Chastity Story: Candy part 6

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The alarm goes off waking me from a dead sleep. I lean over to turn it off and check the time. Confused as I normally set it for five forty five and the clock reads five o’clock. Lying back wondering why I feel Candy sliding her hand down to my caged cock. “Good morning Jim I wanted some time with you before you go to work this morning.” Candy says in a sleepy voice. “Come around here to my side of the bed for me?” She goes on to say.

Puzzled I get up and walk around the bed to her side and look down. It is still dark but I can see she has pushed the covers down and turned so her body was sideways on the bed. “Kneel down I need to feel your tongue before you go.” She says moving out closer to the edge of the bed. She is totally naked her legs spread wide apart as I kneel. Reaching out I feel for her thighs and lean in between them.

The scent of her body is strong and my cock immediately begins swelling. Kissing her hot moist skin as I inhale her scent really makes me horny. ‘I haven’t been this horny in years’ I think to myself as my tongue slides over her outer lips. Candy takes my hands from her hips and pulls them up to her breasts as I lick. I massage her breasts and roll her nipples as my tongue presses inside her. I feel her hands on the sides of my head holding me in place as she moans.

Candy lifts and lowers her hips my as my tongue slides in and out of her body. I moan gently as I inhale her scent again as my penis attempts to swell more. ‘She smells so good’ I think in my mind while pinch her nipples, first her left, then her right. I alternate between pinching and rolling her nipples while I lick and suck her clit. Juices begin making her slicker and the scent stronger. The ache in balls begins to strengthen.

Feeling her buttocks against my chest flexing as she rocks her hips is a very intimate feeling to me. Candy closes her thighs on my head with her hands on top, pulling my face tighter against her. I continue to thrust my tongue deep inside as she pulls at my head. Her juices begin flowing faster and faster. Her body tenses more and begins short jerky thrusts against my face. I feel pre cum ooze from the pee hole at the tip of my cock.

The ring around the base of my cock and balls feels tighter than ever. My cock pushing outward in all directions, I feel each of the metal rings of the cage as I lick. Sucking her clit harder I feel her body tense more. Licking the tiny swollen bud faster makes her moan louder and shake. I slip my tongue down thrusting it deep inside her and feel her lift her hips. I hold her hips up with my upper arms and slip my tongue down to lick across her anus.

Candy clamps her thighs on my head as juices squirt from her pussy. I lick her anus faster and rub my nose across her clit. Wiggling my head from side to side I feel her hard clit being crushed under my nose. Her buttocks trying close as my tongue assaults her tiny puckered anus. She grunts and lifts her thighs as more juices squirt from her body. I hear her muffled moans less as her tightening thighs cover my ears. Candy seems to cum and squirts for several minutes before her thighs spread wide and she pulls back on the bed.

“Oh my, stop , I can’t take anymore.” She says moving back. I look up to see her hands covering her wet pussy and inner thighs. Closing her thighs on her hands while she turns on her side she says “Oh my God a girl could get used to this you know.” ‘wow I could too.’ I think to myself licking her running juices from my lips. “I love pleasing you like this, I would do it anytime you ask.” I say patting her buttock.

I stand up and say “I have to get ready for work now.” I head for the bathroom to shower holding my encased cock as pre cum strings from the cage. I take a long shower the flowing hot water feeling so good. Standing naked at the sink as I shave I see Candy walk into the bathroom. I hear her sit on the toilet behind and then her urine flowing. “Turn off that water back there would ya.” I say with a smile.

“Ha ha” I hear her say before she slaps my naked ass. Then without warning I feel her hand slide between my legs and squeeze my already aching balls. I pull my legs together trapping the tormenting hand in place. Candy giggle squeezing a little harder before she says, “Open your legs and I will let go.” I slowly open my legs as she continues to squeeze my balls. “Wider.” I hear her say.

I hold the sink with both hands as I spread my feet apart more. Candy finally releases my balls only to slap them with the back of her hand. I kneel down on the floor holding my now sore balls moaning. “You okay?” She asks placing her hands on my shoulders. “That really hurt you know.” I say looking back at her. “I am sorry.” Candy says pulling head back to give me a kiss. She kneels down behind me pressing her bare breasts into my back giving me a hug.

