Chastity Story: Candy part 18

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Candy slips on her short robe and ties the string in the front. Her small satin robe is very low cut and barely covers her tight round buttocks. I watch as she walks away her long smooth legs are definitely an attention getter. I slip on a t-shirt and a pair of loose shorts before heading out to the kitchen. I can feel the leather strap still tightly wrapped around my balls as it forces them outward. I can feel the cage more with my balls stretched out as I walk.

I stand at the stove preparing us a nice meal as I look over at Candy sitting at the table. Her robe rides high on her hip. My cock tries to erect seeing her half naked body. After preparing Candy a nice meal as I watched her sit there we both sit down to eat. We were about half way through the meal when the phone rings. Candy hops up and walks to the living room, of course I had to watch her shaking buttocks and smooth legs.

“Hello.” I hear Candy say before long pause. “Sure that sounds like fun. Jim and I will be there soon. OK bye!” I hear her say before hanging up the phone. “Guess what Jim?” Candy says walking back into the kitchen with a huge smile on her face. “What’s that honey?” I say reaching for my glass. “That was Mary on the phone. She said Sharon and another friend are at her place for a lingerie party. They would like for me to come over but I told them you would have to come too or I couldn’t make it.” She says giving me a kiss on the forehead.

“I am not sure I want to go to a lingerie party Candy.” I say rather quickly. “Oh come on Jim, it will be a lot of fun. Besides we will be modeling the lingerie I am sure you would like that. I really want to go.” She says with a smile as her hand rubs my back. I broke down and agreed to go with her. We finished eating and I cleaned up a little as Candy headed for the shower. The shower went off as I entered the bedroom. “What are you going to wear honey?” I asked.

“I was thinking just a pair of sweats and a t-shirt since we will be changing a lot.” Candy says from the bathroom. “OK I will wear my slacks and a polo shirt then.” I say opening the dresser drawer. “No you can wear seats and a t-shirt like me.” She says walking out the bathroom with just the towel around her head. “Oh and tonight you are not allowed to wear any underwear. Go commando.” She says with a smile as I watch her bouncing breasts. “I suppose I have to wear the cuffs too?” I ask with a grin.

“No you can take those off silly.” She replies as she pulls her bikini panties up over her buttocks. My cock begins to strain at the cage seeing her tightly covered ass. I unbuckle the cuffs and slip on my sweats and a t-shirt. I sit on the bed to pull on my socks as I watch Candy dry her hair. Her bare breasts sway in the mirror as she moves the drier from side to side. “Can I take off this leather thing?” I ask as I cup my aching balls and straining caged cock. “I like that little thing, I am glad Mary had me try it. It would be exciting to me if you wear it.” Candy says looking back as she turns off the drier.

She slips on her sweat pants and a t-shirt. I am a little shocked she didn’t put on a bra but didn’t complain as I see her nipples poking at the thin material. “OK I am ready!” She says turning around in front of me. Her panty lines are clearly visible with the sweat pants tightly covering her ass. I stand up and look down to see a bulge in the front of my sweats. “I can’t walk around in public like this honey.” I say looking down. “We’re not going out in public, just over to Mary’s house. Come on let’s go.” She says grabbing her purse.

I walk slowly out of the apartment and down to the car as the leather strap makes my balls bounce from side to side. I lift my caged cock and tethered balls as I sit in the car. We make the drive to Mary’s house and see four cars parked in front of her house. Candy is excited as we make our way to the door. “This is going to be fun.” She says holding my arm tight. I ring the doorbell and wait for the door to open. “OH hi Candy, come on in. Hi to you as well Jim I hope you enjoy the show.” Mary says with grin as she holds the door wearing a sheer nightie.

The door closes and I see several ladies I have never met. I look around to see six ladies in all but no men well except me. They all seem to be so involved looking through a catalog and holding up sheer nighties, panties, bras and dresses. The room smells of perfume as the soft music plays in the background. Mary introduces Candy and me to all the guests. Several of the women smile as they look at my bulging sweats.

“Here Candy you can try this one on I think you would look sexy in this one.” Sharon says handing Candy a bright pink sheer lace dress. Candy takes it and holds it out looking it over. “This looks nice.” She says placing it on the end table. I stand and watch as Candy Strips off her t-shirt and sweats. My cock tries to stiffen again as I watch her bouncing breasts sway as she slips the sheer dress over her head. Her tight white panties show right through the sheer dress. “Those panties do not go with that dress.” Mary says with a laugh.

Candy looks down before lifting the hem of the dress and sliding her panties down her long legs. “I like that!!” One of ladies exclaims. Candy reaches out to me with her panties in her hand and says. “Here hold these please Jim.” Candy then walks across the room in the short dress her buttock bounce visibly under the transparent material. She pauses at the mirror to look at herself turning side to side. “Yes it is very nice indeed.” Candy says looking at me with a smile.

