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Every morning and every night it seems Candy is teasing me more and more. Maybe it is just me being so horny. I am woke up by Candy again as she straddles my face, her smooth wet pussy ribbing my nose. She seems to be a more gentle this morning as she slides her damp pussy lips up and down across the tip of my nose very lightly.

The scent of body quickly has my cock straining in its small confines. I moan as I open my eyes to look up her body to see her nipples standing out erect. “Good morning Jim, do you know what today is?” She asks pressing her pussy down a little tighter. “Saturday I believe.” I reply quickly. “I know that but what day is this?” She asks again. Then it hits me, I get to orgasm today.

My cock strains even harder at the thought of really getting to explode. Candy looks down into my eyes with a smile as she lowers her pussy gently to my face. Her hips turn a little as she lowers her buttocks pressing her body tightly down over my mouth. My tongue slips between the folds of her soft pussy lips and I taste the sweetness of juices. My balls ache so badly from the lengthy denial, the ache becoming harder to handle each minute.

“It is going to be a special day for you Jim I assure that.” Candy before she moans when I lick her swelling clit. Her hot thighs rest on the sides of my face as I look up at her swaying breasts. She is wetter by the minute with my tongue licking and poking her most sensitive spots. I feel her juices run down one side of my face as she shifts her body spreading her knees wider apart. Her pussy lips spread open wider covering my mouth from side to side.

Candy leans forward to place her hands on the headboard while I watch her breasts hang closer to my face. She rocks her hips sliding her wet dripping pussy over my lips and nose. I feel my cock pulsates and I feel the awesome feeling of my oozing pre cum. Candy seems to be breathing harder than usual this morning as her orgasm nears. Her hips thrust harder against my face as she moans and grunts.

I feel her thighs tighten when her body tense as wave of pleasure passes through her body. Juices squirt from her pussy several times which makes her scream softly as she pulls on the headboard. I work my tongue faster against her clit each time she rocks her hips. Her body completely tense she bears down on my face with her drenched pussy. Moans escape lips in a deep growl like tone as she tries to push my head into the mattress.

Candy let out a loud scream and lifts off my face as I watch her hand quickly cover her wet pussy and clit. “Oh my God Jim that felt so good my whole body is on fire.” She says pulling her legs together against her hand. I watch as she bends her knees as she closes her eyes as she moans. It takes her several minutes to regain her composure and lightly rub hand across her wetness.

“Come on let’s take a shower before we get something to eat.” Candy says as she walks toward the bathroom. I slowly slide off the bed and feel pre cum string from the cage to my inner thigh. I walk into the bathroom to see her magnificent body through the glass door. A huge ooze of pre cum passes through the head of my cock stringing down to my knees before it drops to the floor. I step into the shower with her and admire the water streaming off her buttocks.

I wash the smooth skin of her body and watch as she steps out of the shower before I wash myself off. I grab a towel and dry off as I walk out into the bedroom. My cock pulsates as I see Candy standing at the foot of the bed naked with the wrist and ankle cuffs buckled on. “Today is your day. I am your sex slave for today.” She says holding out her arms with her wrists together. I look down and hold up the cage before looking back at her.

“I will tell you where the key is if you can make me.” She says with a smile. I drop the towel to the floor and walk toward her as she holds her arms out to me. “OK” I say and take her by the hand. I lead her out to the living room and stop her at the back of the sofa near the kitchen. I spread her ankles wide apart and tie the cuffs to the back legs of the sofa. I walk slowly around the sofa as I feel my cock straining in the cage. I pull her down and tie her wrist cuffs out to the front legs of the sofa.

I smile as I see her bent over wanting to just slide my hard cock in her for hours. I walk back to the bedroom and grab a couple vibrators, the clothespins and the crop. I walk back into the room as she is looking up at me, her hair covering her face. I kneel down behind admiring the awesome view of her ass and pussy. I lean forward and begin by licking the soft lips of her pussy gently.

Her juices begin to flow pretty quickly when I spread her pussy lips wide apart and suck on her bare clit. I feel her hips try to shift back against and lean back. I see her buttocks tighten as she moans. I turn on the small vibrator to a low setting and hold the tip lightly on her hard clit. Smiling as she tries to push back to get more. I wiggle it a little making her clit bend to the left then the right. I pull the vibe back to lick up a drop of her juices as it tries to drip from her clitoral hood.