I feel her hands on my chest as she feels for my nipples. Candy gives my nipples a soft pinch as we kiss. I feel my whole body tingle as her fingers roll my nipples between them. My swelling cock strains harder from her torment. My balls ache from the hit and the lack of release. “You better get ready for work.” She says standing up behind me. I watch her walk out the bathroom her naked body is a woman of my dreams.

I finish shaving and dress for work. Walking out into the living room I see Candy sitting naked on the sofa. “I poured you some coffee Jim.” She says pointing to the coffee table. I sit beside her and look at the TV as I sip the hot coffee. Candy leans over hugging me from the side. “I am really sorry if I hurt you Jim. I never want to hurt you.” She says hugging me tighter. I place the coffee mug on the table and turn to her.

“It hurt but not that bad, besides the pain only last a little while. I forgive you.” I say and hold her head as I kiss her. The feel of her soft bare skin has me thinking of sex again. My penis begins swelling against the cage as Candy rubs my inner thigh. “I better go or I will be late.” I say giving Candy another kiss. Grabbing my brief case I head for the door. Candy opens the door as she hides naked behind it, blowing me a kiss.

For a Monday the day was pretty normal, all except my thoughts. I spent less time thinking about work and more time thinking about sex. Seeing the three secretaries walking about is driving me insane. Their high heels click as they walk. I can only watch their shaking buttocks. When I look at them I imagine Candy walking out of the bathroom earlier that morning. Throughout the day I must have tried to erect at least twenty times. The finally came to an end and as I was leaving the office I looked down at my secretary right into her cleavage.

I walk in the apartment not seeing Candy I say “Hello, I am home.” “I am in here Jim.” I hear Candy say from the bedroom. Placing my briefcase by the door I head to the bedroom. Looking over at the bed Candy is lying there naked with the dildo in her hand. “I want to try something different this. Take off those clothes and relax.” She says with a smile. I watch her gorgeous body as I strip down. Sitting on the bed and looking down at her I see the cuffs already out.

“Here I will help. I want to make for what I did this morning.” Candy says as she buckles the wrist and ankle cuffs on my body. Spreading out on the bed again Candy ties the cuffs to corner posts. She straddles my stomach with the dildo in her hand. Leaning forward she buckles it to my chin again. I watch as she strokes the dildo with her hand smiling down at me. “Imagine if this was your dick.” Candy says stroking it faster.

She slides her body back and begins sucking the protruding dildo. Her hot thighs rub softly against my hips. I watch her lips spread wide around the dildo as she takes it deep in her mouth. Pulling her head up her lips slips from the tip. Candy licks her lips and reaches between her legs. Pulling on the cage she begins rubbing it against her clit. Back and forth she pushes and pulls it, my cock feeling her hot smooth body. Candy holds my caged cock with one hand and rolls one of her nipples with the other. I look down to see her wet pussy lips and my penis bulging out between the openings in the cage. Candy moans and releases the cage as she leans over turning around.

Her ass moves closer and closer to my face as I watch. Candy guides the tip of the dildo to her wet pussy and presses down on it. I can only watch as her lips spread around it and slide toward my face. Her puckered anus nears my lips and nose. ‘This is a site I will not soon forget’ I think to myself as I stick my tongue out to meet her lowering anus. I lick around the tiny tight opening as she holds herself down on the dildo.

Candy bends her back forcing her anus closer to my mouth. “mmmmm” I hear Candy moan before she begins lifting and lowering her body on the dildo. She moves slowly for a while the dildo glistens in the bright light. Faster and faster she moves as the dildo appears and disappears. Her buttocks tighten and bounce with each stroke of her body. Candy rides the dildo for long time having three or four orgasms before lifting off the everlasting erection.

She turns and sucks the dildo for a second before removing it from my head. I flex my jaw and neck as she places it on the nightstand. Before I could say anything I see her straddle my body and plant her pussy on my lips. She is so wet and hot she rubs her pussy on my face in a grinding motion. Up and down across my nose and mouth leaving little time to lick. I look up at her swaying breasts as she holds the headboard her nipple harder than ever.

I see her eyes are closed as she moves her body on my face. Grunting her juices squirt once again from her pussy. She squirts more this time than any so far. Her juices run down my cheeks and chin. Suddenly the alarm clock goes off. Candy rolls over and turns it off her breathing heavy and deep. “It is time for us to get dressed.” Candy says standing beside the bed. While she releases the ropes she explains we have a dinner engagement with a couple of her friends.

