Chastity Story: Candy part 17

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We sit there on the sofa as the thought of ‘TWO WEEKS’ keeps going through my mind. Candy inches closer to me and rubs her hand across my chest. “It will be fun Jim I will make sure of that don’t you worry.” She says as she holds my caged cock through my pants. “Let’s go in the bedroom and have some fun!” Candy says as she stands up in front of me her bare ass shaking. She takes my hand and pulls me up.

“I have to go to the bathroom. You can put on the cuffs I feel frisky tonight.” She says before walking off toward the bathroom. I can’t resist watching her bare buttocks shake as she walks. I strip off my clothes and begin buckling the ankle cuffs on when Candy returns from the bathroom. I place my foot back on the floor after buckling the second one on I feel her press her body to my back. I feel Candy’s bare breasts resting on my back as she reaches around my body. I moan when she pinches my nipple.

“Hey that hurts you know.” I say as she uses her fingernails to pinch my right nipple. I am buckling the second wrist cuff on when Candy reaches down to fondle the cage and massage my balls. Candy steps away as I finish buckling it snuggly on my wrist. I watch as she opens the drawer and pulls out a short length of chain with a clip on either end. She attaches the chain to my wrist cuffs with the chain running across my buttocks. I reach around my body and scratch my inner thigh before Candy has me lay on the bed.

She attaches the ankle cuffs with clips to the eyebolts in the bed frame. My legs bound wide apart as I watch Candy open the drawer again. She returns with a smile holding a small circle of black leather with a shiny ring on it. The cock cage is swiftly removed as is the back ring. Candy bulls at the skin covering my balls, stretching it out. She undoes the small buckle on the leather circle and wraps it around my sack which forces my balls outward. Candy tugs at the small strap bucking the leather band tightly around the base of my balls.

I see her pick up a small metal clip that has spring loaded openings on both ends. I feel her clipping it to the leather band around my balls and tug it a few times. Candy then pulls the chain from the center between my legs which pulls my hands tightly to my sides and clips the other end of the small clip to the chain. I pull outward on my hand as it nearly under my ass and feel the tension on my balls. Candy’s nipples are standing out erect as she pats my exposed balls.

I moan and try to pull my legs together as she giggles at my bouncing cock. Candy leans down as she grips the base of my cock sliding her lips down the full length of my cock. I moan and lift my hips as her hot lips slide slowly back up my cock. The leather strap around my balls quickly tugs at my balls as I try to lift my hips. If I lift my or rock my hips the strap pulls harder which makes my balls ache. I feel her hair brushing up and down on my stomach and inner thighs as she lifts and lowers her head. My cock feels so hard almost like it is going to explode.

The dull ache in my balls becomes stronger as I feel the urge to orgasm coming on quickly. I tense and pull at the chain as Candy lifts up removing her lips from my cock. The cool air rushes in as I moan. Candy sits up between my legs with a smile as she runs the tip of her finger up and down the underside of my cock. The tingling strengthens each time her fingertip rubs the underside of the head. My cock twitches against her finger and I feel pre cum ooze from the tip.

“MMM that tastes so good but I better stop for now.” Candy says as she slips over my leg turning her body around. I watch as her leg lifts and crosses over my chest her bare pussy and ass so exposed above me. She adjusts her knees as they press against my arms at my sides until her pussy is right over my face. I moan as she rubs her finger up and down the underside of cock over and over as I stare at her wet spread pussy and anus.

I open my eyes when her finger stops rubbing my cock to see her fingers now spreading her pussy lips apart. The wet light pink skin inside comes into view as she lowers her body to my face. Her anus is right between my eyes as she spreads her pussy lips across my nose and presses her clit to my lips. I feel her buttocks tighten and loosen as I lick across her clit. Candy moans softly as my tongue works around her clit, licking up and down then side to side.

