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I stand at the foot of the bed with my feet bound wide apart my wrists tied high above my head as I look at the three of them. My trapped cock attempts to erect in its confines. My balls ache in need as Candy presses her pert breasts against my exposed chest. I feel the cage rub against her inner thighs as she places her body against mine. Candy hugs me with her hands on my back and her head rests on my chest. I feel Sharon and Mary place their hands on my hips and slide them up and down my outer thighs.

Candy lifts her head looking up into my eyes and says. “Jim I wanted Mary and Sharon to tease you to see what you could take and how you would react. Mary here went a little further than I wanted but has opened a new door to me. I did not know all the things she did to you until she told me the other night. I nearly had an orgasm listening to her words. So tonight I am going to learn from her and make her promise to never do those things again, well not without me there to have some fun too.” Her hands now hold my caged cock and aching balls.

I looked down at Candy as she slid down my body. She knelt on the floor before me to inspect my aching manhood. She turned the cage from side to side as Mary and Sharon pinched my nipples. I felt my cock pulsate as Candy twisted and turned the cage. I moan as my nipples are pinched then feel a great sense of relief when the cage slides off my cock. Candy removes the ring from behind my balls placing cage ring and lock on the dresser.

“So how did you use this Mary?” Candy asks as she walks toward us holding the wooden spoon. “Oh here I will show you. Let get him ready first.” Mary said pulling a couple ropes from the dresser drawer. Candy and Sharon watch as Mary wraps the shorter rope around base of my balls pulling it snug with each wrap. She ties the rope in a knot after making eight or nine wraps. The tightly wrapped rope forces my balls outward and tightly together. She takes the second rope and wraps the center around the shaft of my cock just below the head very tightly.

Mary wraps the loose ends of the rope around my body and pulls them watching my cock. She pulls the rope tighter lifting my cock up against my stomach before she ties the loose ends together. I look down to see my bound balls sticking straight out from my body and already a nice shade of light blue. Mary slides the chair from her desk over in front of me. Holding the wooden spoon Mary sits moving the chair closer to my bound exposed body. She rubs my bound balls softly with her warm hand as she smiles up at me.

“Okay girls this can be a lot of fun well for us anyway.” Mary starts out. “I tied them up like this so they stay in one place, an easier target.” She continued to say as she lifted the wooden spoon close to my balls. “You can use either side. The cup side of the spoon makes more contact with each ball when you hit it.” Mary says just before I feel the pain shoot up through my stomach and pull at the bonds. The spoon makes a loud ‘pop’ as it lands squarely on my right ball. “The round or bottom side makes less contact but most men say it is more painful.” Mary says just before I feel the pain in my left ball.

I try to pull my legs together but the ropes keep me spread. “Wow he really jumps when you do that it must hurt.” Sharon says as her hand rubs between her thighs. “Watch this.” Mary says with a grin as she raises the spoon and holds the base of my balls. I close my eyes and pull at the ropes as Mary strikes my right ball then the left, alternating back and forth using the rounded side of the spoon. I scream out in pain as every muscle in my body tenses.

Candy stuffs her panties in my mouth and holds her hand over my mouth. “Shhhh we don’t want to alarm the neighbors Jim.” She says with a smile. “Let me try that.” Candy says taking the spoon from Mary. The spoon soon lands squarely on my left ball sending more shocks up my body as Candy swings it again and again. Tears begin to run my cheeks as Candy strikes my balls with the spoon now using the cup side. “Oh look it must hurt there is tears.” Sharon says climbing up on the bed behind me.

Sharon wipes the tears from my face as she presses her breasts into my back. Mary releases the rope that holds my cock up and removes it from my penis. Sharon begins pinching my nipples and nibbling at my ear lobes. I moan in pleasure when I feel Mary stroking my half hard cock. “It is so much fun just teasing a man, you know, get him right to the edge and stop over and over.” Mary says with a giggle. “Yes I love to do that to Jim and I think he loves it too.” Candy says looking at my cock as Mary strokes it.

