Kuisheidstraining met Dreamlover chronovault

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mei 092012

De mensen van dreamlover labs hebben de ultieme tijdskluis op de markt gebracht.
Geschikt om zowel met je keyholdster of als je zelf niet staat bent om kuis te blijven je hierbij te helpen.
Je sluit de kluis aan op het internet waarna de software bepaald of en wanneer deze open kan. Maar houd ook bij of er iets in zit en of iemand geprobeerd heeft deze zonder toestemming te openen.
Je kan de rechten geven aan je Meesteres waarna deze op afstand de kluis kan openen. Ideaal dus als je keyholdster niet bij je om de hoek woont.

De vault is ook volledig programmeerbaar, waardoor je allerlei leuke scenario´s voor jezelf kan verzinnen. Zou is het mogelijk om bijvoorbeeld de kluis pas open te laten gaan als het weerbericht 20 graden of meer voorspeld. De mogelijkheden zijn eindeloos.
Meer info op: Dream Lovers Lab

 Chastity belt

Tip: Als je geen keyholdster hebt maar toch eens een heel geil spel wilt spelen. Sluit dan jezelf in je chastity belt op. Laat de sleutels in je kluisje of als je deze niet hebt gewoon op vrijdag op je werk achterlaten. Bestel op voorhand een gedragen string van StringBabe. Als je eenmaal veilig in je kooitje zit en de sleutels niet meer hebt open dan de verpakking en laat de zoete vrouwelijke geur van StringBabe tot je komen. Garantie dat je helemaal gek word van verlangen en dat je maandag als eerste op je werk bent.

Chastity Story: Candy part 10

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mrt 302012

I slept well that night not waking at all until Candy woke me. I open my eyes as I feel something on my chest. Reaching up my hand touches her smooth bare buttock. I smile in the darkness just as her inner thigh rubs the side of my face. It didn’t take long for her to adjust herself guiding her pussy to my lips. The scent feel and heat of her body quickly have me wide awake.

“Good morning Jim. I wanted to start your day off right and make sure you are awake.” Candy says as she runs her fingers through my hair pressing her clit against my nose. I moan as my tongue darts out give her clit a few licks before driving it deep inside her tight hot body. I am holding her body one of her buttocks in each hand massaging them as I slip my tongue deeper inside her.

I look up wishing I could see her lovely face but only catch quick reflections of light off the key as it bounces around on her chest. Feeling her juices flow as she moans louder makes me want to please her more. I pull on her ass I push my face tighter against her body I feel her hard clit on the tip of my nose. I moan gently when Candy pulls my hair in her excitement as small jet like squirts erupt from inside her.

I just love how her body twitches and jerks as she has an orgasm. I wish I could feel naked body and taste her sweet nectar all day long. The short amount of time we have together each day is time very well spent to me. I would not want to change our time together for anything. Her orgasm has calmed as I feel her rubbing her wetness all over my face. Sliding her pussy up over my nose I feel my nose burry between them when she pushes forward.

Yes Candy starts my day off the best way I can imagine when she has a second orgasm. This time both her hands are the top of my head pulling my face harder against her body. It feels like she pushes her buttocks downward into my hands driving my tongue deeper and pressing her clit to my nose. Her ass tightens in my hand each time before she squirts. Candy soon begins to slow after a few small squirts hit my tongue and gums.

“Wow.” I hear her exclaim as she slides away from my face. Her thighs rubbing down my sides as she moves lower and lower. Our lips meet when lays down on top of me her hands holding the sides of my head. Her hard nipples pressing on my chest very near mine. I rest my hands on her gorgeous buttocks as we kiss squeezing and pulling on them. We kiss for several minutes before Candy slides off my body to lie on the bed beside me.

Her hand gently brushes through the hair on my chest while her knee presses gently against my caged cock. With my arm under her head as it rests on my chest I rub her bare smooth back. I feel her breath as she exhales moving my chest hair and her knee nudging my cock cage. I look up into the darkness of the early morning and really wonder if I am not in heaven.