Her body presses down tighter on my face as I close my lips around her clit. I look up to see her buttocks quiver when I flick my tongue across her clit as I suck it. ‘There is no better view in the world’ I think to myself. Candy is soon moaning louder and sliding her wet pussy across my nose as her juices run down my cheek. She is so close to orgasm as she really presses down on my face with her body. Her pussy and buttocks now completely cover my mouth and nose. I catch a quick gasp of air each time she slides back before her buttocks tense on the sides of my face.

Her hangs down brushing across the head of my cock when she moves. The tiny strands of hair send a tingling sensation down my cock to my aching balls. Candy tenses really hard just before her juices squirt out into my mouth and nose. Over and over her body jerks as my nose rubs across her anus and back between her pussy lips. I try to lick her clit as she moves back and forth with her body twitching and jerking. Several times I feel her hard clit slide across the tip of my nose.

Candy slows as her orgasm subsides it feels as though her whole body weight is on my face. Her swollen pussy lips spreading wider across my nose and lips. She pauses for a while with my mouth and nose completely covered. Her buttocks press down on my eyes as she sits motionless on my face. I pull at the chain and moan as my balls hurt when struggle to breathe. Willing my head as I try to catch a short breath of air but her body holds my head still.

She lifts her buttocks slowly allowing me to breathe through my nose. The feel of her soft hot skin and the smell of her juices drive me mad with lust and desire. Looking up between her buttocks I can see beads of sweat on her back as I swallow the juices running into my mouth. Her hips shift slowly back and forth while she moans. Her buttocks lift a little as she leans forward I can see her wetness between her buttocks as it was spread all over my face.

I gasp and moan as Candy grips my cock and begins stroking it hard and fast. Again I feel the pain in my balls as my hips flex from the intense sudden feeling. She strokes my rock hard cock ten or so times before her hand slips off the tip. I feel my cock twitching in midair as I look up into her wet open pussy. I lift my head to flick my tongue across her clit which makes her body tense from the unexpected pleasure. I feel her buttocks tighten on the sides of my nose as she tenses.

“woohoo!!” I hear say as my tongue touches her sensitive clit. I just love how her buttocks tense above my face. Candy slides of my body and sits on the edge of the bed. “I am going to get a drink would you like anything?” She asks smiling down at my wet face. “Yes I would like to cum now.” I quickly reply. “Yes I know honey but think how it will feel in a couple weeks. It will be so awesome.” She says as she stands up and turns around to stroke my cock three times very slowly before she walks out of the bedroom.

I hear her in the kitchen and fell pre cum run down the shaft of my cock. It is nearly ten minutes before Candy walks back in. I look over to see her carrying a small bag and a glass of water. She tosses the bag between my legs and holds my head up so I drink some water. After placing the glass on the night stand I feel Candy rubbing my sore aching balls. My body flinches as she taps them with her hand tugging at them with each flinch.

I moan loudly when I feel the small bag of ice cubes or something frozen being held to the underside of my cock and trapped balls. I pull at the bonds with my legs and fell the tugging on my balls as she holds the bag in place. Feel her tongue lick across the head of my cock as I try to bare the coldness on my hard cock and balls. “mmmm that pre cum tastes really good I just love it when it oozes a lot.” Candy says pressing the bag harder against my body.

My balls feel frozen after several minutes and my cock has gone flaccid. She leaves the bag resting against my balls as she gathers the pieces to the cage. Candy slips the ring around the base of my trapped balls closing it to slip the metal pin through. I feel a little of the cage as it is slipped over my soft cock. I hear the ‘CLICK’ of the lock and watch as Candy places the necklace over her head and draping it down over her chest.

She removes the tiny clip from the chain and the leather band before releasing my legs. Candy helps me to sit up on the edge of the bed her naked body standing between my spread knees. She holds my head as she leans down to press her lips to mine. The leather band holds my balls out as they are pressed down on the bed between my legs which makes them ache even more. The clips holding the chain to my wrist cuffs are released and I quickly give Candy hug.

I stand up and hold her close to me feeling her bare hot body against me is a feeling I love. Candy slaps my ass and looks up into my eyes. “Let’s leave the cuffs on I may feel like another round after we eat.” She says with a smile before we kiss.