I remove the cuffs before joining Candy in the shower. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” I ask stepping into the shower. Candy looks down and smiles. I watch her kneel and grip the cock cage licking the stringing pre cum from the tip. My balls ache even more watching her lick it. My cock straining as I help her shower. We both dry off and head for the bedroom to get dressed.

Candy puts on a pair of nylons pulling them up her leg as far as she can. I put on my boxers and a pair of slacks before buttoning up my shirt. I turn and look at Candy her shiny black leather skirt hugging her buttocks. She turns facing me in her tight low cut blouse. The tip of the key hangs right where her blouse starts between her breasts. The white blouse barely hides her nipples above the open cup bra. “Oh my!” I exclaim looking over at her.

“Don’t worry I am wearing my sweater over this silly.” Candy says with a smile. Candy pulls out a pair of boots looking over at me. “Will these look okay with this outfit?” She asks. “Sweetie anything you wear would look okay. But yes they are fine.” I say with a smile. She tries to put her feet in them standing up and nearly falls over. I quickly kneel down and the take first one holding it for her. Candy placing a hand on my head and lifts her foot.

My cock twitches in the cage as I see Candy has no panties on. The boots come up to the top of her calves with a zipper on the outside edge. “Are you going to wear panties Sweetie?” I ask as she pushes her foot into the other boot. She places both her feet on the floor and asks. “Do you think I need to?” The hem of her skirt is several inches below her crotch. “Well, um, no I guess not.” What else could I say to her?

I was in a constant state of arousal as we drove to the night club. Knowing she wore no panties has me so excited and worried at the same time. “What if someone looks up your skirt Sweetie?” I ask parking the car. “They will see YOUR pussy but they can’t touch.” Candy says with a smile stepping from the car. We go inside and Candy starts waving at her friends. She takes my hand and pulls as she walks to them.

“Hi!!” Candy says before hugging them both. “Jim this is Sharon, Sharon this is my awesome Jim.” Candy says as she points to each of us. I shake Sharon’s hand remembering her from the night I was tied naked on the bed. “Mary this is Jim, Jim this is Mary.” She points to each of us as she says our name. I shake Mary’s hand and say “Nice to meet both of you, Candy has talked about you a lot.” I help Candy out of her sweater before she sits. The chairs are tall like bar stools.

“So Candy talks about us a lot huh?” Mary asks with a laugh. Not knowing what to say I look over at Candy. “Well I tell him some things, not everything.” She says with a smile as she sips some water from a glass. “As I recall the key on her necklace is the key to your heart Jim. What made you give her a key to your heart?” Sharon asks. I put my hand on Candy’s back and say. “This is the most beautiful woman I have ever met, inside and out.” I lean over and give Candy a kiss.

“Ah how sweet.” Sharon says. Mary looks at the key and says, “You know it is a small key and I have read about this chastity thing for men. The keys I have seen look a lot like your key.” Candy covers her mouth and leans in to whisper. “Really, I have never seen anything like that. I mean I have heard of them naturally but never actually seen one.” Smiling as she holds up the key looking at it. “Oh well.” Candy exclaims and drops it back between her breasts.

We order some drinks as we chat, seeing the two ladies with low cut tops as well have my mind spinning. Their breasts swaying and bouncing as they talk and laugh. I look over to see a man looking right under the table at Candy. He sees me looking at him and quickly turns away. I lean over and whisper in Candy’s ear. “That over there is looking up your skirt.” Candy smiles and tells the others she has to go to the bathroom.

I watch her walk away and make small talk with Mary and Sharon. Mary then asks “Are you sure you two don’t know that the chastity thing is or use one?” My face felt like it was on fire. “I am not sure I could handle that, if you know what I mean.” Mary smiles and takes a sip from her drink. I look up a few minutes later to see Candy on her way back. I am puzzled as she stops talking to the man and pointing at me.

Several hours pass before we decide to head home. I feel a slight buzz from the drinks as I close the door. “Wow what an evening that was fun.” I say helping out of her sweater. “You know Mary talked to me in the bathroom when we both went. I think she knows about the cage.” Candy says smiling at me as she walks to the bedroom. The phone rings as Candy disappears into the bedroom so I pick the receiver and say “Hello.”

