apr 192014

Lady Bellatrix en Miss Jasmine, Vriendinnen sinds hun kindertijd, zijn beiden deze maand jarig. Ze vieren van 24 tot en met 27 april hun verjaardag in Amsterdam. Klapjes berichtte daar eerder over.

Hun programma loopt inmiddels aardig vol, maar beide Dames houden wel van een feestje tot in de late uurtjes. Wil je dat meemaken – hun motto is “Dommes go Wild” – de lifestyle Meesteres overlegt graag persoonlijk met jou hun party-, film- en sessieagenda.

Meer info: vanaf LadyBellatrix.Com (button “Duo Dommes”)

mrt 282014


Zie het twitterbericht hieronder van Miss Jasmine. Dit komt uit de twitter-tsunami(tje) n.a.v. de klapjespost van eergister dat de Meesteressen Bellatrix en Jasmine van 24 t/m 27 april (voor het 1st!) in Amsterdam zijn. Ennn… beide Dames zijn rond die tijd ook nog eens jarig. Nou, need I say more…?

A slight corny touch :) Holland
mrt 262014

Lady-Bellatrix-1st-posting-bI am Strict Mistress from London and will be making My first voyage to Amsterdam. I am a high protocol Dominatrix and a wide range of BDSM activities from the sensual to the sadistic. I may be petite, but I am a force to be reckoned with. Be assured… the path to enslavement offers fulfilment you would not otherwise experience.

Lady-Bellatrix-1st-postingI will be in Amsterdam to celebrate My birthday on April 27. But I will be bringing My best friend from Vancouver along. Miss Jasmine is also celebrating her birthday; on April 24. Not only do we make a devastating duo as Pro-Dommes, but we are also real childhood girlfriends! Miss Jasmine and I share a unique passion for sadism, seduction and the destruction of male egos. Raping wallets and breaking hearts as we charge through the canals of the red light district.

Join us on our four day Mistress birthday bash when we will celebrate, seduce, work and play hard ; )

Miss Jasmine and I are also keen to film while we are in Amsterdam. If you have some experience filming Femdom clips and videos, please get in touch!

Things we enjoy together –

  • Extreme tease and denial
  • Hardcore humiliation
  • Sissification
  • Corporal punishment (with or without marks)
  • Strap on play – get spit roasted by two gorgeous Ladies!
  • Human toilet
  • Verbal humiliation
  • Roleplay