentrates on Candy, listening to her moans, feeling her body move and watching her breasts sway. I grind my hips against her each for a second pressing my body against her clit. Then my orgasm builds so quickly I cannot stop it. I thrust harder pounding my body against hers.

I feel my balls tingle and the first shot of semen seems to slowly shoot up the length of my cock. Holding my cock deep inside her as I feel my semen shoot out the head of my cock like overloaded cannon. Another short thrust and the second shot of semen races up my cock. I briefly hear Candy moan while I hold my body against hers as the semen rushes out deep inside her. My cock shoots semen three or four more times before my body has expelled all it had to offer.

I kneel up between her legs reaching for her ankles. I spread her legs wider as I hold her legs up straight. I want to make her orgasm as I begin thrusting my body against hers again. Watching her breasts bounce with each thrust before Candy reaches up to her breasts to pinch her own nipples. My thighs slap against the back of her thighs as my cock drives deep within her. I thrust faster when her hips lift and her body tenses.

I can feel her pussy tighten on my cock tighter with each thrust. I move my knees closer to her as her body slides up the bed. I lean forward a little driving my cock deeper and harder. Candy screams out as she tries to pull her legs together. Her whole body is tense and shaking as I push my cock into tight pussy. The sensation my cock feels is so intense I try to not think about it as I concentrate on making her orgasm. I thrust faster pounding my body harder against hers.

Candy quickly places her hands on the bedside her body as she slides backward to get away from me. I stop to lower her legs and watch as she pulls them together around hand now covering her wet pussy. She turns on her side moaning her tight ass exposed so nicely. I quickly head for the bathroom as I see my semen run down over her buttock. I return with a towel just in time before our juices have dripped to the bed. Candy’s body shakes a little as I press the towel between her thighs.

I lean over her body and press my lips against hers. Candy wraps her arm around my neck before pulling me down on top her. We lay there kissing and moaning for quite a while. I am soon holding her head against my chest as we lay there. ‘There is no greater feeling than this.’ I think to myself as I feel her body expand and contract with each breath. Her naked body lies beside me with her hand across my chest and her leg across mine. “I could just lay here forever.” I hear myself say.

“I feel the same way.” Candy says rubbing her fingers through the hair on my chest. Her words make me realize I am thinking out loud. I hug her tighter for a second and kiss the top of her head. About half an hours passes before I feel Candy slide her hand down over my stomach. Her hand cups my spent cock and balls, massaging them gently. Without warning she slowly shifts her body as she kisses down my chest and stomach. I moan as she kisses the head of my cock. My legs part a little as she reaches further between my legs as she presses her finger against my body behind my balls. Candy presses and slides her fingers up and down under my balls sending strange sensations through my body. I moan as my cock is now deep in her mouth as she runs her tongue around head. I slide my hand across her upper back as she sucks my tender cock.

I feel my hips raise a little as she holds my half erect cock to lick around the rim. I moan louder when she begins sucking just the head while she strokes the shaft. I feel the vibration in my cock when she moans. I close my eyes as I enjoy the intense pleasure, continuing to rub her upper back. I moan when her lips slip off the head of my hard cock as her hand strokes it slowly. Candy lifts up her hand still holding my cock as she straddles my legs.

Smiling at me as me moves her body upward until her hot pussy is over my cock. Her eyes close and a moan escapes her lips as she impales herself on my cock. Her pussy lips spread around my cock as I watch them slide effortlessly down the shaft. Candy adjusts her knees beside me on the bed as she leans over my chest. My eyes close when I feel her hips begin to lift and lower. Her soft buttocks bouncing on my upper thighs each time she lowers her body.

Candy closes her eyes and works her body above me, her breasts bounce and her hair sways in front of her face. She begins bouncing harder on my cock grunting with each thrust. I reach down and hold her hips, stopping her for a second. I pull her face to mine and kiss her. I put both of my hands on her ass and begin thrusting upward into her body. I squeeze her buttocks as I push them downward as I thrust up against her spread pussy and ass. Loud moans escape her lips as she breathes heavily on my chest.

Our bodies now colliding with such force I can feel my balls slap against her ass. I thrust my hips up into her as hard and as fast as I can. Candy lifts her upper body as her hair hangs in my face. Moaning louder as she pushes down when I thrust up. I feel my orgasm approaching as I watch her above me. Suddenly she places her hands on my chest squeezing my skin in her gripping hands as her whole body tenses. Her hips begin thrusting forward then back. Her body jerks as I feel juices flowing down over my balls.

Again I feel the semen shoot up the length of my cock as Candy clamps her pussy tighter on my cock. I moan and pull at her hips as another shot of semen shoot through my cock. She lets out a little scream and pulls her hips tightly against me as my cock pulsates inside her. Her body begins to slow as she grinds her pussy against my pubic bone. She shifts her hips back and forth grinding her pussy against me while she moans. Candy lets out a deep sigh and lowers her body to mine. I wrap my arms around her back as she straightens out her legs. My cock slips from her wet pussy as she lays down on top me. Her head lies on my shoulder as I feel her breathing deeply.

I rub my hands up and down her back slowly while enjoy the moment. I move my hands down to her buttocks and upper thighs rubbing softly up and down her body. “I love you Candy.” I say giving her soft buttocks a gentle squeeze. “I love you too Jim.” Candy says just before our lips meet. Candy then slides off my body to lie beside me, her hot breast sliding down my ribs. With on breast on my chest her arm across me and one leg over my thigh we just hold each other.

“It is time for you to wake up Jim.” I hear Candy say as she rubs my chest. I look over at the clock as my hand still rests on her bare hip. “Oh man it is eight o’clock already. I bet they are wondering where I am?” I say patting Candy on the ass. We both head for the shower and help each other wash off. I take my time as I love rubbing my hands across her bare body. We kiss a few times and smile before turning the water off. I am slipping on my underwear when Candy walks out of the bathroom.

“Oh wait Jim we have to put this on.” Candy says reaching for the cage. She pulls me over to the bed as I hold my underwear about mid-thigh. The metal ring is cold making me twitch a little as she slips it behind my balls. I watch her bare breasts sway as she slips the cold cage over my soft penis. I look down and watch as Candy pushes the pin through the holes and lines up the lock handle. She snaps the lock shut and taps my caged cock a few times before pulling my underwear up over the cage.

“There he is all secure and all mine.” Candy as she adjusts my underwear around my waist with big smile on her face.

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