“Hi this is Mary, is Candy there?” she asks. “Yes hold on.” I say covering the mouth piece. “Sweetie, Mary is on the phone for you.” I loudly say to Candy. I hear Candy click in on the other phone. “Okay Jim I got it.” She yells back. I click the receiver off and on real quick and I listen in as Candy and Mary talk. Mary starts in right away ‘You sure you don’t have Jim in one of those chastity things? I would really love to see a man’s cock in one of those. Not that I want your man or anything just a fantasy of mine.’ Candy softly says ‘Yes I do but you can’t tell anyone. Really Jim would be so embarrassed.’ I click the receiver off and place it in the holder as my cock hurts even more as it twitches.

Chastity Story: Candy part 5

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I got on the bed after cleaning her ‘toy’ and lay down beside her. Candy moved closer and pressed her naked body against mine. Her arm lay across my chest as she rested her head on my chest. I began thinking of our arrangement or my predicament with the chastity as Candy drifted off to sleep. Adjusting her body now and then as my hand felt the smooth skin of her back.

Images return of the times I spent looking at male chastity on the internet and masturbating to the images and thoughts. It was and still is a huge turn on for me to have a woman control my release. I close my eyes as images of Candy doing the very things I have desired for years. Her leg slid across my thigh, sending chills up my spin. I moan and try not to move and wake her as her knee meets my exposed balls.

Candy is in a deep sleep with her knee pushed up against my balls, her hot skin against mine from my knees to my chest as we cuddle. My penis trying to break out of the small metal cage constantly as I think and recall the fun we have had thus far. Each little movement she makes as she sleeps causes my cock to twitch in its confines. I lift my head and look down her body.

I first see the side of her breast as lay on her side leaning on my chest. I see my fingers resting on her side just above her hip. The curve of her shapely ass and thigh are clearly visible. The view has my mind going wild with thoughts. Smooth skin on her calf reflects the light from window and her small foot lay atop my knee. Closing my eyes I rest my head in thought.

Pre cum oozes from my body and I feel a tingle in the tip of my cock as it runs down the bottom edge of my cock head. The cage still lying on Candy’s knee as she sleeps. Feeling her hot skin against mine keeps me excited, making me desire her more and difficult to sleep myself. I manage to drift off to sleep as I feel more pre cum ooze out onto the cage.

“Jim, Jim time to wake up.” I hear Candy saying as she rubs my chest. I open my eyes and look over at her as she lifts her head looking down toward the foot of the bed. “Oh look what you have done you got my leg all wet.” Candy says lifting her leg from mine. I look down the see the pre cum stringing from her knee to the cock cage. “That’s okay I still love you.” She says leaning in to kiss me.

“I almost forgot.” Candy says turning to look at the clock. “I told a friend I would go out with her tonight.” She continues as she sits up on the edge of the bed. I lean over and place my hand on her hip, “Where you two going to go?” I ask ribbing her bare hip and side. “We plan to go to the night club with the girls from work, they invited us tonight.” Candy replies as she stands heading for the bathroom.

I look over at the clock and see it is only six PM. Candy starts the shower and I hurry in to help her and have another chance to touch her naked body. “I hope you all have a great evening. Everyone needs time to let lose.” I say as I wash her back and buttocks. “I haven’t been to the club, it will be different.” She says running her hands through her soapy hair. We finish and dry off before heading back to the bedroom.

Candy stands at the closet naked with the towel around her head and asks, “What do you think of this outfit Jim?” I look over and see her holding up a short dress with long shoulder straps. “That would look stunning on you I think.” I tell her. I sit on the bed and watch as she puts on a bra that has no shoulder straps, fitting tightly and pushing her breasts upward.

Admiring her lovely ass as she looks through the drawer, I feel more pre cum ooze from my cock. “These will work.” I hear her exclaim as she turns to me. “Here help me put these on.” She says handing me a very thin material, almost see through thong. I turn them so the material is toward me as she holds my shoulder lifting one leg at a time.

I pull the string thong up her thighs and adjust it best I can. Looking between her thighs I see the material barely covers her pubic area. The tan colored material hardly noticeable on her body, yet I can see the cleavage of her pussy through the material. “Thanks” Candy says leaning down to hold my head and give me a kiss. She turns and walks back to the closet door to get her dress.

Lifting the dress she slips it over her head adjusting it on her body. The thin strap holding the dress just above the bra on her breasts, the gold necklace and silver key very exposed between her bulging breasts. The hem of her dress nearly exposing buttocks as she bends over to pick up her heels. ‘Stunning beauty’ I think to myself as she walks toward me.