“Here let me.” Candy says as she pushes Mary’s hand away. Candy wraps her warm fingers around the base of my shaft and leans closer to kiss the tip of my cock. Moans escape my panty filled mouth as Candy engulfs my cock, sliding her lips down the shaft until her nose presses against my stomach. Sharon pinches my nipples harder rolling them between her fingers. Candy moves her head back and forth making my balls tingle in anticipation and pain. I feel her lips slide off the head of my cock then feel her hand tightly gripping my cock as moves from the base to the head.

Over and over Candy strokes my cock rapidly up and down. I moan as my sore balls hit her hand with each stroke. My nipples ache, my balls ache and my cock is so erect. Candy looks up at me as her hand moves swiftly up and down the shaft of my cock. She smiles when I flex my hips and she slips her hand off my cock. I moan as wiggle my body wanting more. “Better let him cool down a bit.” Candy says with a giggle. “What is this for?” Candy says picking up the wooden dowel which is about eighteen inches long.

“I use that to make his urge to cum go away.” Mary says leaning in to take the cane from Candy. I twist my body from side to side trying to avoid the thin wooden dowel as it strikes my hard cock. Sharon takes a tighter grip of my body keeping me from moving around lot. “Let me try.” Candy says taking the cane from Mary. She grips the base of my cock holding it our straight and swings the cane straight down on the tip of my cock. I pull harder on the ropes and thrash side to side. “Oh that was a good one.” I hear Candy say as she continues.

The small cane lands on my cock over and over as tears roll down my face. “We better give him a rest he is going limp.” Candy says as she stands up in front of me. Smiling as she looks into my eyes pulling her panties from my mouth. Her lips meet mine as she kisses me passionately. Candy holds the sides of my head as her tongue slips deep in my mouth. I feel her hand slide down to my cock as she kisses me stoking my sore soft cock gently. Candy steps back as she licks her lips then says. “Let’s get drink and one for Jim I am sure he is thirsty too.”

I watch as Mary and Candy walk out of the room, their fine buttocks swaying. Sharon slips off the bed and walks around in front of me. “I wished I could tie you up like this at work we could have a lot of fun.” She says with a smile. “I don’t think Joan would go for it though so we’ll just keep it a secret from her.” She goes on to say while lightly stroking my sore aching cock. I feel her thighs on my right leg as she rubs her shaven pussy close to my hip.

“Sharon you want a drink?” I hear Mary ask as Sharon nibbles my ear again. “Be right there.” Sharon replies stroking my cock faster. I moan as she strokes me rubbing her wetness on my thigh and stroking me. Sharon turns with her ass against me sliding my cock between her legs. She pulls her legs together as she rocks her hips my cock pressed up against her hot pussy. She moans as she moves back and forth a few times before stepping away with a smile and says. “Be back in a few. Don’t go anywhere big boy.”

I can’t help but watch her naked body walk from the room her tight ass swaying from side to side. I feel pre cum ooze from the tip of my cock as I stand there spread wide. I hear them talking in the living room but cannot make out their words. Candy walks back in first with a glass of water her breasts sway proudly as she steps closer. She smiles as she holds the glass to my lips. I take a few sips before shaking my head as I had enough. “I think you need to move a bit.” Candy says climbing on the bed behind me.

She unties my hands leaving the ropes tied to my wrists. “Hold on big boy.” Candy says as she pulls the ropes. My hands are slightly behind my back on either side when Candy ties the two ropes together. The ropes holding my ankles spread are removed. I stretch out my legs as I stand up twisting my body left and right. My cock has softened a little as I feel the pre cum string to my thigh. “Wait right here I have to pee.” Candy says as she walks into the bathroom.

