Mrs. Tess van Sm4life

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jun 192012

Ik speel bij sm studio Donna Fiera in Arnhem en maak mijn eigen BDSM  femdom films.
Sm is mijn passie en mijn hobby. Mijn motto is sm four life ! Ik geniet van elk sm spel met volle teugen.


Op kan je mijn films zien en alles lezen over  hoe je mijn slaaf in een echte sm studio kan worden.

Ben je er klaar voor ?

Ik wel !

Mrs. Tess

Chastity Story: Candy part 13

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mrt 302012

The afternoon goes by slower than usual as I feel my balls aching and my cock strain in the cage. “Hey Jim I just talked to Candy. We had a nice long conversation.” Sharon says as she walks around my desk to stand beside my chair. Her thigh touches my chair as she looks down at me. “Mary has told me about your visits to her house. Sure wish I was there to watch or help. I guess I can be a tease at least.” Sharon goes on to say.

“My thighs hurt a little will you be a dear and massage them a little while I stand here” Sharon asks. I am a little stunned to hear her ask such a question at work. “You wouldn’t want to have a talk with Candy would you?” Sharon asks with a big grin on her face. I slide my hand up under her knee length dress feeling her warm smooth skin. My fingers massage her thigh as look down at the papers on my desk. My cock strains so hard in the cage it aches.

“A little higher please.” Sharon says a few times until my hand reaches her buttock. I moan softly as I feel her bare ass. The thought of sitting there feeling her naked ass under her dress as she writes on her note pad has my desire soaring. She shifts her body a little allowing my fingertips to brush across her pussy lips. “Yes, right there Jim.” Sharon says with a soft moan. I rub my fingers back and forth across her pussy lips and feel her wetness grow.

I soon have one finger inside her as another rubs her hard clit. Sharon continued to write on her note pad for ten minutes or so before her body shutters. Her whole body shakes like a cold chill runs through her. Without warning she turns and walks away from my desk. I look up to see her smiling back at me. I put my hands on my desk and lean down on my elbows. Her scent fills my nostrils as I look down at my wet fingers.

Looking out the door I see Sharon smiling in at me. I am so horny now I am not sure what to do. I cannot concentrate on work with her scent very strong as I recall the feeling of her wet pussy. I place some papers in my briefcase and head for home. Holding and adjusting my caged cock several times on the way home as pre cum oozed onto the cage. I think a lot as I drive, wondering what to do about it all. I love Candy and don’t want to lose her but Mary and Sharon are driving me crazy.

I unlock the door and sit on the sofa thinking for some time before Candy walks in. “Oh hi Jim I wasn’t expecting you to be here this early.” Candy says closing the door. “We have to talk Candy.” I say with low concerned voice. Candy sits down beside me on the sofa and hugs me placing her leg across mine. Her bare thigh moving higher on my lap until it presses against the cage. I push her leg off and stand up as I rub my hand across my face. I smell Sharon’s scent on my hand as I think of what to say.

“We really need to talk. There are a lot of things going on that you may not know about.” I say thinking faster and faster. Candy looks up at me with a concerned look. “Is it the cage, I can take it off.” She says quickly. “No, no it isn’t that. I love how you control me it’s just. Well I am not sure how to say it.” I say rubbing my hand across the back of my head. Candy stands up and walks to me taking me by the hand. “You can tell me anything Jim.” She says pulling me closer. My mind is spinning out of control as I try to think of a way to tell her.

I step back from Candy and look her in the eye. “This is about Mary and Sharon not you. Since they have known I am locked in this thing my life has been hell.” I hang my head down as the words come from my mouth. “What do you mean Jim?” Candy asks in a concerned voice. “Well Mary has made me go to her house a few times. She has tied me to the bed, beat my balls, and sat her naked body on my face.” I say watching Candy as her expression become one of shock. “She said she was going to tell you I was cheating on you with her.”

“I had not done anything with her when she said that at first. But things got worse, she became violent with me and now she has the key I trusted you with.” I pause to catch my train of thought before I continue. “Sharon at the office has had me massaging her bare ass and play with her wet pussy under her dress. It has all became a blur in my mind. I am at a loss on what to do. I love YOU Candy. What am I supposed to do Candy?” I ask in a pleading nervous voice as I feel pre cum drip from my cock. I watch as Candy sits down on the edge of the sofa in thought.

“I guess a lot of this is my fault.” Candy says as she leans back on the sofa. “I mean I asked Mary and Sharon to tease you but not do the things you are describing to me. I guess I will have to talk with Mary right away. I wished you would have told me sooner Jim.” She goes on to say before she stands up and grabs her purse. “I will be back shortly.” Candy says before she closes the door as she walks out. I am not sure what I have done my mind has so many thoughts running through it.

I sit and think for a long time before I grab a beer from the fridge and look at the pictures on the TV. Drinking the beer while I think as visions of Candy, Sharon and Mary pass through my thoughts. Pre cum oozes from my cock as it swells in the cage. Several hours and many beers later I decide to head for bed. As I lift off the sofa I feel the pre cum string from the tip of my cock. Sitting on the toilet as my urine flows out between the metal bars across the head of my cock I wonder what is going to happen next. I lie in bed thinking about tomorrow turning over every several minutes.