“Can you help me with these Jim please?” She remarks handing me her heels. I hold one out as she places her foot between my knees as I sit on the bed. Her toes and the heel brushing against my cock cage as I buckle the strap around her ankle. She lifts her other foot up between my legs. As I slide the heel on I look out to see the thong pulled between pussy lips.

My cock strains in the cage as I hear her walk to the bathroom to dry her hair. Lying back on the bed as I listen to the blow dryer in the bathroom, wondering what I am going to do while she is out. Candy walks back into the room her hair slightly curled and shiny. I can’t help but stare at her beauty, her long bare legs and short look absolutely gorgeous as she stands there in her four inch heels. “How do I look?” She asks.

“Sweetie you look good enough to eat, you look very lovely.” I say sitting as I watch her look through her purse. I grab my wallet and hand her all the money I have, “Here have a good time Sweetie.” I say handing her the money. She kisses me and heads out the door. I grab a beer and sit on the sofa to watch some TV. Several hours go by before I head for the bedroom. I slip on my bedtime boxers before lying down on the bed.

I lay there thinking for a while before drifting off to sleep. “Jim, I am back honey.” I hear candy say as I wake. I look at the clock and I had only been asleep for about an hour. “I had a great time.” She goes on to say. “I want to play a little, get your cuffs on while I change.” Candy says heading for the bathroom. I hear her heels clicking across the floor as I sit up. Buckling the cuffs on my wrists and as I listen the water running in the bathroom, I wait for her to return.

Candy walks out of the bathroom in her black nightie, her breasts swaying and her lower body totally naked. She opens the closet and pulls out several lengths of rope. I am soon bound spread on the bed as she runs her warm hands over my body. “I danced a few dances and laughed with the girls. I had a really good time. Sharon, one of the ladies I work with is going through a rough time though.” Candy says as my cock swells in the cage.

Candy leans over and guides the key to the lock. The cage is slowly removed as I watch her smile at my excitement. She removes the ring as well this time, it is an awesome feeling to free and fully erect. I feel her stroking my rigid cock at a very slow pace as she kisses the tip. I moan deeply as I feel her mouth engulf my penis, it is so intense chills run up my back. Candy sucks on my rock hard cock for a few minutes moving very slowly.

I lift and lower my hips wanting a faster pace as my orgasm approaches. She lifts her head slipping my cock from her lips. “Ahhhh, please!!!” Is all I could say as she moves up the bed. Watching as she straddles my face, her wet spreading pussy inches from my mouth. Candy slowly lowers her body until I am smothered in her wetness. My tongue darts out to penetrate and pleasure her. I hear her moans as my tongue presses deep inside her.

I look up as she pulls her nightie off over her head watching as her breasts sway freely above me. Candy holds her breasts, rolling her nipples between her fingertips as she begins rocking her hips. Reaching out she places one hand on the headboard. She pushes her body down on my face while her hips flex. Just as I close my eyes to concentrate on making her orgasm I hear the doorbell. “Oh crap.” Candy exclaims as jumps off the bed.

Candy slips on her robe tying it as is pulls the bedroom door closed. The door hits the stop and opens back up part way, I am ready to speak out when I hear the front door open. “Oh hi Sharon is everything okay?” I hear Candy ask. “No. I am sorry to both you I just need someone to talk to.” I hear Sharon say. “Well come in let’s talk.” Candy says as she closes the door. I lift my head and look out the crack at the back of the door and see them walk to the sofa.

I try to be quiet so they don’t look this way as I listen. Sharon goes on about her man and the problems they are having. My cock standing straight up as I look out seeing them hug. Sharon is middle aged oriental woman with lovely black hair. I lay head back and hear Sharon ask about Candy’s necklace. “I love your necklace is that a special key?” I look up to see Candy look toward the bedroom door.

“This key Jim gave to me it is the key to his heart as he put it.” Candy says holding the key up. “Ah how sweet. He must have a big heart.” Sharon replies. “I love his heart. He is the sweetest man I know.” Candy tells her. They continue talking for long time before Sharon and Candy say their goodbyes. I hear the door close and the lock snap. Candy is removing her robe as she walks back through the door.

“Boy that woman can talk.” Candy says hopping back on the bed. “Now where were we? Oh yes I remember.” She says leaning down to grip my half erect cock. My whole cock tingles as her hot lips slide the shaft. Candy massages my balls as she lifts and lowers her head. Lifting from my cock just as I am about to cum, she straddles my face again. She guides her wet pussy to my face.