“Do you like it Jim?” Candy asks as she looks down at the bulge in my sweats. “Yes it looks very good.” I say trying not to think of sex now. “Am I sexy?” Candy asks turning around with her hands on her hips. “Yes honey you are always sexy.” I quickly say watching her smooth legs and tight buttocks as my cock strains against the cage. “Jim would look nice in these Candy!” Mary says holding up a pair of lacey shorts that look to go about mid-thigh like biker shorts. Candy walks over to Mary taking the shorts to hold them up against my body.

“I think you may be right Mary. Be a dear and try these on Jim give the other ladies an idea how their man would look in them.” Candy says handing them to me. I turn to head into the bedroom to change when Sharon speaks out. “You can change here we have all seen a naked man before.” My face feels warm as I stop and look at Candy. “Well she is right Jim.” Candy says with a grin. I reach to slip down my sweat when Mary says. “Take off the shirt first Jim.” I slip my shirt up over my head and lay it down on the end table.

“Love the hairy chest.” One of the other ladies blurts out with a clap of her hands as she scoots closer to the edge of her seat. I turn facing away from them and lower my sweat pants. “Nice ass.” I hear one of them say just as Candy slaps my bare ass. I step out of the sweat pants and bend down to pick them up. “Hey look at that, what does have on his um well his balls?” I hear one of them ask which makes my face feel even warmer. “They are going to see sooner or later Jim.” Candy says pulling on my arm.

I turn around to a few eyes widen as they the metal cage with the pink heart shaped lock on top of it. “Oh my, what is that?” I hear one of them ask as my mind is hundreds of miles away. I feel the cage move as Candy speaks. “This is a male chastity cage. No more playing with himself or having sex with this key.” She holds out the key until the necklace is tight turning the key from side to side. “I see you like my new toy too.” Mary says with a huge grin on her face. Candy grips the leather band with her thumb and forefinger to lift my aching balls. “Yes I kind of like it too thank you Mary.” Candy says.

“You mean he wears that all the time? Is it safe?” “I was wondering that too.” A couple of the ladies say. “OH yes it is perfectly safe isn’t it Jim?” Candy says rubbing her other hand on my ass. “Yes honey it is safe.” The only thing I could say. I endure the same questions I have heard before as I stand there naked in front of six other women and Candy. “OK enough of that put them on let me Jim.” Candy says as she releases my aching balls. I hear a few giggles as I step into the sheer shorts sliding them up my hairy legs.

I pull them up to my waist and stretch them around my big hips. The sheer material stretches and clings to my skin. The tight material holds my trapped balls nearly straight out after pulling up the shorts. I reach down to adjust my balls in the shorts. Just as I slip my finger under the elastic band Candy stops me. “That looks fine Jim leave it alone.” Mary walks over to stand by Candy to lean down and look. Without warning I feel her hand rubbing across the sheer material over my balls.

Candy pulls her hand back and says. “Ok let’s leave Jim alone he has a rough day already. Jim, go into the kitchen and get me a drink please.” I walk off toward the kitchen and hear one of them say. “Look at that wiggle.” Then I hear a soft whistle. I stand in the kitchen hoping this feeling of utter shame goes away as I pour Candy some rum in a small glass. I add some ice and coke before returning to the living room. “Thank you Jim.” Candy says before giving me a kiss on the lips.

“I need a refill too.” Mary says holding out her glass. I look over at Candy waiting for some direction. “You can get us drinks while try on the garments Jim, that way you have something to do.” Candy says. I take Mary’s glass and head for the kitchen. I return with her drink handing it to her as I watch Candy try on a open cup bra. I feel my cock straining harder in the cage and flinch when Mary rubs my balls while Candy isn’t looking.

I step away from Mary as I watch Candy feeling pre cum ooze from the tip of my cock. “Waiter, can I get a refill please? The last one was a little weak so make it a double.” The woman says. I walk over to take her glass I see the other women looking at me. I return with her drink and another glass is held out to me. I spend the next two hours walking back and forth, one glass at a time. My cock strains very hard in the cage as I watch all the women try on different outfits. I spend nearly $300.00 on outfits for Candy.

Candy has me buy the shorts I am wearing too. We both slip our sweats and shirts back on before heading home. On the drive home Candy reaches over and rubs my aching balls. “I hope you had fun tonight Jim I had a blast.” She says. “I think I drank too much though my head is spinning.” Candy goes on to say. After locking the front door to the apartment we head to the bedroom. Candy strips naked and heads to the bathroom.

I slip off my shoes, socks and t-shirt. I lower the sweat pants and step out of them as Candy returns from the bathroom. I reach back up to remove the sheer shorts. “No leave those on, I like them.” Candy as she pulls back the covers on the bed. We both lay in bed a few minutes before I turn out the light. I lay there thinking about the evening when I feel Candy turn and move closer to me. “Night Jim.” Candy says turning her head to kiss me.

I lean over on my side and place my arm over her body in front of her for balance as we kiss. Candy holds my arm in places as she turns her head back. She pulls my arm which forces my body to rest against her back. Her hips shift pushing her ass back against my caged cock and trapped balls. “Sweet dreams Jim.” She says holding my arm as she shifts her shoulders back against my chest.