The toilet flushes and Candy emerges from the bathroom taking me by the arm she leads me to the living room. Sharon and Mary are both sitting on the sofa still nude with smiles on their faces. “We are going to have some fun now.” Candy says as she stops me in front of Sharon and Mary. “We are going to see which of us are better at pleasing a man. What we are going to do is see how long it takes each of us to get close to orgasm. Each of us will bring you to near orgasm once recording the time. Then repeat this two more times. Between each of us you will be made soft with this ice pack.” She says explaining what they are going to do.

My body bend while my legs pull together as Candy holds the ice pack on my cock and balls. I moan as she talks with the others. “Five minutes on the ice each time?” I hear Candy ask. “Yes the time should be the same for each of us.” Mary says as she giggles. “Sharon can you go in the kitchen and bring me the egg timer, it is by the can opener on the counter. That way we can ensure the same time for the ice each time.” Mary says. “So what does the winner get?” Sharon asks as she returns with the timer.

“I say control of the key for a week.” Mary is quick to say. “A week isn’t too bad.” Candy says as she presses the ice pack harder against my body. “Okay then the winner keeps it for two weeks.” Sharon says with a smile. “Let’s just make it a whole month.” Mary blurts out. “That works for me.” Candy says pulling the ice pack from my body. Candy pushes me until I stand in front of Sharon. “You are up first Sharon. Ready, set, go.” Candy says and Mary clicks the button on a stopwatch she holds up.

Sharon immediately massages my balls as her mouth covers my soft cold penis. I hear her sucking sounds as the feelings begin to return to my cock and balls. “Maybe next month we can see who can tease the longest before some of his cum oozes out.” Mary says as she watches Sharon. My mind begins fading as the urge to cum comes on quickly. I feel the ice, then more teasing. I feel weak in my knees and soon find myself sitting on the edge of the sofa as Mary kneels between my knees.

My mind comes back around when I see Candy place the ice pack on my exposed hard cock and aching balls. She uses duct tape to hold in on my body as Mary is writing on a piece of paper. Candy walks into the bedroom and returns with the cock cage ring and lock. My cock quickly softens under the ice and after intense teasing. Candy pulls the tape off before removing the ice pack. The metal cage is soon locked back in place as a tear rolls down my face. My balls ache so badly I just need to cum once.

“Damn I’m good.” Mary says holding out the paper. “Looks like I get control of the key for the next month. Candy and Sharon look over the paper for a few minutes before Candy hands Mary the necklace with the key on it. My heart sinks as I watch her take the necklace my eyes close and my head drops. Candy helps me up and unties my wrists before she asks. “I am starving can we go get something to eat?”

We all get dressed before Candy and I walk to the door. I look over at Mary but do not see the necklace or the key anywhere. Sharon and Mary both smile and give Candy a hug before we leave. We have a nice dinner before heading back to the apartment. Candy is very cheerful and happy. “How can you be so happy? I need to cum so bad I can cry. Why did you give her the key?” I kept rambling on. “Oh it’s not what you think it will be Jim.” Candy says as we enter the apartment.

We both take a long hot shower together. Feeling Candy’s naked body rub mine as the hot water flows across us has my cock straining so hard. My ache more than I have ever felt as I massage the soap on her buttocks. Candy turns the water off before we step out to dry off. I help Candy dry her back then watch as she wraps the towel around her head. Her breasts swaying as she bends then and stands. Candy pulls me by my hand to the bed where she sits and spread her smooth thighs.

I don’t need any further directions as I lean forward to taste her sweet pussy. Candy has several orgasms as I lick her wet squirting pussy before she pushes my head back. I watch as she lifts the jeans she wore today pushing her hand in the pocket. My eyes widen as she pulls out the necklace and key. “I wasn’t going to leave the key with anyone today and I never will again.” Candy says as she unlocks the small metal cage. Candy says places the cage ring and lock on the dresser before she lies back in the center of the bed and says. “Let me see what you got tonight honey.”

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