Again I taste her, the scent and taste driving mad with desire. Candy reaches orgasm rather quickly before turning around to face my feet. Her lovely ass hovers over my face. She places her clit between my lips as she begins licking the sides of my cock. Her pussy lips rest on my nose. Candy soon lowers more covering my nose with her wet dripping pussy. I begin to struggle as I need air when Candy places her lips over the head of my cock.

I moan and struggle as she engulfs my entire cock, her nose plunging to meet my balls. I lift my hips and wiggle my head taking in small gasps of air. I concentrate on taking a breath as she works on my cock. My head is spinning, the smell, the taste, the feeling and lack of air. I feel the semen shoot up the length of my cock just a Candy pulls her lips from the tip. My cock is twitching and pulsating as the semen erupts from the tip.

Struggling in the bonds I raise and lower my hips. I hear Candy giggle as her pussy and buttocks cover my whole face. My orgasm soon subsides as I feel the semen running down my hard cock. Juices squirt from her pussy into onto my face and up my nose as her body jerks. I am ready to pass out as she lifts from my face. Gasping for air I feel her lips on my cock again. Candy sucks my cock, lifting and lowering her tightly wrapped lips faster than before.

The sensation is intense as I try to breathe and escape the torment of the awesome feeling in my cock. Candy is holding my thighs as her head bobs up and down. My hips raising and lowering as I struggle. My cock begins to soften as she slows sucking it gently. I look up to see her wide open pussy above my face, her clit still erect and fully exposed. “MMMM” I hear Candy exclaim before slipping off the bed.

She heads for the bathroom as I catch my breath. I soon feel the cold wet rag washing my cock and balls when she returns. I look up to see Candy reaching for the chastity cage, her nipples still erect. I feel her closing the ring then the cage being pushed over my soft penis. The ‘snap’ of the lock brings another smile to Candy’s face. She releases the ropes and climbs on top of me, her lips meeting mine in a passionate kiss.

I hug her hot body, holding her close to me, never wanting her to leave. “That was intense. Why did you stop when I was cumming?” I ask. “I wanted to watch it I have never seen a cock cum on its own like that. It was awesome. I want to do it again next time.” She says kissing me deeply again. “Well you know it didn’t feel the best for me.” I say looking her in the eye.

“Really?” She says in a puzzling voice. “You had an orgasm how can it not be pleasurable?” Candy asks. “Oh it was pleasurable, just not, well.” I said trying to think how to put it. “Well if it was pleasurable then it was good right?” Candy says climbing off the bed. “Let’s take a shower I am getting tired.” She goes on to say before heading to the bathroom.

Chastity Story Candy part 3

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Candy and I talked as mind slowed from the intense orgasm. She wanted me to help her load her belongings and bring them to my apartment. We sat on the sofa for nearly an hour talking. I reached over and wrapped my arm around her body pulling her against me. Her breast resting against me as I held her tightly.

My cock began to tingle as I held her close, her warm body sparking new life to mine. Her hand felt so good as she cupped my spent shaven balls, softly massaging them as my erection grew. I leaned back further as Candy slid her head down my chest. Her mouth soon covers the head of my swollen cock. She slowly slides her tight lips up and down the shaft for a few minutes before lifting.

I see a twinkle in her eyes as she looks over at me. She rolls her body over my lap and straddles my legs. The sight of her bare chest with the necklace and key hanging between her breasts made my blood pressure rise. I moaned as she guided my hard cock to her wet pussy, lowering onto it slowly. I slid out on the sofa, lifting her with my hips as I moved. I relaxed as she pressed her buttocks against my thighs.

I close my eyes as I feel her tight pussy gripping my hard cock. Candy sat and smiled at me feeling my penis twitch inside her. She placed her hands behind my head and pulled my mouth to her left breast. Her nipple grew stiffer in my mouth as my tongue ran around it. I feel her hips shift ever so slightly, placing more strain on my cock as it is buried deep inside her.

I continue to suck on her nipple, feeling her soft smooth skin on my face. She rocks her hips slowly toward my body then back, sliding across my hips and thighs. The feeling on my cock was very intense as her body moved. Inside her body I could feel her skin sliding across the head of my cock when she shifted her hips. Bending my penis with her body felt so good.