“Jim. Jim time to get up.” I hear Candy say. Thinking it is a dream I turn over and pull the sheet up over my head. “Jim you’re going to be late honey.” I hear her say and pull the sheet down. I see Candy standing by the bed fully dressed as she was the night before. “Hey Candy is everything alright? I didn’t want to hurt you, I tried not to.” I said climbing out of bed. “Oh I had a long talk with Mary. She is one of my oldest friends Jim I can’t believe she done some of those things to you. It all makes me feel jealous. I am jealous that you did not do those things with me first.” Candy says.

“Mary wants to talk to you sometime today in hopes we can straighten all this out.” Candy goes on to say. I stepped closer looking down at her cleavage to see the necklace and key. “I am glad you got our key back from Mary that makes me feel a lot better.” I say with a smile. “Well it is MY key to use when I feel like it Jim don’t you ever forget it.” She says with a smile as she holds up the key. I step into the shower and dress for work. I give Candy a deep passionate kiss before leaving for work.

On my way to work I thought about all the things Candy said this morning. Our conversation plays over and over in my mind as I drive. ‘What did she mean do those things with her first?’ I thought as I drove. Just as I put my car in park my cell chimes. I look at my phone to see I have a text message. ‘Jim, be at my house at ten sharp.’ That is the entire text message from Mary. Sharon smiles at me as I enter the office and says “Good morning Jim it is a wonderful day.” I feel a little better looking down into her ample cleavage as I pass her desk.

Sharon comes into my office with her cup of coffee and walks around my desk to stand by my chair. “I talked with Candy a little last night, she seemed a little upset.” Sharon says while rubbing her thigh against my chair. “She also said she loved how I tease you at work again. I think you know what I want you to do as I stand here.” She continues. Cautiously I slide my hand her inner thigh slowly going under her short skirt. My cock begins to swell as pre cum oozes from the tip and my hand touches her tight panties.

“Oh I forgot.” I hear Sharon say as she places her coffee cup on my desk. I look at her as she steps away from desk while lifting her skirt. Facing away from me Sharon slides her panties down exposing her bare buttocks in front of my face. Her skirt falls down over her ass as she steps out of her panties. Sharon bends down to pick them up before turning to me and stuffing them in my jacket pocket. I am soon sliding my finger deep in her pussy as she leans slightly over my desk.

Her scent becomes stronger as I feel her wetness grow and slip another finger inside her. Her hips wiggle when I work my fingers deep inside her pussy. My whole hand is wet before Sharon pulls away from me. Taking her cup she smiles and walks back to her desk. I go to the bathroom to wash my hands but cannot resist lifting my hand to my nose taking several deep breaths as I smell Sharon’s wetness. I look at my clock several hours later and decide I better go see Mary. I decide to call Candy and tell her Mary sent me a message but her phone goes to voice mail. ‘This is Jim Sweetie I wanted to let you know I am on my way to Mary’s house. She left me a text message earlier. I love you and talk to you in a bit.’ I say before hanging up the phone as I back out of my parking spot. I look back at the office to see Sharon putting on her sweater before I pull out of sight.

I knock on Mary’s door at ten sharp. Mary opens the door dressed in her tight jeans and a t-shirt. “Come on in Jim we have some taking to do.” Mary says holding the door wide open. The door closes behind me which makes me jump a little. “Come in here I have something I want you do before we start talking.” Mary says walking to her bedroom. Watching her tightly covered ass I follow her. “Take off your clothes and stand here by the bed.” She says pointing to the foot of the bed.

I stand by the foot of her bed now naked except the metal cage on my straining cock. Mary has several ropes in her hands again and wastes no time in tying my ankles spread wide as I face away from the bed. Mary climbs up on the bed behind me and pulls my arms up one at a time to tie my wrists to the top of the tall corner posts. Here I am naked and bound spread at the foot of Mary’s bed as my cock strains in the cage. “Well you have yourself in a predicament Jimmy boy.” I hear Mary say as she places a blindfold over my eyes. I feel her holding my aching balls as she massages them, making my cock ache even more.

“Don’t go anywhere Jimmy I will be right back.” Mary says walking away. I hear the door open and close but hear nothing. I hear her moving about in the room before the blindfold is pulled from my head. Squinting my eyes as they adjust to the bright light I see all three of them standing naked before me. Candy, Mary and Sharon side by side. Candy stands in the center with her arms wrapped around Sharon and Mary. The key bouncing between her lovely breasts as the light reflects off it.

I can’t speak I am in shock as I look them up and down. Candy fondles the key with a big smile on her face. Mary holding the small cane in her hand as she slaps it against her leg. Sharon is licking her lips as she rubs her bare ass. All I can feel is my cock trying to burst free of the cage as I feel pre cum ooze out the tip. I pull at the bonds I am so horny feeling like I could bend steel. All three of them step one step closer as I watch their breasts bounce.