Open House on April 11 from 17.00 to 21.00 – House of Submission, The Hague

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mrt 172013

For the 5th time Mistress Kate and Mistress Illucia organizing an open house from their latest SM-location in The Hague, House of Submission.

After a thorough refurbishment and expansion they already receive one month under this name and location. Many have found sofar their new home here.

For those who don’t know it yet or are curious about them and their location, they are opening their doors and you can take a look and ask your questions.

Always wondered what goes around in a SM-Studio?
What can you do with a whip?
How good or how fierce does a bondage feel?
In what ways can you be inspected?
Can couples come to a Mistress?
How good and excited is it to be laying in a latex body bag?
Do I have to bow immediately for a Mistress?
Can I just touch her boots?
Will my boundaries be heard and respected?
Can I leave the building after a session without any marks?
Am I the only one who loves this?
How does latex feel?
Isn’t it weird to want to be locked up?

Mistress Kate


Just some frequently asked questions to them, but also their own stories or experiences that they hear and where they respond on.

During the open house is everybody welcome if you’re at least 21 and can behave in a normal and respectful way.
Groups are not allowed unless previously notified by mail.

House slaves provide you with a drink and the Mistresses will give you information and a tour.

Who are they? No strangers at least in SM-country, since they already know some years the ropes , both private and commercial.
They are Mistress Illucia and Mistress Kate and have recently joined forces and shaped under the name “House of Submission”.

Situated in a secluded part of Club Paradise in The Hague, they have their own entrance, a private intimate bar and access to a swimming pool which include water and latex bondage sessions possible.
The SM-rooms are exciting, functional and luxury furnished and equipped for all inconveniences.

Mistress Illucia


Come see where slaves submit, enjoy the atmosphere of a real, serious SM studio which leaves many others behind.

Admission is free, starting time is 17.00 till 21.00 on Thomsonlaan 107 in The Hague.

Till 18:00 free parking, after that time pay at the parking meter with coins.

Always wanted to see inside a SM-Studio? Meet the Mistresses and let them guide you.


For further information look at their websites: and or call / mail your questions.

New location for Mistress Kate and Mistress Illucia

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feb 172013


Mistress Kate and Mistress Illucia announcing with pride there new location in the Hague “House of SubMission”. For many years the worked in several sm studios in the Hague and later in Rotterdam. Now they are back in the Hague with there very own SM Studio. A beautiful fully equipped luxury space.

This new location is suitable for many types of play. It is the perfect place for you as slave to give you completely to these experienced Mistresses. The House of SubMission has a swimming pool, if you are into water bondage then this will rock your world.

House of Submission opens her doors at Wednesday 20th of February where Mistress Kate and Mistress Illucia will give you a tour of the studio.

House of Submission
Thomsonlaan 107
2565 HZ Den Haag

More information on the website: