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No Twitter? No problem for horny pictures


Listen carefully, I will only say this once – Twitter comes in handy of matters you find fascinating. Also it is the only one of the Big 5-social media that doesn’t fuck with your privacy (so they say). And there are millions, possibly billions pictures of inspiration.

3 of numerous uploaders of pictures
fltr: a web shop, a Lifestyle-amateur account, a BDSM-mansion (B)

Still, you don’t want a Twitteraccount? Fair enough. And yet, those inpiration-pics are also for you to see.


See the accounts above, note the web addresses:

Twitter will ask you to log-in or to registrate, just click the pop-up and enjoy!

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! REAL Cuckoldry! 26 videos over two years, from oblivious into die-hards
(Click to see original, also with pictures and/or video’s)

Holy smokes !! Long live the Web! A video diary of the American Cuckoldress Sidney Connor. 26 films, shot over nearly two years.

It started at Halloween2012, the scare- and big costume party of the Americano’s. Still totally innocent regarding cuckoldry this couple went to a party, with Sindney’s guy dressed like a woman. There they met – which turned out to be – a real Bull, and he took the couple to his house. A week or two later Mrs. Connor made ​​her first vlog / video log. Over two years, their marriage turned into a die-hard Femdom and “feminization” relationship, complete with Bulls, toyboys, the works. The guy even went- ‘forced’ – on female hormones.

Food for psychologists and novice cuckoldry couples – or fantasising gentlemen to show to their Women. “This is what I mean …”

Here below you’ll find a screenshot of the playlist content. (Episode 14 does not exist) Click it and you’ll see the real Youtube page. (Due to the mature – in words mainly – content, you must be logged into YouTube -> age check.) Underneath the screenshot Part 1, also first of the playlist “how it all started.” (You should be able to watch them all without logging-in, from this site.)

I assume this series hasn’t finished yet. The first videos are on an average duration of five minutes or so, the last episodes tend to be a lot longer. If this is what interests you: enjoy!