Without warning I push the small dildo vibe in her wet pussy and work it in and out. I watch as her buttocks clench and loosen as I work it in and out. Her body begins to push back as I thrust the dildo in her and I decide to slow it down some and pull the dildo from her body. “aah Jim, come on I was almost there.” Candy says raising her head. I pick up the crop and slap it roughly against her upturned buttocks.

Candy wiggles her ass as I slap the crop down several times hard on both buttocks. I turn the vibration up a little on the dildo and hold the tip against her exposed anus. Candy begins thrusting wildly in her bonds as I wiggle it a little. “Where is the key sweetie?” I ask nicely. I look over the sofa to see her head shaking no and press the dildo harder at her anus. Her head swings faster side to side.

I continue bringing Candy to edge of orgasm for another half hour or so as a puddle of her juices forms on the floor. She is breathing heavy and her pussy lips swollen. I decide to go for broke. I plug in the big vibrator with a small dildo attachment and turn it on medium high as I slip the smaller one into her anus. I press the big vibrators dildo into her pussy as far as it would go until the base presses against her clit and the base of the other dildo. I hold it in place as Candy thrashes about in her bonds.

I pick up the crop and begin slapping her bare buttocks. After ten or so swats I hold the vibe in place and lean over the sofa to attach a clothespin on each of her nipples. Candy immediately begins her orgasm. I watch she pulls at the bonds, her ass tightens, and back arches. I hold the vibrator there as she begins pleading for me to take away. I slap the crop against her ass several times as she orgasms again. “Where is the key sweetie?” I ask again. Looking down I see her shake no slow as her orgasm racks her body.

She tries to pull her legs together as her orgasm subsides but the bonds hold her spread. I wiggle the vibrator as she moans nearly crying from the pleasure she feels is turning to torment. I reach down and turn the vibrator to high and hold her hip as she begins thrashing violently. “Key” I say loudly. Candy begins grunting and crying as another orgasm shoots tingles pleasure throughout her whole body.

“OK OK it is in the laundry room under the drier sheet box. Please take it away.” Candy says loudly. I pull the big vibe out and turn it off before I pull the small vibe from her ass. I walk quickly to the laundry room and lift the box. “Yesss” I say out loud as I grab the small key. I walk back to the living room and look at her wet pussy and spread ass before I slip the key into the lock.

I feel a great since of relief, freedom, love, desire, and YES as the lock snaps open. I pull the cage from my cock and remove the back ring. My cock springs to full erection as I walk toward Candy. I one swift motion I drive my rock hard cock deep inside her.

I reach out and hold her hips as I thrust against her spread ass. I pound my body against hers for several minutes before my orgasm starts. I feel it coming and thrust deep as the first rope of semen explodes deep inside her. My orgasm seems to continue for several minutes before I slow and slip my cock from her pussy. I stand back for a few minutes and look at her, my semen dripping to the floor from her wet pussy. “You gonna to let me go now Jim?” Candy says trying to look back.

I reach down and stoke my cock a few times before it begins to swell as I look at her bound body. I walk to the bedroom and grab the small tube of lube. I stroke my cock the whole time until I stand behind her again. My cock now fully erect as I squirt some lube on it and spread it over my cock before wiping the extra lube around her anus. Candy thrashes in her bonds and tries to look back again. “No Jim please don’t.” She says just as I hold the head of my cock to her anus.

I push a little harder and the tension on my cock feels so good. I reach out and hold her hips again before pushing harder. I feel the head of my cock spread her anus as she moans. I slap her buttock on the side and feel her anus tighten on my cock which makes me want more. I push it a little deeper before pulling back a little. Thrusting forward it slips in deeper. It takes several minute before work my cock deep in her ass.

The tightness of her anus has me working my cock in and out faster and faster. Her moan and thrashing excites me more. The feeling of her buttocks against my hips each thrust is very stimulating. I pull on her hips as I thrust forward her tight anus gripping my entire cock. The tight grip soon sends me over the edge again as my semen fills her ass. It feels as if she is having an orgasm too as mine subsides. I lean over her back and reach around to pull the clothespins from her nipples.

Candy screams out in pain and pleasure as her body jerks and tenses. I reach around her thighs and finger clit as my cock is buried deep in her ass. There is no escape for her as she pulls at the bonds. I pull my cock from her ass and she falls limp on the sofa breathing very heavy. “Round three coming soon.” I say with smile. “Oh God no Jim let me go right now.” Candy screams out.

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