I reached around her and placed my hands on her buttocks. Candy continued to slowly flex her hips as my hands massaged her tightening buttocks. I moaned lightly each time her hips rocks on my cock. She pushed my head to her right breast and stopped moving her hips, sitting motionless as I suck and licked her nipple. Squeezing her ass, I pull her body closer to me.

Candy moaned as she held my head against her breast. She soon leaned back and lifted off my cock, the cool air rushing around my now wet shaft and balls. Holding my hands she pulled up so I was standing in front of her with my hard cock poking at her stomach. Our lips meet in an open mouth kiss and I feel her hand grip my shaft. Candy pulls me with her as she moves away from the couch and coffee table.

I look down to see her turn around facing the coffee table in front of me, her smooth tight buttocks rubbing the tip of my erect cock. My mind thinks many things as she wiggles her ass in my crotch. I close my eyes enjoying the feeling then feel her body shifting again. I look down to see her legs spread a little wider and she is leaning over to place her hands on the coffee table. I spread my legs and guide my cock to her spread pussy.

Feeling the hot pussy again is a feeling that is hard to describe. Her buttocks soon rest against my hips as I reach out to hold her body. Placing my hands on her outer hips I pull her body gently, holding my cock deeper inside her. I tighten my grip on her hips and slowly pull my cock out until just the head remains inside her. With one thrust I press my hips back against her ass.

I am soon pushing and pulling her body faster and faster, her moans and bouncing buttocks have her deeper in my thoughts. I feel my balls bouncing off her pubic mound with each thrust. I pull harder on her body which thrusts us together with a loud pop when our bodies meet. I keep up the pace for a few minutes when Candy begins rocking her hips.

I feel her muscles tighten and release around my cock as I push it deep inside her. I let out a soft moan as feel her tighten on my shaft more often. I feel my orgasm rapidly approaching. I shift my body a little and begin pulling her as I slam my body harder into hers. Candy moans louder and lowers her head to the coffee table. My head is spinning in pleasure as I move in and out. I jerk quickly when I feel her hand cupping my hanging balls.

I could hold back no longer. I feel my semen shoot up my cock as I pulled and held her body to mine, sending semen deep inside her. Again I pulled back and pulled her tight as the second shot erupts deep inside her. Candy pulls at my balls each time shoot. The feeling I have is so intense I never want to move. My orgasm soon ends and I feel the urge to fuck her faster.

I push, pull and slam faster against her upturned ass for another few minutes before she pulls away and lowers to the floor on her knees. I kneel down behind her and kiss up her back until I reach her neck. Moving her long brown aside I kiss the back of neck softly. Several minutes pass before Candy suggests we take shower. I help her to stand and give her short soft kiss and we head to the bathroom.

In the shower Candy sees my razor and hands it to me, “Shave your pubes and balls, I want to watch.” She says with a smile. I soap up my groin and hold my cock as I glide the razor across my skin. My pubes and balls are soon smooth as the day I was born. Candy smiles as she feels the newly shaven skin, “I love it.” She says. “No man has ever done that for me.” She goes on to say.

I couldn’t help but watch as she dried off, her tight buttocks, swaying breasts and smooth skin. She wraps the towel around her head and turns to me, “Let’s go back out in the living room.” She as she takes my hand. Guiding me to the sofa where she sits and turns me in front of her. ‘Wow another blow job’ I think to myself before I see her reach for the metal ring.

Holding my cock and balls she places the cool metal ring around the bottom of my cock and balls, closing it around them. Candy smiles up at me as she reaches for the small metal pin. Sliding the pin through the holes in each end of the ring, now lined up together. The pin now holding the ring closed and in place. Candy’s nipples are hard as presses the cage against the head of my spent cock.

I feel the cold metal sliding down my cock once again as she turns the cage, pushing onto my soft penis. The metal pin soon peeks through the hole in the cage. With her forefinger and thumb she holds the cage against the ring as she reaches for the lock. I hear the ‘click’ as Candy snaps the lock closed. Looking down at her I see her lean forward as she hold my caged cock and balls, kissing the tip of my cock through the openings in the cage.

The key still hanging from her necklace as she looks up me, the look on her face is priceless. She looks so happy, so pleased, I feel so much closer to her now. “Let’s go get some of my things.” Candy says as she hopes up from the sofa. She has so much energy and drive, I love it. We dress and head over to her house.