Holding her close for nearly half an hour we both jump when the alarm goes off. Turning over I reach for the alarm and feel Candy sliding her hand down over my ass. She slaps my buttock gently and says. “Time to get ready to go, would you mind if I take a shower with you this morning?” She asks. I turn back over facing her after I turn on the lamp to say. “You can take a shower with me anytime you want Sweetie.” I give her a soft gentle kiss before sliding off the bed.

I am washing my hair when I feel Candy step in the shower behind me. Rinsing out the soap I feel Candy rubbing her hands up over my hips as she slides them around my body. Her breasts press into my back as her fingers find my nipples pinching lightly as she kisses my neck. “Tonight when you get home you can shave me.” Candy says before she nibbles my ear. Her hand slides down my body while I am washing my chest.

I tense a little when Candy reaches between my legs and massages me balls. I look down just she rests her head on my hip on hand on my balls between my legs the other holding my caged cock. I place my hands on the wall as I feel my cock swelling my balls still have a dull ache from last night. Candy then turns my body so I am facing her as she kneels in front of me. The water runs down my back as moan when Candy places her lips over the cage on my cock.

I feel the tip of her tongue through the rings of the cage tickling my trapped cock. “I better get going Sweetie.” I say looking down at her. Candy stands up and gives me wet kiss and says. “I started the coffee it should be ready.” I step out of the shower looking back to see her standing up. Her bare ass pointed right at me as my mind is set in motion. Seeing her smooth pussy from behind makes me want to hold her hips and thrust my cock deep in her.

I rub my face trying to think of something else as I reach for the towel. I get most of my clothes on before Candy emerges from the bathroom the towel wrapped around her head. I have to stop and admire her beauty as she walks toward me. She is goddess like the way her breasts and hips swaying. My cock twitches several times watching her walk glancing at her rock hard nipples. I zip up my pants after tucking in my shirt and head for the kitchen.

I take a few sips of my coffee before Candy comes into the kitchen. She is still naked except for her pink slippers with her damp hair hanging down over her shoulders. Looking at her shapely ass while she pours herself a cup coffee I know I am truly blessed to have her. I head back into the bathroom and sit to pee. Candy is waiting still naked at the kitchen table when I return to sit with her for a while. I pour use both a second cup of coffee as we chat.

Looking at the clock I give lean over to give Candy a quick kiss. She walks with me to the door holding my hand. “Don’t work too hard today. I slipped a little blue pill a manly vitamin in your coffee while you were in the bathroom.” Candy says with a smile. ‘Little blue pill’ I think to myself as I give her a slap on her bare ass before I head out the door. All I could think about was Candy on the way to work.

Opening the office door I Sharon talking with Joan by the copy machine. They both stop talking and look me up and down. Blowing off the stares I got I walk into my office to begin my day. Several minutes later Joan walks in and places a cup of coffee on my desk. I look up to see her leaning forward over my desk her low cut top exposing most of her breasts. “Sharon and I were talking about yesterday just now.” She says.

I feel my face warm hearing that from Sharon. “I told her we had a good time at the BBQ. We are planning another one soon hopefully Candy can make it.” Sharon goes on to say. “I am sure she would love that just let me know when it is. Maybe I can be the chef this time.” I tell her smiling at her. Before I can get my office computer booted up my cell chimes. Opening it up I see a text from Candy.

It was short sweet message. ‘This morning was awesome Jim. I look forward to many more just like it. I hope things aren’t too bad for you today.’ I sit and read it again remembering how her body felt the texture of her skin and tasting her sweet pussy. The part I recall most is how her buttocks felt in my hands holding as she rides my face. Feeling her body move the small twitches grinding of her hips and feeling her buttocks tighten are the best feelings in the world to me.

Hearing Candy moan in pleasure makes me feel so good it is really hard to explain. I feel the tightness of the cock getting stronger and stronger. My balls aching in need as I sit there thinking of Candy as the girls walk around the office in their heels and short skirts. I hold my caged cock as the visions of Candy continuously run through my head. It is very frustrating as my erection attempt continues my cock strains harder than ever.

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