“This is my mother’s house I am staying with her until I find a place.” Candy says as we pack her stuff. We made two trips to get it all before she started unpacking in my bedroom. I watched as she twisted, bent, and walked around. I wonder how I could be so lucky to get a woman like her. Every time she bent over the necklace and key would hang down in front of her face. I moan as my penis bulges at the small cage.

I was getting late and I was tired, “You ready to go to bed?” I ask her as we sit on the sofa. “Sure let me change and I will be right there.” Candy says as she goes into the bathroom. I slip off my jeans and shirt before lying on the bed in my boxers. My eyes widen as Candy emerges from the bathroom, her black nightie hanging loosely on her body. Her thin panties exposed as she walks toward the bed. “You like this outfit Jim?” Candy asks.

I roll over on my side and lift onto one elbow admiring her awesome body and outfit. “You look so lovely, I could eat you mmmm” I say staring at her. “Oh that sounds good.” She says slipping her panties off. ‘I didn’t mean literally’ I think to myself, but I am not one to argue. Candy pushes me back on the bed as she straddles my chest. Inching her way up my body until her hot pussy is just over my watering mouth.

Her loose nightie covers my face as she lowers her body to my mouth. Candy rubs her wetness on my face as I lick and sucker pussy lips and clit. Her fluids begin running down my face when she presses her body tightly against my face, moving her hips faster and faster. I hold her buttocks as I try to keep up with her movement. Again I feel short squirts come from her pussy as she grunts, thrusting harder on my face.

Candy soon slows and rocks her hips more slowly as her orgasm subsides. The scent of her body and her movement bring back memories of earlier today. She soon rolls over and slides down on the bed, one hand covering her wetness. “That felt so good Jim.” Candy says before kissing me. “Sweet dreams.” Candy says as she pulls the cover over her half naked body.

I am awakened again by the cage strangling my cock as it attempts to erect. Moaning softly as I feel Candy pushing back against my body, the cage resting between her thighs. I lay motionless, taking in the sensation of her hot ass against my hips and thighs. My arm over her body and my hand rests between her breasts. She seems to be holding me there as our arms cross each other. My cock pulsating as it tries to erect, her ass feels so good.

I pull my arm from across her lay over on my back, cupping my caged cock. Candy turns over as my movement wakes her. “Everything ok Jim?” She asks half asleep. “Yes, it’s just the cage.” I say looking over at her. “Oh does it hurt?” She asks laying her head on my chest and reaching for the cage. “No, no it doesn’t hurt. It’s just that, well I can’t get erect and it is frustrating I guess.” I say before kissing the top of her head. I feel her hand slide down my body, pushing my hand aside.

Candy cups my caged cock and balls, massaging them softly. “Does this help any?” Candy asks as she lifts her head. Her mouth sliding around my chest until her lips find my nipple. My mind goes blank and deep into a state of total pleasure as I feel her nibbling at my nipple. “You’re driving me crazy I think.” I say as she continues. “Want me to stop?” Candy lifts her head and asks.

“No, I am not saying that at all. I am so happy to have you here, do whatever you want.” I say and feel her give my balls a quick squeeze. Next I feel her shifting around the bed. She then straddles my body. Before I know it we are in a sixty-nine her hot ass and pussy resting against my face. Knowing what she desires I begin licking her, running the tip of my tongue around her anus a few times. Her body flexes as I lick around anus, her moans loud, it feels like she wants to lift or press down harder I couldn’t tell.

I feel her holding and tugging at my caged cock. Her pussy covers my mouth and nose. Candy presses her hot wet pussy harder on my face. She moves faster as lick her wetness. It didn’t take long for her lift up and hold her ass tighter down on my face as she knelt over me. Her pussy getting wetter, her juices flowing faster and her moans louder. Candy is soon spreads her knees wider, forcing her pussy and ass against my face.

I lick faster and harder, and then it hit me. I had forgotten about my straining cock, totally devoting my thoughts to her body and pleasure. She seemed to enjoy this position as she stayed there a lot longer than the night before. Candy had three orgasms before lifting off my body and lying beside me. “Whew, I feel better, thank you Jim.” Candy said before covering back up and turning on her side.

I laid there awake for some time as my penis pulsated in the cage. My face covered with her sweet juices. Every breath I take I can smell her scent. I reach down and cup my trapped cock, feeling the wetness on the metal bars. My balls ache from the excitement and lack of release. I cannot think of anything but Candy, she is quickly becoming every thought I have.